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26 days ago
This game is a keeper for me now that I’m on my third one. I love the theme and very family friendly. Great theme integration all around. Rule set isn’t super deep. Left ramp mode start, center hole light mode, right ramp collect jackpot. Rocky hat pull in the back box is a great use of space. If you have a handful of pins this is a great addition for the price.
26 days ago
I’m a big GNR fan and have been to multiple concerts. Slash and Duff are big pinball fans and we’re involved in doing custom music and call outs. More than I can say for any other band pin. No crazy cool toys besides maybe the guitar head. Light show, music and concert clips are amazing. Love the powder coat, and cabinet artwork. Definitely worth adding a sub to the game and putting it on jukebox mode. Rule set is multiball heavy, a lot of song modes have the same objectives but with almost 20 songs they can’t all be unique. Playfield issues are upsetting. Still a keeper game for me.
26 days ago
I wanted to love this game and planned on it being a permanent keeper. Cabinet is beautiful, probably a top three for me. Playfield looks awesome, music, and DMD animations are all fantastic for an early 90’s BW. Lot of ramps and diverters that have beautiful flow. Creature hologram looks awesome if it’s not faded.

However, shallow rule set, and two ball multiball killed it for me. Any decent player will figure out the rules and get to the multiball in a handful of games tops. Where do you go from there? Not a lot of really value from me. If it was a cheaper game and I had more space it still probably would have snuck into the keeper section. Traded mine for Theatre of Magic and have zero regrets.
26 days ago
Had this game and lasted less than 2 weeks in my collection. Game had a lot of potential but Stern gutted the game to save money. Sitting next to Addams Family I would skip over Munsters at least 9/10 times. Heard the newer code updates improved it but the playfield is bare so there is only so much you can do.
28 days ago
I’m probably a little biased because I’m a big fan of the King. I believe this is a severely underrated game though by many people, and just over looked because many were sold too private collectors who are Elvis fans vs put on a route. Nice examples are easily found, mine is HUO. Four flipper game with an upper playfield. Graceland is a touch shot but very rewarding. Code is deep enough so the Wizard mode is pretty difficult. Very few extra balls in this game but song modes give great multi balls. Encore mode that you can build up time for unlimited multi ball is a lot of fun. If you aren’t and Elvis fan this game isn’t for you and wasn’t designed with you in mind. Lot of bang for your buck if you can pick one up for a good price.
1 year ago
The more and more I play this game the more I like it. Super deep rule set so it took awhile to pick up on some areas I was missing.