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7 months ago
Wow - the playfield layout, artwork, and gimmicks are unparalleled. I am not a fan of GnR - that is putting it mildly - when GnR came on the radio back in the day, I immediately changed the station. But this game overcomes my bias against the theme - it is that well done. If it were Van Halen, Rush, Journey, Queen, or any stadium rock band that I’m a fan of, I would be $10.5k poorer, because this is an amazing machine. You have to see it and play it to appreciate the detail and how well it all integrates, but especially the ramps and toys - the Les Paul guitar neck, actual drumsticks, a mini-drum kit with high-hat - just fantastic!
7 months ago
Overall, I like this game. I tend to find a lot of things to like about modern Stern games - and that is the case with this one. But, in relative terms, I don’t gravitate to this game as much as I do others when I have several options. I’ve never been a huge fan of the 60’s Batman TV show - I just never found the kitschiness to be very funny/entertaining. I don’t have to love a theme to love the game - but in this case, I don’t love it - I just like it.

You know what they say about wife loves this game. Also, it seems that the code is pretty deep - so maybe if I had it at home, I’d appreciate it more. With a theme I’m not drawn to, that isn’t likely.
7 months ago
I enjoy this game a lot - especially at barcade locations set to free play. If I had to pay $1/game, I wouldn’t be playing it as much - it can be a drain-fest. When I get lucky and get to play a ball for awhile, this machine is a blast!

The animations are pretty gruesome - I suppose that should be a given for a zombie-themed game, but luckily, zombies consuming entrails is shown in dot matrix and not HD!
7 months ago
I play this fairly often on location at a place with not too many options - I keep hoping to like it more because it was such an iconic movie of my youth, but for whatever reason doesn’t draw me in to keep spending credits on it. Some of the theme items on the playfield seem very amateurish - perhaps intentionally designed that way, but the buildings, etc. lack detail. It is “art” so to each his own, but I’d like to see more realism in the plastic pieces.

The play is just alright for me - I love the modern Stern games, so this is in relative terms, but not one of my favorites.
7 months ago
Despite the barren playfield, this is a fun machine. It plays very fast - perhaps more so than even other Richie-designed games. Surprisingly, even though it plays very fast and I’m not a great player, it is not a drain-fest. Average players like me can hang around for awhile and explore the rules and modes of this game. I wish it had more toys/gimmicks - even the Premium seems a little sparse, but you get a little more for your extra $2k. I don’t think I’ll ever own one, but I enjoy playing a few games on it when I see it on location.
7 months ago
A fun and fast flowy game. Shots to the Sandman can be dangerous. This is one of my wife’s favorites, so it gets a lot of play from us at our favorite pinball place. Something about it doesn’t draw me in quite as much as it does her. That said, it is a lot of fun and worth spending your credits on.
7 months ago
This might just be my next game purchase - adding to my current collection of 1. I really like the flow of this game, and making that challenging shot into the mouth of the Demogorgan is so satisfying. The playfield projector is very innovative and works great - even in a moderately lighted room - I haven’t seen it in a darker setting, but I imagine it would work even better. Using the projector on the ramps and spinner is a nice touch. When the machine is off, the white backgrounds stand out as a lack of artwork...but let’s be honest - would you ever show off your game with it powered off?

The projector is really the main differentiator between the Pro and Premium version - while the projector is cool, I’m torn as to whether I think the cool factor is worth the extra dough. Both versions offer the ability to add-on the upside down UV light kit. After seeing this in action - it is a must have for the price.
7 months ago
Fast and furious!! This game rocks! I’m not really into the theme, but it does the theme well. I’m familiar with a couple Iron Maiden songs and they go well with the high-action of this machine...but I’m probably not the target demo for this theme. That said, this is a super fun machine - I go back to it often. I also appreciate the artwork - it is really well done, but theme wouldn’t work for my home (and even if I thought it did, my wife would most definitely veto it).
7 months ago
The playfield on the Pro is a little sparse - I’d like to see another wire ramp. This game plays FAST - when you are in the zone and hitting your shots, it is a blast. A few misses can quickly end your game. The call outs and taunts from the Knight are funny - especially when he calls you a baby and starts talking baby talk - LOL!
7 months ago
I must admit that all the negativity towards this game made me hesitate buying it - especially buying the LE. I was drawn to the theme - largely based on nostalgia (watching re-runs), and the family-friendly humor - Fred Gwynne’s portrayal of Herman is freeze-dried comedy to me (never gets old). I played the Pro version at nearby locations and loved it in person, so I placed an order for the Premium (color) version. The distributor told me he had an LE coming in on trade if I wanted to experience the lower play field while waiting on the Premium. Well, after seeing the LE in all its glory, and playing it for a half hour, I bought it on the spot. I love this game! I am fairly new to the hobby, and admittedly just an average player (at best), but I have played on a lot of machines and this one is just so fun. It offers some quick wins with Herman multi-ball and accessing Grandpa’s lab pretty soon after hitting the start button, but getting to Munster Madness is certainly not easy (at least for me) - and trying to maximize your score with Kitty multipliers, zap jackpots, etc. offers more depth. It may not have the same depth of code as other machines, but it has enough to keep me entertained for hours - and keep coming back.

The artwork - cabinet, backglass, and playfield is flawless. The playfield lightshow is brilliant and seemless with the action.

I’m glad I didn’t let the negativity steer me away from this purchase - and if the negativity continues and Dwight doesn’t add depth to the code...while I’d like to see the value of the LE increase over time, I decided it won’t really matter because I plan to keep it for a long, long time. It is just that fun and oh, so pretty!!