A big Hello from Pinball-Steven

By Pinball-Steven

August 17, 2019

33 days ago

Hi everyone,

I'm PINBALL-STEVEN and new to Pinside. I'm an American citizen from Georgia but live in Germany since the 70ies.

I had my first encounter with Pinball in 1965 and was hooked forever since. In 1977 I won the german Eight Ball-Championship organized by Bally (Wulff) in my area. But I didn't start collecting before 2000. Meanwhile I got a collection about 400 machines, it's got a little too much so I start selling some of them.

I like Pinball-machines of all ages just because they please me, my favourites are without question the WPC-games but also some of the newest ones.

Quit talking and start flipping, Steven!

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