The story of Caysen Oliver

By pinballboy

April 21, 2022

27 days ago

Pinside member 

 Santa Barbara, CA


It all started before I was born 25-30 years ago when my grandpa bought a gold wings for 200$ From a friend.... it got played daily by my family... until I was born... the game just sat there while I got all the attention... It sat there for so long that it started having issues booting then they started using it as storage by putting things on top of it. When I turned 8 I took the stuff off not knowing what was underneath and that's when I found it... the machine that brought pinball to my life, I asked my grandpa almost every day for the next 4 years “when can we try and fix it” and finally at age 12 at the start of the pandemic he told me that if i really wanted to fix it then go ahead and fix it. So thats what i did for the next 5+ hours and finally it booted up. I was so happy, i screamed at the top of my lungs and immediately ran outside to tell my grandpa that i had fixed it and then we played our first game together and from then on i have had an addiction to playing and fixing pinball. 

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