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4 months ago
This is a fantastic game. I have a friend who ordered an le and now has it in his house and after more than an hour of play i can confidently say that this game is in my top 3 machines ever. Jack did a great job and can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.
6 months ago
this game is... something else
6 months ago
Pretty dang good for a home edition. Definitely has enough to keep someone interested for a long time. It’s cool they added a Dino toy in a home edition. Ramps are smooth and orbit shots are fun. Rules are pretty simple but still tough getting to final nublar. Multi balls are ok and sound isn’t to bad. Overall an awesome game for the price imho. I mean you could buy one of these brand new for like 4.5k or less, or an Addams family for 10k.
1 year ago
Pretty fun game, not many made probably because of the wierd theme.
1 year ago
This game is way underrated, art is beautiful and gameplay is very intriguing, the only thing that’s ok is the Sounds. Great game, deserves a chance.
1 year ago
Honestly a great system 11. I got to play it at an arcade locally and I have to say it’s pretty fun, the getting the multiball and shooting the jackpot feels great but after you do that there is nothing much more to do beside maybe extra ball Etc. fun game and worth giving it a play.
1 year ago
This is my #1 favorite machine ever. This machine has everything you could ever need in a machine. It has great flow, quick shots, fun music and sounds, very nice rules, great multiball and beautiful light show, especially with leds. The ramp is tough but super fun to hit and the more I play the better I get at hitting it. Also that topper is just fantastic, it really attracts people in to play. My favorite part of this machine is when you get the light red and the cops start chasing after you, it really gets my heart pumping and once you get that ball up the ramps and escape the cops its a great feeling and then the multiball starts, everything is lighting up and going crazy and that jackpot light show is just unbelievably rewarding and a very very fun shot. Well done Steve Ritchie!
1 year ago
Cool game!
1 year ago
very underrated game. shots are smooth and fun. rules are simple but good. and the talking shark on the playfield is a cool feature in my opinion. definitley worth picking on up for the right price!
Edit: I forgot to mention the music, it’s fantastic and very underrated and in my family it’s kinda iconic.
1 year ago
WHAT A FANTASTIC GAME! I got to play this game at PHOF and I love this game, the music the art the light show all amazing. The gameplay is so unique with smooth quick shots, getting the multiball is so satisfying, and the jackpot light show will get your heart pumping. A+ From me.
1 year ago
This game in my opinion is a masterpiece. This game has so much going on with it and in my opinion is by far the best wood rail machine. With the artwork and the awesome gameplay this machine will forever have a place in my heart.
1 year ago
Games pretty fun, artwork and music is kinda sucky But fun game with cool multi ball.

update: after giving this game some extra game time i have found myself to like it a lot more. im actually enjoying the shots and layout of the game and the music is alot more fun when it changes the better you do. im happy with the gameplay and think it is a good game for people starting out in the hobby or people with large collections.
1 year ago
I had this game for a while and I honestly really miss it. The sounds were great the gameplay was fun and with leds and clear ramps it had a pretty good light show. The artwork was cool on the playfield but very basic on the cabinet and backglass. Overall very nice machine worth buying for the right price.
1 year ago
Very nice machine. Gameplay is nice and projector is a super cool feature.
1 year ago
this is a great game for the price you can get it for. the sounds are so good and the multiball is a load of fun. put in some leds and wax the playfield and you have a grea game.
1 year ago
come on people. give this game some slack. if you get this machine cleaned and adjusted its a very very fun game. i think the siren makes the game unique and its extra fun when people come over and if your really bothered by it then just take the fuse out. the art isnt that bad either, the only thing im not a fan of in this game is the backglass. will be in my collection forever.
1 year ago
This game is very underrated. Sounds are amazing and the only thing that realty isn’t good on this machine is the backglass. Put in some leds and an alternate translite and you have a great game

update: after playing this game for i while i have grown to like it even more, the sound and lights are very cool and love the multiball.
1 year ago
This game is fantastic. It’s a very nice playing game with lots of well thought rules. The music and artwork are amazing. The light show for the super jackpot and shield jackpot are soooo cool. This game is very much deserving of leds. if you ever get a chance to buy or play this game, take that chance.

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