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3 months ago
Metallica is one of those rare instances where all the stars aligned perfectly, resulting in Stern's best game since AC/DC. Dirty Donny went above & beyond to create some of the greatest artwork on a modern-day Stern pin (check out that frickin' playfield). Borg provided a solid, proven layout & brought with that Stern's best toy to date, Sparky! And most importantly, genius Lyman Sheats wrote an extremely well thought out set of rules that made it all worth it. HELL YEAYAAAAA!!!
6 years ago
This is Kiss 2.0: a similar playfield layout with improved shots, better rules, better toys, better art, and a much better display. I dig it.
7 years ago
I couldn't really get into Data East's Batman. The multiball is pretty damn easy to start, and there wasn't much depth at all to the scoring. As with many other Data East games, the sounds can get repetitive & piss you off after a while.
7 years ago
Stern updates a classic with hand-drawn comic art from the Ultimate Spider-Man library, and it looks great! The updated dots are a nice touch. More kudos for the update to the often worn Doc Ock magnet with their new, larger magnet core. Stern also includes a bunch of protectors in areas that were easily damaged on the original Stern game.

However, IMO the new sounds & speech just ruin the VE for me. The script writing is terrible (i.e. "I'll never look at a sandcastle the same way again"). The tone in which most of the new lines are delivered are a big turn off, especially Doc Ock when he's whining about his arms. The callouts are just bad & cheesy (not in a good way). This is similar to how I felt about Stern's X-Men & Avengers sound and speech packages. I like playing my games at a decent volume, and it doesn't take long for games like these to get annoying. While the original Stern Spider-Man may not have the flashy art package that the VE does, the original definitely comes out on top in the sounds and speech department.

These VEs are priced in the ballpark of $6.5k. If the extras aren't worth it to you, save $1k-$2k & purchase a nice original. There are aftermarket slingshots & Back Alley mods that can help eliminate any of the original movie's artwork plastics if that stuff really bothers you.
7 years ago
Game Of Thrones doesn't disappoint with a promising ruleset right off the bat, thanks to Dwight Sullivan and the extra development time that they had with this particular title. Several bugs & issues remain in the current code, so they are still polishing it. I love that there are several different strategies to utilize depending on the house you choose at game start.

Designer Steve Ritchie provides a familiar yet solid layout, adding in a unique upper playfield that isn't as annoying as you expect it to be. And hey, it's not a new Steve Ritchie game without a lockbar button, right?! More often than not, I choose "Martell" to smack that button for the "add-a-ball" when I'm draining during multiballs.

The light show actually one-ups Ritchie's previous title, Star Trek, with some mindfucking flashers & lighting effects that occur during "Winter Is Coming" hurry-ups & "Blackwater Multiball" jackpots/super jackpots. Pretty awesome stuff.

The Iron Throne provides a cool, unique landing spot for the ball when choosing a Mystery award as well as an alternate ball route depending on the game's choosing. The dragon toy looks awesome with moving wings & associated sound effects, but you're expecting too much if you hoped that the dragon would interact with the ball more.

The game's sound package is well executed & features callouts from several of the show's characters (The Hound, Arya, Tyrion, etc). However, there are some sound effects that can be grating (the dark "CLANK" sound from the upper playfield, the puny *doonk* when you hit spent stand-ups and/or the battering ram).

The game's weakest point is the playfield artwork, featuring a lighter, paler yellow than POTC's playfield. However, if you play in a dimly-lit game room environment like me, then you won't even notice it when shooting.
7 years ago
Not since Metallica have I actually been impressed by the playfield artwork. Kevin O'Connor really did an awesome job giving us classic, hand-drawn visuals. The rest of the art package (translite & cabinet) are just okay. If I had to nitpick, I'd say that the speaker panel decal in particular could have been better if it were done in different colors on each version to better match that version's color scheme, but whatever.

Since Stern has switched over to the SPIKE system, I feel that the overall sound quality has improved significantly, and that works in Kiss's favor since it's a music pin. I was never a Kiss fan, but I got to admit that some of these songs got me crackin' open a dad beer & singing along with my own parody lyrics in no time! =)

Kudos to Stern for getting Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley to do custom voiceover work. I just wish that there were more of a variety of callouts as they seem pretty repetitive once you put some time on the game.

Within each multiball, the color-changing GI really makes an impact. It's immersive & very cool. For "Demon Multiball", all GI goes red, and for "Starchild Multiball", you get an all pinkish/light purple GI. The experience definitely puts you in a different world until you're back to single-ball play.

The layout is decent fun to shoot with a nice mixture of easy, challenging, and dangerous shots. The rules could still use some updating, although they're pretty much the "meh" rules that I expect with Lonnie leading the code team. I really do wish your choice of city at the beginning of the game had a greater significance other than triggering callouts of Gene & Paul saying that city's name. Perhaps this might be addressed in future updates? We'll see. But yeah. Lonnie.

The spinning disc under Gene's head will screw you, often by throwing the ball SDTM or towards the outlanes, so I tend to avoid it when the ball saver is off, unless it's lit for something that I really want. The same goes for the green "Lock" targets, with the right "Lock" target being especially tough to hit given that it's partially blocked by the post for the right ramp.

With the center ramp shot being such a gimme, I appreciate the fact that Borg made right ramp such a tight, challenging shot. It can be especially frustrating when that's the only shot you need to complete a mode or to start "Love Gun Multiball".

I like what Borg did with the "Mode Start" scoop hole. It appears to be turned a small degree off so that it is not a perfectly dead-on easy back-hand shot from the left flipper. If you're an idiot like me & put a Cliffy protector on the scoop, it will make the shot even harder! Get ready to punch some holes in the wall. =)

The toys & gimmicks are probably the weakest point of this game. The Gene head's addiitonal LE/Premium feature uses his additional ball trough to collect & then spit all of the balls back at you during the start of "Demon Multiball". The twitching Paul Stanley toy above the "Starchild" area is pretty much a joke that has no interaction whatsoever with the ball or its shots.
8 years ago
While The Walking Dead's default callouts & audio package do it no favors, programmer Lyman Sheats came through with several code updates & saved this pin from mediocrity with another incredibly brilliant ruleset. Runner-up credit goes to designer John Borg for one of his most unique yet punishing playfield layouts to date. I haven't been this pissed off playing (in a good way) since Borg's Iron Man. As a bonus, Pinsider Cleland created a revised sound package that included remixed music as well as actual callouts from the show's characters.
8 years ago
Very cool unique layout that is quite brutal. Launch the ball to the upper playfield & enjoy the challenge of trying to keep it up there. The saucer keeps you on your toes with its dual kickout action. And, hell yes, inline drop targets. I'm not familiar with the theme, but the overall art package looks great (unless you're playing a faded version where the red has faded to pink).
9 years ago
A solid effort featuring classic Steve Ritchie flow, decent rules, and some crazy-ass light shows.
9 years ago
A very deep & challenging game thanks to Keith Johnson's impeccable ruleset. The ring magnet is also awesome to witness for the first time (when it works, that is). Killer modes, sound & voiceovers make for quite an immersive experience. A Stern classic.
9 years ago
Mustache. Inline drops. Brutal outlanes. A favorite.
9 years ago
Killer artwork, inline AND horizontal drops, and an impressive ruleset. This game stands the test of time & is a keeper for me.
9 years ago
A classic that looks as good as it plays. "Destroy Centaur!"
9 years ago
Metallica is one of those rare instances where all the stars aligned perfectly, resulting in Stern's best game since AC/DC. Dirty Donny went above & beyond to create some of the greatest artwork on a modern-day Stern pin (check out that frickin' playfield). Borg provided a solid, proven layout & brought with that Stern's best toy to date, Sparky! And most importantly, genius Lyman Sheats wrote an extremely well thought out set of rules that made it all worth it. HELL YEAYAAAAA!!!
10 years ago
I'll admit it: Tron's sound package kicks ass. Combine that with a solid, flow-friendly layout, killer ruleset, and color-changing ramps, and shit, I think I'm in love.
10 years ago
Black Rose is a cool idea for a theme, but the game itself just didn't really do it for me. While the canon is a cool toy that's a blast to shoot, it's a pain-in-the-ass to level perfectly. The shot layout isn't really anything exciting, especially if you like a lot of flow. It can come off feeling somewhat clunky.
10 years ago
I like adult themes, and BBB definitely delivers on that. This pin has a striking, memorable, and attractive art package that immediately catches your eye. The "Tube Dancer" toy is one of the coolest things ever put into a pinball machine. The callouts are well-done & quite hilarious. However, the "Upstairs!" quote really started grating my nerves after a while due to its repetitiveness & annoying delivery. The rules are decent, and most modes are somewhat easy to complete, so set it up difficult for more of a challenge.
10 years ago
Bad Cats is a kooky, fun theme with decent gameplay & some very awesome artwork thanks to Python Anghelo. I really dig the animated backglass as well as the humorous sounds & callouts (you will hear "meow meow meow meow" in your sleep after owning this game). The shot selection is decent with the signature Barry Oursler left ramp that we have all come to know & love. The "Seafood" wheel in the middle of the playfield is a cool feature, but it can get a bit annoying after so many times, especially since you have to wait for it in order to continue play. The scoring can be a bit unbalanced at times, but I can look past that since this pin offers so much fun elsewhere.
10 years ago
Despite the cheesy theme & the giant Hoff face staring back at you from the translite, I really did want to like Baywatch. It's got a unique layout with lots of stuff to shoot for. However, Sega once again decided to stick weak-ass flippers in this game, so many shots will struggle to make it to completion. The "Shark" flipper is cool, and the water skiing video mode is pretty fun on the XL DMD display.
10 years ago
From its looks, Batman Forever appears loaded with toys, shots, and stuff, not to mention the nice XL dot-matrix display. However, the gameplay fell a little flat for me. The first thing you notice when attempting to play this game is that the plastic gun handle ball launcher is a joke (and that's when it works properly). They put some weak-ass flippers in this game, and the left ramp is steep by design, so good luck getting the ball to actually make the ramp. It will have you pissed off in no time. Thanks Sega, you jerks! While the scoring can get ridiculous & unbalanced, they do have decent depth. The multiball is also pretty fun to achieve.
10 years ago
A very awesome & unique pin for its time from the master, Pat Lawlor. It's the first game with a shaker motor, and most deservedly so given the title & theme. The fault line diverter is a nice creative touch as are the creative ball locks. Pretty satisfying shot layout overall. The rules are decent, although a major exploit is to shoot the middle ramp repeatedly. The signature Pat Lawlor upper flipper ramp shot is a blast to make as always. The sounds & callouts are fun & fitting. The artwork kicks ass, especially the cool, detailed mirrored backglass.
10 years ago
The best thing about EATPM is the artwork. Hands down, it kicks major ass over pretty much every other pin of this era. The backglass featuring the busty mistress & monsters is extremely detailed & well done. Elvira looks sexy as hell laying out along the sides of the cabinet too, demanding that you stick this machine on the end of a lineup. Just an amazing overall art package. The shot layout is fairly easy with the "Monster Slide" left ramp being the most fun to shoot ("OH YEAH!"). Elvira has a handful of playful, funny quotes, and the rest of the sound package doesn't disappoint. The rules are decent, but "Extra Ball" can seem a bit too obtainable.
11 years ago
Back To The Future is a great theme for a pin, but unfortunately Data East had a big swing-and-a-miss. The first thing you will likely say when you look at the backglass is, "Hey, that's not Marty McFly!" And you're right. Apparently, Michael J Fox wouldn't sign-off on use of his likeness for this pin, so instead, we awkwardly get the unfamiliar likeness of the son of the artist, Paul Faris. The gameplay is even more disappointing. The playfield layout just sucks to shoot, and the rules are pretty boring. One positive aspect of the game is the music as you will hear familiar Huey Lewis & ZZ Top tunes as you play.
11 years ago
I just couldn't get into The Flintstones. It's got some cool features on the playfield with the bowling targets & the ramp diverters (which can also be a curse if they accidentally drain your ball). However, the rest of the game (shot layout, rules, art, sounds) just felt tiresome & annoying after extended plays.
11 years ago
The ultimate in risk/reward from Stern, thanks to genius programmer Lyman Sheats. From its looks, the game may appear underwhelming at first (especially the playfield artwork). However, once you actually play this game, you'll be coming back for more. As a child of classic-rock parents, I grew up listening to AC/DC, so having some of their greatest hits pumping through my veins as I ramp-out towards "Jam Multiball" definitely helps. Giving each of the 12 songs their own mode makes for a unique & deep ruleset. Having 3 different multiballs within grasp is much appreciated, especially when you're bricking shots but still keeping the ball in play (yay, "Album Multiball" =). Hitting the bell is a risky yet satisfying shot & a must for getting those playfield multipliers up. Building up your song jackpot is addictive. But when do you cash it in? Decisions, decisions. Steve Ritchie & Lyman Sheats created a modern day classic. There's a reason it's Stern's highest-selling game to date.
11 years ago
While the gameplay itself isn't that bad, I find Dirty Harry to be the ugliest of all of the art packages from its era. The colors, the playfield art, just yuck! =) However, the pin offers a pretty balanced ruleset featuring some fun modes to shoot as well as callouts from The Man himself. The gun is a little awkward to shoot, and many times a dead-on shot will be rejected instead of making the ramp. It's a good play every once in a while but not one I'd want to own.
11 years ago
Diner brings together solid art, hilarious callouts, and decent gameplay for a standout System 11 game. It's definitely a looker for sure! The artwork is top notch, and the addition of the springy, moving characters in the backbox as well as the jackpot clock take the overall package to the next level. Gauging your skill shot with the mini jukebox is such an awesome, well thought out touch. The cup shot is unique & fun in an attempt to get maximum value from it. Criss-cross ramps are signature Mark Ritchie design. The different character callouts really put the icing on the cake & will have you chuckling in no time.
11 years ago
The multi-level "Time Expander" is definitely one of the coolest toys in any 90s-era game. While some complain that the Dalek sounds are annoying, I actually find them fitting. It's a great feeling hearing the Dalek agony when shooting jackpots! =) The upper loop ramp is a blast to shoot repeatedly ("MILLION!"), leading to the "Sonic Boom". The pops feel weaker on this title, and the video mode can get a bit repetitive. The music could use a little more variation. And beware, while the "Time Expander" is cool, it can be a major pain-in-the-ass to maintain (speaking from experience). Something about the translite artwork rubs me the wrong way. The rest of the art isn't as bad.
11 years ago
Taxi is a super-unique game thanks to masterminds Python Anghelo & Mark Ritchie. I mean, come on! Santa, Marilyn, Drac, Gorbie, and Pin-Bot. Who thinks of this stuff?! Just amazing. A unique skill-shot, great flow, solid rules, and funny callouts? Hell yes.
11 years ago
Set up difficult with lightning flippers, I have a love/hate relationship with this game (I love how much it makes me hate it). The sounds on this game, especially the Castle jackpot screams, still make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "Mist Multiball" is one of, if not, *the* coolest multiball starts in all of pinball. Make sure you set the video mode to "Extra Hard" for maximum killing enjoyment. Despite being based on a subpar movie theme, Dracula's gameplay keeps me coming back for more.
11 years ago
I enjoyed Austin Powers the movie when it came out. However, the game does not live up to the same hype. For me, this has to be one of, if not *the* ugliest playfield artwork that I've ever seen on a Stern pin. While the "Mini Me" toy may seem like a great idea for a spinner, it's not as effective as a traditional spinner & just results in less spins. Also, the quality seems below average for most of the sounds & callouts. While the rules aren't very inspiring, I did find it somewhat difficult to actually get through all of the modes. I can say that Borg did good including bonus countdown inserts on the playfield.
11 years ago
The best thing about Apollo 13 is, of course, the 13 BALL MULTIBALL! Once you experience that novelty, the rest of the game is a bit of a let down. The modes are just okay. Nothing to write home about. Also, don't expect to find Tom Hanks on the translite (I guess he wouldn't sign off on his likeness which is a shame).
11 years ago
Elvis isn't a bad game. It's just not one of my favorites. The rules fell a bit flat for me which resulted in it not feeling as fun to play as I had hoped. The layout is decent to shoot with the unique "Heartbreak Hotel" upper playfield. The gold ramps look great for this theme. The animated, dancing Elvis toy is a nice touch although it doesn't offer much to the gameplay since it has no direct interaction with the ball. The unique "Guitar Hero"-like video mode, while usually praised by others, just became annoying to me after a while. The artwork on this game feels phoned-in, especially the translite. The overall playfield color scheme is pretty damn ugly although I'm sure grandmas love it.
11 years ago
Whirlwind is my favorite of the System 11 games, thanks to the genius of that there Pat Lawlor fella'. The game's rules, sound, and artwork really take you deep into the eye of the storm. You're there. You feel it (literally). Lawlor put the icing on the cake by adding a topper in the form of a fan that blows air into your face when you're attempting to start multiball and/or score jackpots. Just fucking genius.
11 years ago
Pat Lawlor swung for the fences on his debut & came up with the cool, innovative game we know as Banzai Run. It's quite the unique playing experience with the rad-as-shit vertical playfield. Hearing the "BANZAAAAAIIIII" callout will definitely get your blood pumping. The lower playfield is not as exciting to shoot as it consists mostly of standup targets. Once the initial awe of the vertical playfield wears off, it too can get boring as you learn the shot feel & pattern to make it to the top every time. This is definitely one of those pins that's more fun to play every once in a while, be it out in the wild or in somebody else's collection. The lastability wasn't there for me when owning this game.
11 years ago
This game should have been called "Giant Faces" due to the translite. =) Okay, so while the artwork is pretty weak on this pin, the gameplay is decent with tons of flow (make those combos!) While the claw is a cool toy, the game is pretty easy with it enabled. For more of a challenge (and better lastability), you can disable the claw in the settings. The additional option to flip with the gun handles is a totally unique experience, unlike any other game of this time. It's often easier to nudge with the leverage of the gun handles, and they play an important part in scoring more points on certain shots as well as activating secret jackpots during the multiballs. The music & callouts are great with Stallone & Snipes chiming in over a fitting soundtrack. Upgrade to the profanity ROMs for a more humorous adult experience.
11 years ago
Totally unique layout by the brilliant John Trudeau. Shooting the volcano ramp through the pop bumpers is one of *the* coolest shots in all of pinball, no question. Don't let the cheesy movie theme fool you. This game kicks ass.
11 years ago
Family Guy has a killer sound package, including some of my favorite callouts in a modern Stern. This game will crack your ass up. They did a superb job of integrating many elements from the show into the game (Chicken Fight, Evil Monkey, etc). It's a fun game to shoot thanks to the above-average ruleset from the talented Keith Johnson. I found it challenging to do well in all modes, leading up to TV Wizard mode. Stewie's upper playfield is a genius addition by Pat Lawlor. One thing that bugged the shit out of me was not being able to hit both flippers to bypass mode intros & end of ball sequences (like you can on pretty much every other Stern from this era).
11 years ago
While the theme doesn't appeal to me, Fish Tales offers some awesome & brutal gameplay. You will be cursing those lightning flippers in no time! =) Get some amazing flow going by combo-ing the boat ramp shots. Cashing in the "Monster Fish" spinner for the collect is one of the most satisfying spinner shots from this era. While most video modes suck, this one is one of my favorites. The background music can become annoying after a while as can the fish flapping topper.
11 years ago
Brian Eddy's best in terms of gameplay (after Attack From Mars, of course).
11 years ago
GNR is a decent game with a creative playfield layout featuring many satisfying shots, cool G & R shaped ramps, and dual plunger lanes. A handful of fitting callouts, playfield art illustrations, and music selections welcome you to the mother f'in pinball jungle. Trapping the ball on the right flipper & backhanding to collect band members & start multiball is fairly easy to do & can become tiresome. The giant black wireform launch ramp can cause ball hang up problems especially during multiball. Also, it can be a struggle to get the ball to make the steep G ramp despite hitting it dead-on. The video mode is awkward & is definitely one of my least favorites of this era.
11 years ago
If there's a modern-day pin that will almost always guarantee a quick game, it's Iron Man. I love the way Borg designed the slings & outlanes (set them wide), just frickin' brutal. Nudging is a must. The rules are surprisingly above average for a Lonnie Ropp game, thanks to assistance from that one guy... oh, what's his name?.... Lyman something? =). The sound package on this game is phenomenal thanks to David Thiel, and it greatly fuels "the rush" you get when playing this beast. Despite the simple layout, there's a variety of things to shoot for (Bogey ramps, Monger, War Machine, Whiplash, etc) with several of those shots resulting in different multiballs. This pin is definitely one of my favorite go-to Sterns.
11 years ago
An all-time favorite thanks to a smooth-shooting Steve Ritchie layout & a pretty-damn-good Lyman Sheats ruleset. Add in a sweet sound package with strong & humorous voiceovers, and you've got yourself a winner.
11 years ago
A fun game for its first few initial plays with some pretty imaginative toys in the "Jump Rope" and "Speed Bag". However, the charm wore off quick for me as gameplay became too repetitive.
11 years ago
One of the better sound & music packages on a 90s game with a great soundtrack & tons of gut-busting callout quotes. The villain pop-up targets are creative & well implemented as are the inlane posts that stop your ball for a gunfight. The rules, while okay in their current state, were never completely finished, so features such as "Bionic Bart" & the final battle before High Noon were never implemented. The layout, while easy to shoot, is a bit uninspiring after repeat plays. The lastability just wasn't there for me on this one.
11 years ago
One of the more challenging games for me, especially when set up difficult, this one is a keeper.
11 years ago
Pat Lawlor is a genius.

Maybe it's just me, but for me, Rudy is the most innovative, interactive toy in all of pinball. It's remarkable to think that he was developed in the late 80s & released in 1990. It's been 25 years now, and nothing has come close to matching this mechanical marvel on Funhouse. It kind of blows my mind when I think about it.

Given the playfield layout & the fact that most shots are fairly easy to hit, I prefer to make the game more challenging by setting it up a bit more difficult (steep pitch, widest outlanes, no extra balls). The game itself is a classic. Funhouse is, well, FUN! Pissing Rudy off by hitting him in the face with a pinball? Um, yes please! =) Also, kudos to Lawlor for dual skill-shots from both plungers on this game. Along with Rudy, the artwork, sounds, and lighting really do an amazing job of immersing you in the twisted world that Lawlor created for this pin. Rudy's callouts are hilarious & memorable. It's only a matter of time before you find yourself repeating them ("Hey, it's only pinball" & "You... big... sausage!") The ruleset is simple but unique, and there are multiple strategies you can utilize in play (advancing towards "Midnight Multiball", completing the mirror, stacking "Frenzy" with multiball, etc).
11 years ago
White Water is one of the most addicting pins of the Bally/Williams 90s era & definitely one of my favorites. The layout, with Bigfoot upper playfield, "Whirlpool", & "Insanity Falls" ramp, is totallly unique & unlike anything of its time. You can get some ridiculous flow going on this game, and combo-ing the "Multi-Millions" shot with "Insanity Falls" is quite satisfying. The callouts, while somewhat sparse, sound like they were done by somebody's crazy hick uncle (which is frickin' AWESOME), and I feel this fits the theme perfectly. Advancing towards Wet Willy's is challenging enough to the casual player to keep you coming back for more. Getting the "Triple Jackpot" off the "Insanity Falls" ramp during multiball is one of the best feelings in all of pinball, hands down (especially when you have 5x scoring running concurrently). There's a reason this game has risen in popularity in recent years. Play one & find out why.
11 years ago
One of the most impressive pinball packages of its time! PREPARE FOR MUL-TIE-BALL!
11 years ago
A timeless classic from genius designer Pat Lawlor. Gameplay, rules, sound, lighting, & artwork all come together to create the perfect storm of pinball perfection. It was my first game I ever bought (more than a decade ago now), and I still have it.
11 years ago
Laughs abound with plenty of hilarious callouts from Monster Bash. A Gomez signature fan-layout makes all of the shots easily obtainable for players of all skill levels. It's a fun game for a while, but ultimately, the lastability wasn't there for me.
11 years ago
Sometimes, less is more, and Attack From Mars is one of my favorite games because of that. You may hear many people say that Medieval Madness one-upped Attack From Mars, but Attack From Mars is the game that I will come back to play again & again. Beyond the instantly attractable theme (martians! space!), you get a simply flow-riffic shot layout, jiggling martians to whack, strobe multiball, and the mother of all center shots to destroy the spaceship. All of this while experiencing endless belly-laughs from THE FUNNIEST callouts in all of pinball. Attack From Mars. Best game ever.
11 years ago
The ultimate game of its time where everything (rules, layout, sounds, art, etc) came together to create a pinball masterpiece. Just watch out for those deadly pop bumpers.
11 years ago
Hit the castle! Get the points!

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