Pinball Chicken

By PinballChicken

October 31, 2014

6 years ago

I have always been facinated with Pinball Machines as well as all other arcade type machines. Pinballs flashing lights, moving balls and sounds, unique playfield layouts and mechanical features, all combined with each games unique game play and theme have made me a lifetime pinball fan and collector. I have never found a pinball machine that I didnt like. Pinball is a game that for me will always be timeless. I have had my own collection of machines for the past decade now yet am new to the pinside community but really enjoy this website, with the comments and posts and opinions and the people that make up this group.

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6 years ago

Pinball machines are so amazing because you can either play them casually if you only have a small amount of time or coins and still have a great time or with more time you can play the full depth of the rules which gets quite competitive while unlocking new sounds voices and features. No two plays on the same machine are alike which keeps it always an adventure and exciting.

6 years ago

Why are there no chickens in pinball? A hen would make a great lock mechanism, and it could lay pinball "eggs" to start multiball! I think someone needs to get on a barnyard pin!

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