My Pinball hobby has become my business

By Pinball_Classics

November 04, 2013

8 years ago

When I was in my very early teens, coin-op video games were coming on strong and the decline of the pinball machine had begun. Like most people my age I was keen on the video games of the time eg. Space Invaders, Galaxian, Donkey Kong etc. At my age I missed the pinball Era completely.

After only a couple of years the video games lost my intrest and I discovered pinball thanks to the last few games still left in the arcades. With a keen interest in Electronics, Robotics and Computers, pinball was a natural extension of these things in a fun and entertaining package.

At age 15 I purchased my first few pinball games (Black Knight, Space Invaders, Stern Dracula) and have been collecting them ever since. It has been a pleasure to see the hobby of pinball evolve into what it is today and to see pinball back in a big way!

When people ask me why I spend so much Time, Money and Effort in the area I say... A man has to have a hobby, with pinball you can enjoy the incredible Art, The creative engineering and fun of the play all in one package. At the same time this hobby for me has not been the money pit that Cars and other pursuits have been.

Love that Game!

Jason McNally

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