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2 years ago
What a great effort by JJP and Pat Lawlor! This has the potential to be my favorite pin of all time.

The playfield layout is fantastic with great flow and some really satisfying shots (great combo opportunities). Magnets everywhere!

Rules are completely Ted/Lawlor - very accessible, easy to understand and flat out fun with good humor added - plenty of depth, but not over the top. Feels a bit like TZ, for sure.

Toys are off the charts - most interact with the ball, adding randomness and strategic shooting. Best combination of toys/on-table display graphics to date.

Refreshing thematic elements lend well to Lawlor disaster pins. It's fun watching Quantum City crash and burn with every successful hit during modes and listening to the banter on the cell phone.

The Quantum Theater is an amazingly well done throwback to Pinball 2000 technology. So much to do with that shot already - I hope for more in future updates.

Amazing quality and thought went into the cabinet and electronics design. Light show is the best I have seen. Electronics all in the backbox is a huge plus compared to JJP earlier designs.

Upper playfield is great fun for nudgers - hope to see more integration with software updates.

I wouldn't change a thing on this pin - I wonder how long Pat had this thought out before designing? Potentially ten years?

I'm out of fresh adjectives, so I will leave it at that.