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3 years ago
Zipper Flippers!
3 years ago
Great game but confusing as all get out. Very complex rules.

Fun never the less... I just know I'm not maximizing the scoring.
3 years ago
Super fun. Love the whirlpool!
3 years ago
It's an EM... what do you want.
The artwork is SOO Clean.... It fits the theme really well.

I played one at Expo and had a blast.
3 years ago
There's something really fun about this game. A favorite EM.
3 years ago
The machine is GORGEOUS! So, bright, colorful and hits the theme perfectly.

Great toys....EVERYTHING.

The only thing I really don't like is the scoring. Something bothers me about the EM Style scoring factor.... just me.
3 years ago
Great game! Great call outs. Good modes and variety. Use of the DMD is super appropriate.

The theme is spot on ... with a lot of major Simpson's life events of the time.

Worst Ball Ever!!
3 years ago
Game has a very clean looking art. The cab/backglass are the strongest. Pretty straight forward with 30 seconds of verbal instruction on what to do. Players gravitate over and over again to this game. I think because of the bright colors and all the unique shots.

The sounds / music is very repetitive. I like the sound/music, but it gets old very fast.
Animations are kinda blah.
5 years ago
Freaky, wild, acid trip of a game. It holds a lot of surprises!
5 years ago
I really enjoyed the graphics on the game. I only played it once on route.... the game was beat but I managed to get a decent score even though a few features were dead.

The ramps are very fun!
5 years ago
Very fun. The vision of Pinball 2000 is well met by this game. Clean edges in the graphics make the animations come alive on the PF.
5 years ago
This game is a lot of fun, but it also seems like a lot of work. I'll have a great ball, blasting everything but my score is meh. The magnet ring is very fun and I enjoy the callouts.

Blast that Belrog!!
5 years ago
I played the Hulk version. Super fun game. Like all the modes. Callouts "ok", but not fantastic.

The colors/graphics are very fun, cool rules... lots to do!
5 years ago
Fun to play... albeit embarrassing to play on route. Especially if you get the ball stuck in the pop-bumpers.... if you know what I mean :)
5 years ago
rude, crude and FUN!

You killed Kenny!!!!
5 years ago
This game surprisingly does not get that much love. I really like it. The muti-ball is so fun to watch the reaction for someone's first time and it makes me smile every time I get it.

Can get a bit repetitive shooting the scoops/loops, but that's the kinda thing I like.
5 years ago
I'm really not a Sega fan, but I enjoy this game a lot. Callouts, tasks are quite fun.

This is something I'd enjoy having in my collection.
5 years ago
Call outs are great! Gotta try the "adult" version one of these days :)
5 years ago
There's something about getting the ball in the hat that's very satisfying.
5 years ago
Love the loops!!!

Another WPC classic
5 years ago
Drain monster...

Hard as all get out but lots of fun.
5 years ago
Super fun game. Great callouts, graphics and flow. Lots to do and lots of challenge.
5 years ago
Strong game; super fun. The graphics during muti-ball are over the top excellent!

Lots of modes to get through will all levels of challenge
8 years ago
Such a fun game... one of my all time favorites. So many ways to stack modes for super payouts.

The humor is a bit rude for kids but oh man so much to do and so many ways to do it.
8 years ago
After you play for 5 min you can understand why this is such a prized game. The flow is brilliant and the rules are so simple that ANYONE can have a ton of fun without really knowing the rules.

Super fun, awesome callouts.
8 years ago
Lots to do; fun call outs (look for Tina Fay as the damsel); super fun game.
8 years ago
A huge favorite with anyone that plays it. Great rules and callouts.... some crack me up every time.
8 years ago
The callouts are a bit monotonous but it's a lot of fun. The light show during extra ball are a lot of fun and SANDSTORM is just crazy!

Lots of multi-balls...
8 years ago
Even better with a moving Dalek head!