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My Pinball Story!

By Pinball-DOOD

November 02, 2020

28 days ago

Hi all! 
Back when I was in Middle school (2009), my twin  brother and I were visiting my Grandparent's house and exploring the basement there as usual. We stumbled upon something incredible! Under a pile of blankets and clothes was a Gottlieb 1959 Queen of Diamonds wood rail. My brother and I immediately told our parents and grandparents "We have a pinball machine?!" and they were excited that we found the machine down there. I was told by my Father that his Dad bought the pinball machine from Noel Barret back in 1972 and that they had not played it since 1978! My Grandpa decided to pass the Gottlieb on to us and so we got to bring it home a put it in our basement! His decision is widely responsible for why my Brother, Dad, and I are all so obsessed with pinball! I have now been in pinball for 11 years (As of 2020)! From then on we continued to collect more pins from all different eras and companies. About 4 years ago, when in college, my brother and I tought ourselves how to repair both electromechanical and Solid State Pinballs and we have never needed to call a tech since! We spent two years working at RecBar here in Louisville and we loved it! It was a great job while we finished up professional studies! We also made many friends in the area from playing pinball tournaments! So here we are! One of the most important advocations I like to make is that EVERY pinball machine is awesome, from any company. It is important to play the machine before you judge it! If you isolate yourself to only popular titles, you could miss out!

Thanks for reading!


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14 hours ago

Great read, a great find and great advice!!!

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