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5 years ago
Ugh yet another Stern pro that feels cheap and bare....this and GOT pro are very poor pins.

Wanted to like it as i love the music but just found it boring and walked away with a ball to play in the end.
5 years ago
Just like the pro it suffers from basic issues that should've been corrected in the factory...

Airballs at left ramp entrance...slimer issues...ghosting of inserts.... ball plunge careers balls into slimer or plastics at back...cant see skill shot area well. Sdtm drains from pops....and they widened the gap of flippers...did they even test this??. Balls jump rails often. The fact that its a mess out of the box and requires so much work and aftermarket purchases (plastic protector to limit airball at left ramp targets....and slingshot protectors to limit ball hopping...just as a start) is just ridiculous.

Its just a mess of a design....but hey the LE has a few extra toys etc to paper over the issues and warrant a better rating than a pro....right?. Wrong....both are disappointing pins for the same reasons.

Would never put a coin in either on location....

Ffs stern lift your game.
5 years ago
Pins based on games don't work....SMB, SFII, BH, PACMAN ETC are all terrible games.

Troll is ugly, collecting more visitors goes with the video game but is just boring in a pin. Has some good shots but on the whole this gets boring fast.

Comments suggestiing this should be in the top 100 are laughable...get out and play some more pins if you think that.
5 years ago
Yet another pin that could've been so much east really dropped the ball with this....shame williams didn't have the licence.
5 years ago
Artwork is hideous. This felt cheap and offered even less than a usual PRO does....Music is outs the same. Game play was nothing great.
Walked away from this quite disappointed as i love the show.
5 years ago
Super disappointed in this rating will be higher then it should be because artwork, theme & sound score well....but the Gameplay is horrible. Air balls galore off ramp targets... plunged ball careers into stay puft or lane guide...sometimes it makes it around, balls will jump rails near flippers for a ball drain....whole experience leaves you feeling cheated when balls drain like that.

Was it even play tested at Stern before shipping????? Its so rough & feels rushed and not refined.

What about the QC on this title? Ghosting inserts from a new in box???, flickering leds, issues with slimer and the list goes on.

Most over hyped machine ever made.

Lift your game Stern.
5 years ago
Really enjoy this game. Its tough but keeps me coming back to it. The ball drains from the pops can get annoying but it doesn't take anything away from my love for this one.....Well themed package. Rule set is excellent.

6 years ago
Excellent machine. Fast and fun...has a real go again factor to it. Hard to walk away from lol.
6 years ago
Awesome. Love the sounds and lights. Keep coming back to play this...will have to buy one.
7 years ago
Terrible, just terrible on so many levels.
7 years ago
Most over rated Pin in the top 100. Did nothing for me, found it boring and not the pin i expected or wanted it to be.
7 years ago
Yeah its shallow with rules but who cares, a blast to play, approachable by all, and man is it fast.

7 years ago
Love it, can't wait to buy one. Great sounds, excellent feel and the theme.
7 years ago
Under rated pin. Lots of shots and things to do.
DMD Animations are outstanding.

I just cant get past the theme..
7 years ago
Was a huge fan of the X files TV show and so wanted this machine to be good, unforunately its not.

They could've done so much with this, i mean the show had so much that they could've incorparted into it.
The sound in this machine is some of the worst i've heard in a pin.....sounds distorted/muffled poorly done.
Artwork is horrid and has no sharpness to it...boring and poorly executed.
PF in general looks cheap and cheesy.

Not a fan of the curved backbox, really dont like em.. ugly whe next to traditional pin styled ones.

Toys in this pin are average, Alien in tube is neat, filing cabinet is troublesome and hard to trace.

Gameplay is limtied and becomes old and boring fast.

Just another SEGA pin suffering from cost cutting, a wasted license, sega had so many good ones...a real shame.
7 years ago
I'm a star wars nut so i'm a little biased and can over look some little issues as the package as a whole really appeals to me, fun machine with great sounds lights etc, Best Star Wars pin period.

*Fitted my Machine with the updated code (Ball save , score improvements etc) and its made a huge difference. Still gets boring/repetative over time.

7 years ago
Grew up watching the wrestling so the theme sits well with me.
Some call outs can become annoying and over used and the overall gameplay is lacking imo.
7 years ago
Dreadful pin, tower thing makes no sense, just felt like a poorly constructed machine. Walked away from it with a credits still in it.
7 years ago
Lots of fun, would've been great at launch with the stereo sound etc first.

Looks awesome with leds fitted, great looking pin.
7 years ago
Expected more, you quickly work out this is a one trick pony. Go super hit the castle. Thus it becomes very boring and repetative. Sounds are also recycled constantly and annoying. Just a very shallow machine.

Something for the kids, or those that are desperate to have anything Nintendo stamped.
7 years ago
Horrid. Really disappointing as i am a big fan of the films. Looks great but plays like a turd
7 years ago
Horrid machine, what were they thinking???.....A giant toilet seat obstructs views, skill shot is way over, Popeye saving animals? do people actually research a theme before making these?
Slow, slow slow...........argh did not enjoy this machine at all.

Williams/Bally did, just like others did.... make terrible terrible pins...this is one.
7 years ago
Was really surprised with this machine, great dmd animations that you'll probably never see in todays pins. shots are good and you have to work for them. Really enjoyed this, was quite fun and humorous. Needs leds to light up some dark spots, Not a fan of the BG art. Prob Data Easts ive played anyway
7 years ago
Was a fun game to play, but def couldn't put this in my game room with that porker O'Donnell on it. .......Shame it was based off a rubbish film and not the Cartoon we all grew up watching.
7 years ago
Good looking Cabinet...esp BG,

Call outs are really annoying "shoot the pyramid", Pyramid toy is laughable. Some good shots but bores quickly........def not a long term machine.

Dodgey sellers in Australia inflate the price on this (and many others) to the extreme. Its a cheap pin and it shows....dont get sucked in to paying overs for it.

Way over rated, surprised to see it in the top 100. So many comment that this was the best DMD game Gottlieb made........if true then no wonder they were a distant last.
7 years ago
Awesome themed pin. Would get boring over time. like the cannon and the callouts.
7 years ago
Was hoping for drains so i could move on from it.

Absolute Turd.
7 years ago
The Bad....
Whats the point of hitting targets if TriBall is gonna just be handed to you anyway?
Stampede...over and over again, why wouldn't they program a random mode to start from?
Flippers must be perfectly aligned to make shots...and i mean perfectly aligned
Playfield lighting at back is lacking.
Hard to find one with the topper still intact :o

The Good....
Shaker Motor incorporated well.
System Failure mode....clever
6 Ball Multi Ball.
T-Rex toy
Smart missile
Deepish hard game play.

*Updated now that i've shopped it and played it more.

Still fun machine kids love it.
7 years ago
I liked it, cant see at back of playfield though and it felt small. Much better than than the SW P2K.

Fun to play and very well like to get one....but worry it may get old fast.
7 years ago
Excellent machine, lots of fun and the theme is right up my alley and very well executed, love it and hope to one day own it.
7 years ago
Hands down the best Sega pinball machine i've played.
8 years ago
not a fan at all, all these Gottliebs at this time felt clunky cheap and rushed.....mario bros, andrettis water world etc too much stopping, and half the time i dont know how i caused a stop....not a good pin at all.

Theme is ok, but artwork is terrible, dmd is laughable, holes & holes everywhere, toys are cheap and poor, sound is so so and that mini car playfield is the worst ive ever seen.

Would never buy this. even in a large collection.
8 years ago
One of my favs, love the time extender, the theme was well done and the sound is great. Like the choice of Doctor and the offerings and even if some seem worthless. Gets played a lot at a friends, keeps drawing me back which is always a good sign, hoping to purchase my own some day.
8 years ago
Bad pin, way too easy and repetitive, MB way to easy, little to do, not a fan of the theme and its executed poorly with ugly imagery, uses magnetic spinner like twoister...another SEGA machine.

SEGA, yet another bit of rubbish they produced....Positive- they only made 600 of these lol
8 years ago
Pplayfield lighting is bad in spots.

Game plays well and i enjoyed a game or 3. But its not the machine everyone makes it out to be, top left corner of field is very dark and hard to see at night, like the mist ball and sounds of it. Not for a casual player imo.
8 years ago
Horrid, annoying sounds, poor shots...terrible layout, felt clunky and cheap. Im a south Park fan and had wanted this game for some time....but was very disappointed in it....i should've known what to expect when i saw that blue 4 letter word.
8 years ago
Lots of fun to play, fully loaded with magnets shaker crane... one i'd like to own.
8 years ago
Loved it and want one..
8 years ago
Love this pin. The sounds are great, the layout and wide body is awesome. I play this quite often.

*UPDATE* Lowered my rating with this after some extensive play, the launch/skill shot is just horrid. Most of the time the ball wont even make it all the way around for a skill simply falls through the bumpers...seems as a design flaw as others i've spoken to have the same issue.

Loads of air ball in this game, have fiddled with the levelling and no change.
8 years ago
Good- Theme, playfield looks great and is well done, main ramp is huge and actually leaves the playfield area then returns down right side. Multiball is easy and jackpots too...good fun game for the novice kids love it and its one machine that people seem to check out first.

Bad- Center drop targets can send ball into glass. sound quality is very bad. not much to do and gets boring quickly.

Verdict- Not a machine i play much, my wife and kids seem to play it quite a bit, they love the theme and the ease in which you can get into it will eventually replace it with a Simpsons pinball party.
8 years ago
Good- Good fun game, like the option of choosing music and the selection offered. ramp is well placed. multiball is a little easy. Like the theme and the execution, artwork is good, video modes are fun....very hands on, topper is clever.

Bad- Center drop targets can shoot ball into air, too much gun reliance during actual play..its very annoying having to grab the gun while your ball is still in play. no ball save...don't know what DE were thinking letting this and star wars leave the factory with poorly programmed ball saves. leo getz with the ok ok gets annoying.

*Shoot ball in, hits targets (skill shot) then drains ball back!!
8 years ago
Could've been so much better, comes across as cheap and rushed, Artwork is appalling, sounds are very limited and poor. Really dont like the curved backbox and picture, snagger has already given me problems (been told they trouble all owners), SEGA COST CUTTING.....AND ITS VERY OBVIOUS IN THIS CABINET.

Worst pin i've played by some margin. Felt bad for the guy who purchased it from me....