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7 months ago
One of Sterns most entertaining titles. The ingenuity behind many of the playfield toys and the fact that most of them are actually well-integrated in gameplay and scoring as opposed to "built for show but not performance" ( like X-men for example) puts this pinball in the top league.

The playfield area is utilized to its fullest. But somehow this game still manages to leave enough room for varied shots and
playerfriendly view over the different playfield spots. Definately one of the best tables from the early 2000's. It looks marvellous and the sound package is both thrilling and well balanced towards the story.
7 months ago
Another really entertaining early solid state from Gottlieb. This pinball might look a little goofy, considering theme and colour- but the gameplay is solid and comparable to some of the best from this era. Once again, here is a game that proves that symmetric playfields doesnt automatically mean boring or stale play. Sure- this is not a fast pinball table, but the shots are challenging and varied with a properly balanced scoring. Biggest drawback is the cabinet art and the monotone bliip-bliip audio. But this is a fun title with a tendency of tempting you with "one more play". Worth checking out.
10 months ago
Transformers is a good and challenging Stern release that is quite enjoyable even for someone who don't know the story behind the Autobots and Decepticons (includes me). Players have the option to choose one of those sides in the game start-up.

There is a good variety to the different shots and a bunch of neat theme-based toys that add to the excitement. The left ramp and the Bumblebee-Camaro, activated by a captive ball, are my favourite spots on the this deck. Cosmetically the playfield is a little too cluttered with small images for me to appreciate it, but I do like the red/orange-lilac-silver colouring. Nice !
Music and call-outs are some of the better audio packages I've heard from Stern in this genre of games- compared to Iron Man and X-men for instance. I dont know if colour-DMD is available for this title- but I think that would be a huge improvement here. Especially since the game has really cool animations, but also unfortunately a rather dark lighting arrangement in the upper playfield area.

The main reason for not giving this pin higher points is that it lacks that certain formula of balance and thrill that makes Spiderman or Star Trek so interesting. Transformers is a very entertaining pinball, but unless I experience some new dimensions of it that eluded me before, I will continue to consider it a strong but secondary top title in the line of modern Stern pinballs. That gameplay is good, but nothing that breaks new territory or outshines other 'classmates' from the Stern top 5 in terms of speed or flow.

Worth checking out nevertheless. The game is entertaining and translate the theme into the setup and rules without
corny or annoying elements to it.
11 months ago
A really great adventure-themed pinball table from Stern that combines fast and varied gameplay with amazing playfield toys.

I'm not a fan of the Jurassic franchise at all. But that doesnt stop me from appreciating the qualities of this pin. The number of shots, the well-designed ramps and ingenuity behind the playfield gadgets puts this title in Stern A-list for sure.

Gameplay is fast and demanding, with a real whirlwind of speed and adrenalin in multiball mode. Of all the features and toys here I find the swinging jungle truck/newton toy/direction alternator to be the most entertaining. The hood ornament of the game however is of course the T-Rex head. Unlike some past titles many of the playfield figures actually give the impression of quality in design and material -rather than cheap Happy Meal-toys.

The art package is good and fits the theme, with backglass and cabinet being the best parts of that display. The playfield itself isnt quite as convincing but shines with nice colours and clear shot indicators.

Summary: A fast and rewarding pinball adventure. Worth checking out, both for casual play on route and as a home pin.
11 months ago
Great early solid state game from Gottlieb. It's a real nice table to play. Not in the same league as Joker Poker, but still one of the better electronic 70's pins. Relatively fast, with balanced and easy to follow scoring. Playfield layout is almost perfect, considering the setup and number of drop targets. Once again those tricky double flippers make certain shot a little more risky and fun.
The art from Morrison is good as usual with a somewhat eerie and supernatural touch to the backglass motif. Biggest drawback here is of course the limitations of sound, bliip-bliip, as this is a 1978 table.
11 months ago
This one ranks high.

Right from the start it's a gorgeous art package, from cabinet to backglass and playfield. A lot of attention has been paid to the playfield layout, structure and details. The ramps, toys and different theme-based gadgets, like the shuriken-shaped bumper caps, all make for a great looking pinball machine. I am especially impressed by the inside cabinet art/decor on the top end, together with cool and funny extras like the chimichanga truck, which I assume must look even more awesome in the 3D-LE-version of the game. The main features on the playfield, the Katana trail/lock ramp and the bobble head target/lock area are incredibly fun and work well with the whole theme.

Gameplay is rather fast, although not on the same insane level as Star Trek etc. There is a smooth flow and a wide variety of shots here.

The lighting effects on this game deserve to be mentioned. They are nothing short of amazing. I really can't think of any Stern from recent years that even comes close to this game in that aspect. What a great job and a very rewarding addition to the gameplay. Even the LCD-animations are top notch.

No real weak points here. I did however experience a couple of real strange airballs with one of them jumping from playfield up on the Katana-trail. Fun - but weird and hopefully something that is a result of unsufficent adjustments rather than poor playtesting. I'm not crazy about the Deadpool theme altogether, and that goes for the absurd humour as well. But this game really manages to make a colourful and a fun ride out of the whole story.
If I were to change or mod anything, I would replace those spring-like arms on the bobble head figure, they look more lame/cheap than cool. But thats about it from the cosmetical complaint department....

Summary: One of the best superhero games and second only to Spider-Man. This table outshines X-men, Transformers etc. with ease. The balance between gameplay, gimmicks, visual effects and overall smoothness is nearly perfect.
12 months ago
One of the better mid nineties Williams games ! This pinball has great flow and a fun factor that goes through the roof.

Only real downside is that the game itself is surprisingly ugly and almost uninspired regarding the artwork. It should also be mentioned that the lower playfield with the bashing gorilla felt a little underwhelming compared to the games other main features.
These flaws however are outweighed by the pure fun that this table offers. On top of that: Congo has one of the most entertaining sound packages from that era.
The rampshots are tempting and the whole game has a strong "one more time..."-vibe to it.
12 months ago
A fast and interesting playfield layout with no bumpers. Instead this is all about ramps and target lanes. The action is fast and there is a really rewarding flow to the whole playfield - when you´re hitting your shots that is.....

The entire package is actually both entertaining and convincing as a wild 90's motorsport game. I picture this as a later generation successor to a certain type of 80's pinball games like Banzai Run and Black Water, as strange as that might sound.

The main weak points here are dull graphics/art and a rather tiresome hard rock tune that plays over and over. It feels a little raw and unrefined for a 1995 pinball, with titles like Congo for instance being released that same year. Also, I'm not sure if No Fear is the deepest kind of table if you´re considering a homepin for a smaller collection.

However if you dont intend to spend the whole evening with this machine but just play a handful of games and enjoy the bumperfree speedzone ahead then this is a great table.
1 year ago
A real entertaining old school classic game from the early eighties. Not in the same league as Centaur or Seawitch, but Skateball definitely belongs to a handful of really neat games from that vintage.
Playfield is well thought out and has a stunning flow factor.

There are no groundbreaking or spectacular gimmicks on this game and the sound is really a disappointment, especially considering what variety in audio that Bally put into other machines that same or following years: Medusa, EBD, Xenon, Flash Gordon etc. These shortcomings are however easy to overlook when you consider how fun this table really is

Classic solid state that I actually prefer over its younger brother in the skateboard theme - "Radical!"- for the great playfield design and overall style in Skateball.
1 year ago
Normally I'm not a big fan of widebodies, but this is the third game (the others are TZ and STTNG) that feels naturally fast and uses the extra width of the table in a way that ties the whole gameplay together with very good balance and variety. No filler areas or uninspired shots here.
The sound package is good and the two main gimmicks on the playfield, the head of Ted and Red, are guarateed to make you laugh and curse at the same time. This is the way a good pinball table should entertain you !

Only real complaint from me is that those habitrails could have been made a little more attractive or theme-oriented and less intrusive on the playfield through better placement. Nothing major, but those are the things in my book that would separate a good game from a excellent game.

Overall another solid Williams game from a period where they really put out one top title after another.
1 year ago
I consider this the third decent car race game from the nineties. The other two beeing I500 and Getaway.

The gameplay is actually very good and quite addictive. The shots are fast and offer a greater variety than Getaway with clever programming and different scoring strategies. As with any other good racing-game there is a great "one-more-game"-feel to this pinball table.

There are however also a few things about Corvette that puts it in clear second position compared to Getaway.
It is a rather ugly game. That goes for both playfield, cab and backglass. Uninspired and dull.
The art from Dan Hughes, who also did I500 and a few more obscure titles, is a disappointment. Unfortunately this is also is true for the main playfield features; the ramps and the shaker. It all looks like dimestore toys - and not in a good way…..
This let-down is not helped by the fact that many of those upper playfield structures are blocking the view of the ball play.

The most positive feature among the playfield gadgets is a matchbox-sized racetrack with two cars that compete on the right side. Making the lit shoots will advance your car and get you more points.

Further weak points that keep me from giving this game higher rating is the uninspired lighting and lack of more spectacular flasher effects. For a 1994 game this feels a little tame in that respect. The sound package is acceptable, but nothing above average and certainly a tad onesided.

Summary: ugly and poorly lit (which maybe is a good thing :-), but fast, fun and addictive.
1 year ago
First title I’ve tried from the JJP manufacture. Speaking flipper mechs and the way the game reacts to player and play is pretty solid. I was more impressed with Spooky Pinball- but this table feels absolutely OK from a quality standpoint. In my opinion there is nothing here that makes this game second to Stern games from recent years. It feels a little different – but it plays well. Only negative note from me is that the particular game I played was rather bouncy and served a lot of strange airballs. I will have to try another example to determine wether its a matter of adjustments or a general drawback for this title.

Being used to monsters, adventure and sci-fi I’ll have to admit that I’m not crazy about the theme here. Disasters and modern technical culture doesnt sound too fun for a pinball title. Surprisingly enough the game is absolutely a blast to play with cool playfield toys, a decent variety of shots and high tempo flow. The chaotic playfield won´t win any beauty contest, but it fits the theme rather well with a goofy, midfield moving target, small drones and a smartphone toy with a small LCD window.

The technical aspects of this game are impressive. From the giant LCD-screen on the backbox or the possibility for smartphone interaction to the flashing camera in the backbox that takes pictures of the player. As a home owner my main concern would be how well the technical details on this game will work in 10 or 15 years. Will replacement or substitute parts be available ?

A very fun and entertaining pinball machine. I’d expect this title to get quite a bit of traffic even in a larger lineup.
1 year ago
GoT is a real fine pinball game. It looks great - and plays even greater.

The choice to run each play under the banner of different noble houses combined with a great variety of shots, goals and multiball makes this table interesting, intense and very entertaining. The whole theme of GoT is cleverly and successfully interwoven with the different features and graphics of the game. That goes for the whole sound package - both music and effect sounds/call-outs - as well. Incredible playfield altogether with what I think is the most exciting miniplayfield ever.
Other entertaining playfield features are the sliding battering ram bash toy and the metal sword that acts as ball lock release.
The highly detailed heraldic signs and knighthood-like imagery on playfield together with convincing lighting and flashers
add another level of awesomeness to the mix. On top of that the game has a real memorable video mode and dramatic animations.
As a comparison, although different in playing style and theme, this tale of monsters and heros outshines Medieval Madness.

The two main reasons I gave this game a few low points are:
- Cabinet and back glass art come across as disappointing. This is the kind of uninspired pictures you usually find on the backsleeve of a DVD-cover.
- With everything else almost perfect the rattlelike, uneven movements of the winged dragon gives this playfield feature the impression of a cheap battery operated china toy. A few more dollars spent in production could have given it a more precise and solid pattern of motion. With the dragon being pretty much the hood ornament of the playfield, I think it would have been worth it.

I repeat; this is a really great pinball game. Obviously a superb choice both for a small collection and a larger lineup.

Update: the fourth best Stern game, after Spidey, LotR and Deadpool. Originally I did list this as their 2nd best title, but that was before I played those last two titles. However, GoT remains a very good choice for a premium collection.
1 year ago
One of many better Stern games from later years. Tron plays well and combine high speed with real addictive scoring and fun multiball modes. This is a game that doesnt top the list of modern Sterns – but sure stands out as solid and entertaining midcard title. The submerging upper target bank and the spinning Identity Disc behind it are excellent and well placed playfield features – to name the top spots.

Strangely enough the ramps – which of course are central to the theme, through the light cycle battles, feel slightly weird in their structure and the way they direct the ball. This does not reduce the fun of gameplay – but it took me a little time getting used to.

Unlike some others entries from Stern in the superhero or action movie genre the art package on this machine hits the spot. The cabinet side art is straight up awesome and blends in well with the games overall dark look and future age style. Backglass art is a bit of a let down, comparable to a dull 90’s movieposter, but I like the blue background colour tone in it. This game MUST be played in a dark game room !

Another immediate observation on Tron is that the sound is quite good. Both music and effect sounds fit the atmosphere of the story and allow enough variation to avoid the risk of being annoying to the player.


Tron is a real entertaining pinball from Stern with a perfect mix of tight, fast play combined with convincing playfield/cabinet art and a fitting sound package. I think it has a good chance to qualify as a modern classic from this newer line of machines.
1 year ago
Another example of a older solid state game that actually is quite entertaining and offers relatively fast and exciting action mostly due to well thought-out playfield setup. This is one of the few older games with a symmetric playfield that doesnt slow the ball down or render the game onedimensional.

The opposing target banks, with an additional set of small flipper fingers and the star rollovers on each side of the horse shoe lane makes scoring and play surprisingly fun, compared to other titles from this period of time.

Like Harlem Globetrotters; the cosmetics here arent great or spectacular. On the other hand its a fitting picture for the ishockey theme and this older type of cabinets in general. Some people might perhaps hesitate to put this game, with a picture of a giant indian in the center, in their home as a strict matter of taste.

As expected with a 1978 game the sound has it’s limitations, but that hockey anthem tune, like the artwork, works rather well with the overall package.

Power play is clearly above average among the early solid state games and worth checking out. There is possibly not enough lasting power here to make this a wise choice for the small home collection.
1 year ago
Not sure what to make of this game. I know it’s a popular or at least common choice for tournaments, which is a good sign for the players. Speaking as a casual player or someone who´s just looking for fun- well, this table isnt particularly fun.

Admittingly the scoring is well built in to the gameplay, utilizing the spinner to its fullest, but the actual playfield action here is nothing short of a bore.

The game lacks both speed and anything that resembles allure. The lack of drop targets, which should be mandatory on any cardgame themed pinball from this era, doesnt help matters either.

From a estectical viewpoint, both backglass and cabinet art seem rather uninspiring and dull. This impression is not helped by the strange colour combination on the playfield.

Strange and disappointing game from Bally from the same year that they released the top game Power Play and followed, as another contrary example, by the classic Harlem Globetrotters the year after that.
1 year ago
Intense game with a rather strong one-more-time quality to each play. Even so this high speed and actionpacked game doesnt quite grab me by neck and demand my interest like some other Stern titles in the similiar vein; like X-men or the masterpiece Spiderman who hit the market three years prior to Iron Man.

I'm not sure if I approached this one with the wrong mindset, but somehow the whole package around scoring, goals and animations felt a little underwhelming with Iron Man. On a positive note; lighting and the way the playfield is being used and populated ranks high in my book - with the Iron Monger bash toy as a prime example. Regarding backglass and cabinet art this is rather average as opposed to the spectacular style with X-men for instance. The one big gripe I have with Iron Man however is the sound. For some reason that tension-building, action-sequence-esque riffing could have been much more effective if better mixed with some other musical elements during play.

A decent game, but nowhere near Spidey or X-men.
1 year ago
One of the first pinball games that I remember from my teenage years. I didnt think too much of it back then because I wasnt into pins or arcade machines at the time.

When I look at it now I can understand why it got produced in high numbers and was popular in the arcades. Like CFTBL this is a game that flirts with the original monster/spooky figure concept in a very entertaining and charming way. To generalize a bit; it's actually very hard for someone who grew up with Addams on TV to dislike this interpretation of the theme.

Gameplay is fantastic with a great variety to the shots and a overall smooth ball pattern. For a 1992 game TAF certainly
broke some boundries in the sheer ingenuity and the number of gimmicks that they threw into this bag.
The high points here being the playfield magnets , the rotating bookcase and the Thing- ball-pickup to mention a few.

Judging by looks:
The cabinet and backglass make a perfect harmony for the theme. The sideart being minimalistic but the backglass is just a pure work of beauty (Youssis best performance IMHO). Although with a comical tone to the whole art package, this game got style ! Same thing goes for the playfield cosmetics. The table is filled with highly detailed images from the Addams saga with fitting colours and interesting ideas. On top of all this, literally, shines one of the coolest topper toys in the business - second only to Whitewater.

Unlike quite a few fellow games from the early 90´s, Addams delivers a great mixture of entertaining call-outs, music and effect sounds. The Addams theme might of course get a little monotonous eventually but as a whole this sound arrangement actually works with the general theme.

A modern classic with solid game play and tons of personality.
1 year ago
Once again, a pinball with a music theme and look that doesnt score any style points on my list whatsoever.

But......on the other hand there is no way around the fact that this deck plays like a winner. Smooth, fast and seemingly without any "filler" or dead zones. Perfect playfield design and well thought out placement of possible shots and targets. It's been quite a while since I played a machine with a ball cannon that actually felt this well implemented in the actual play. But AC/DC demonstrates exactly how cool such a playfield feature could and should be. In this last respect the game beats both Dirty Harry and Black Rose by miles, although the style of playing is somewhat different.
Adding plus to the playfield dynamics; the jukebox and bell are a couple of really neat features here.

A game that plays this good doesnt have to be good-looking, but I'll make a brief mention of it anyway, just to avoid being to much of a onesided fanboy. Cabinet art is standard for this kind of theme and rather uninspired, but acceptable with the main theme in mind. The center picture of the playfield however, featuring guitarist Angus Young in one of his many strange facial expressions, is a tad much on the ugly-meter no matter how you look at it.

Soundwise this is a game that shows variety and a good mix of call-outs,music and effect noices. And I state this as a non-fan of the bands music.

Summary; Another fine rockband pinball from Stern that looks pretty dull but plays stunningly.
1 year ago
Scared Stiff has the playfield setup of a top game and looks that are guaranteed to draw attention and compliments from casual players and passerbys.
Unfortunately the gameplay doesnt quite manage to meet the high expectations that follows from that first impression.
This might of course be a little harsh to say. But in defense of Scared Stiff; other titles released the previous and following year(s) are today considered some of the best games ever made. If I leave MM (Williams) and AFM (Bally) out of that comparison and f.i. put Scared Stiff against Congo; the latter game has greater smoothness and overall better feel than Scared Stiff.

Even as a game closer to "midrange" than top level, this is still a very entertaining pin with a real challenging multiball mode, hilarious gimmicks and a perfect mix of sound and cosmetics. The coffin toy and that evil-looking main ramp are absolutely sweet and are IMHO top spots in 90's playfield design. It's a little disappointing however that the ball tour through the Boney Beast ramp isnt timed with something more spectacular in terms of flasher effects or sound. Overall the lighting on Scared Stiff is OK, but rather uninspired when compared to some other pinball machines from that period.

Back to the positive stuff: One absolutely positive aspect of Scared Stiff is the fact that this game both looks, plays and SOUNDS like a good vintage horror movie show, softened with some fittingly quirky sense of humour and cheeky innuendos. Elviras call-outs are brilliant, whereas the monster masters (?) east european accent got on my nerves pretty fast. Music is good- but not very varied. It would benefit the package if those crescendo-like build-up:s would be balanced with some more subtle melodies once in a while.

Cabinet art is one-of-a-kind and the translite looks way better than it's predecessor "Elvira and the party monsters".

Entertaining and beautiful. In a larger collection this is a brillant choice. In a smaller line-up limited lastability could be a possible problem. Well, that last warning is my effort to try not to be totally swept away by the machine's awesome looks. Since I've got SS on my wishlist that'll tell you what a sucker I am at being critical :-)
1 year ago
One of the most spectacular pinball games from the nineties. Truly amazing because it allows solid and fast action on top of being packed with unusual and bizarre playfield toys and gadgets. To make it even better, those gimmicky parts of the playfield are actually well integrated in the play and not just decorative attention effects.

This is one of few widebodys, the other beeing STTNG, where those extra inches of width arent noticeable or seem to slow the speed down. The gameplay, even at the lower part of the playfield is so intense and feels completely natural compared to normalsized games.

There is a great variety of shots here and seemingly a multitude of different ways to approach the game. Both music and call-outs belong to the better efforts from this era and contribute to a intriguing atmosphere.

As for looks, the playfield is colorful, well detailed and fits the enigmatic theme perfectly. That also goes for the translite. The cabinet art on the other hand isnt really something to brag about- and looks rather uninspiring. This is especially obvious when considering that one of pinballs most beautiful cabinets, CFTBL, was the machine that Bally released prior to this one.

To sum it up, a very nice pinball game and a obvious choice for a small home collection.
1 year ago
Classic drive-in horror movie theme that is very well re-packaged in this fine pinball machine.

For some odd reason I view this game and Addams Family as two similar successful attempts at combining solid and innovative (mid nineties that is) gameplay with a well proportioned mix of spooky imagery and funny details.

Gameplay feels like a carnival ride and my impression is that there arent too many, or rather any, "filler" areas here. Every shot and path works well in sync with the next and even the giant whirlpool adds to the action in a good way instead of just being a boring three-second delay in ball return to the normal playfield (like Whitewater for instance).

Regarding looks, this is a machine that just shines with the kind of magic that drew people into the arcades for the right reasons. Stunning backglass art, a colourful and detailed playfield combined with the most beautiful cabinet art on any machine so far, counting both classics and 2000-stuff ! Absolutely gorgeous.

On top of fine cosmetics this game also sports one of the coolest effect gimmicks ever; the Creature monster hologram !
This atmospheric old school light show under the playfield is just plain awesome. The only thing that possibly would add more beauty to this game would be the installation of a colour-DMD.

The call-outs are great and even the corny rock tunes, which are my only real gripe against this machine, have enough varitety to them so it doesnt take the thrill or fun away.

A very entertaining 90's pin and defintively one of the five best from that decade.
1 year ago
What a tricky and pleasant machine to play !

When it comes to 90's machines, this is probably one of the few times where I tried to judge the book by it's cover- and was proven completely wrong. It's even more fun afterwards, because unlike MM there was no awareness on my part about the big hype that surrounded this machine and the good reputation it had among more experienced players.

Starting with looks; on one hand this title appears a little dull and corny because of the space-action movie theme with abundance of the colours blue, black and grey. On the other hand, the many interesting details on the playfield graphics even makes a person outside the Star Trek bubble impressed. The machine does not look like a spectaular rock show, fantasy book or album cover- but it works rather well as a optical frame for the actual theme.

The gameplay in one word is a blast.

Star Trek offers a great variety of shots, interactive gadgets and a set of really fun but fast loops and ramps. Even the two ugly box-like catapults tie in great with the general theme. For a widebody pin, this thing surely keeps a great speed and flow. Meanwhile the player enjoys the possibly best overall sound package from the 90's - including both speech and music.

The game shows amazing variety and depth - which makes this a perfect alternative for a small home collection.
1 year ago
Compared to other Sterns pinball machines who fall in the hard rock category this is certainly not the most good looking, the fastest or the most tempting one to play. But when you're playing it there is no doubt that this is a cool and real entertaining machine. Even though there arent as many playfield gadgets here as for example on Metallica or Maiden, this machine manages to keep you busy and focused on the ball.

Although a cliché - I must once again say that here is a pinball machine with a fair amount of "one-more-game"-quality to it, which is pretty much the most important measuring stick for both vendors and home owners.

The general art on this game is rather dull and ugly. This is also true for the playfield, which on the other hand has a real
flashy and theme-fitting colour mix to it.

As with Metallica, I'm not a fan of Kiss music at all. Yet- this is another example of a Stern game with high intensity, interesting shots and a overall successful tribute to the hard rock theme.

Regarding lastability in a home collection I would rank KISS quite a few notches lower than Metallica- but nevertheless
a reasonable choice.
1 year ago
One of the better examples where a good playfield design actually can stand the test of time and be both fun and appealing even though it lacks modern sound, ramps and advanced bash toys. Harlem is a really cool and entertaining pinball that shows you some serious challenge.

Gameplay is not fast, but still intense and with variety to the playfield. Already the fact that you can rip three different spinners AND shoot at a tempting setup of 4 in-line-drops makes this a winner in my book. Playfield and backglass art isnt really something to write home about, rather lame with modern standards actually, but then again, this is a 1979 machine.
On the other hand I find the cabinet graphics pretty neat, and dont think they could have done that part better on a old school game with a basketball theme.
Sound is simplistic, but still quite OK for this generation of games. Scoring seems balanced and I would picture this pin to be a
great game for tournaments.

Summary: a cool and entertaining old school solid state pinball with both attitude and allure.

Edit: and just when you're about to launch a good ball return - you get tricked and drained by those sneaky double flippers...
1 year ago
A racing game that actually matches the theme with real fast shots and loops. I'd say there is more hardcore "play" to this title than fun stuff and gimmicks. 'Corvette', just to mention one, being an example of the latter.

The whole idea to play for laps and position works very well here - although I would also, like many have stated earlier, expect a game like this to have a little more depth or modes.

The call-outs from the two commentators are brilliant, but the music is rather onesided and gets a little annoying after a while.
From a cosmetic point of view, the game looks kind of tame- especially considering Theatre of Magic being released that same year, and Scared Stiff the following year.

In spite of this being a much more demanding game than Getaway or Corvette, I'm still not sure it's the most entertaining game of those three. In a larger collection or in the arcades this is some real nice motorsport pinball action. Especially as
a break from attacking marsians or mad medieval knights. However I'm a little skeptical of lasting power in a smaller collection with this one. Indianapolis 500 has game and tons of it. But it somehow lacks a little in personality.
1 year ago
Spectacular and colourful pinball based on the famous marvel comics.

This is a densely populated playfield with a high number of possible shots and different paths through the game and its characters. The gameplay is very entertaining and this is one game where I felt that the sync between playfield action and DMD info/effects was rather good. Music here came across as cool and fitting to the theme, followed by a steady stream of call-outs. All in all the sound of this game doesnt get too repetitive or corny.

Its a game that keeps your adrenaline going, although the ball returns are not quite as fast as on Star Trek or Spiderman for instance.

The only negative thing that could be said is that the location of the Wolverine figure looks a little strange on this playfield- blocking the view of more interesting parts on the upper playfield.

Exciting and fun game from Stern. Not unique or insanely fast - but a really entertaining title nonetheless.
1 year ago
Great pinball game. This is the one good example where everything in the mix- sound, gameplay, looks etc- just make a perfect flavour. There are many games that are faster, deeper and more of a challenge than this one. But few of these games are as enjoyable and entertaining as MB.

The fun factor is sky high and the game itself a beauty to watch, both in terms of colour and lighting. Although seemingly cramped with toys, the playfield manages to give you a variety of cool and rewarding shots. I am particularly pleased with this style of high quality"figures" on the playfield. These gadgets actually look like they are the result of fine design and a few extra dollars spent in production, rather than the typical cheap and ugly Happy-Meal-style toys that Stern uses on their playfields.
On top of that;Frankenstein happens to be one of the coolest bash toys ever.

The callouts are hilarious and way more entertaining than Scared Stiff for instance.

Many better players complain about this game not beeing deep enough. I cannot judge that properly. But IMHO this is a blast of a game. A superfun playing experience in the arcades and damn sure a fine candidate for a small home collection.

Sidenote: I was lucky enough to play a MB with colour-DMD. This certainly added another level of awesomeness to the game.
1 year ago
A real interesting playing experience. The game does not look particularly cool or spectacular. Playfield comes across as pretty average, compared to other Sterns, both in terms of structure and cosmetics.
But once the action starts- wow ! This is a fast game with awesome flow and speedy ramps.

I think this is probably the one or second best Sterns I've played regarding to overall smoothness in playfield geometry and, which deserves a second mention; flow.

An interesting and addictive game with some really funny DMD-animations. On top of that this game has an awesome light show.

The theme, which I'm not a fan of, and ugly cabinet/backglass art is the only reason I don´t consider this a homegame.
But on route and for casual play, this title ranks among the better ones.
1 year ago
Really fun and different way of playing and scoring in a pinball table.

The whole setup and scoring strategy took me a while getting used to- but unlike World Cup Soccer this game really manages to engage you in the action and make it interesting and addictive. And at this point it is worth mentioning that I usually prefer soccer-matches over basketball any day of the week.....

Gameplay is fast but not brutal with a interesting combination of shots possible. The main gimmick, a center target which is to be shot from one of four habitrails, aside from the main ramp, really adds to the fun here, although it brings a lot of stop-n-go to the actual play.

Being so odd as a game. I'm not sure about lastability for this pinball in a small collection. But its definitively a fun and accessible pinball........

Only negative thing to be said about Fastbreak is that the cabinet art looks horrible. Everything else is pretty neat.
1 year ago
I really would like to rate this higher, because it is a beautiful game with an interesting playfield design. Unfortunately the game play is rather stale och slow here.

Beautiful backglass art and a fun mix of space age (robot) and pool/gambling. This is even cooler than the Pinbot-series from Williams.

Interesting layout; the position of that captive ball, the kickout holes, the star roll-overs - it all looks like a ton of fun.

Easy-to-follow rule set and a successful entry in the pool table theme for pinball.

Very slow game play.

Somehow what looks like a real cool and original playfield design turns out to be a rather boring and uninspired pinball table.

Once again, sound here is awful. A set of EM-era chimes would be better than this "pong"-sound. Compared to what Bally/ Williams put in their machines around the same time, this is embarrasing.

Good & Bad : a lot of weird ball-returns here that go straight down the middle. At least this makes the game play a little bit
more interesting and frustrating.
1 year ago
A different and somewhat weird or experimental playfield on this Sys11 game.

The positive stuff: a unique and entertaining playfield design with some crazy long ramp loops. Great flow here and one fine example of a game where the PF designers have placed ramp entries, spinner, bumpers and targets in what appears to be perfect position to each other.

The bad stuff

Lastability: This is the kind of game that certainly is unique with a rather unusual and wild playfield design and placement of ramps. It belongs to the type of game that you just have to give a try if you spot one in a arcade. However, I doubt that this will continue to be entertaining and feel fresh after a couple of months in a small home collection. It just doesnt have the same variety as some other Sys11 games.

Cosmetics and sound: The game looks like garbage and sound like a ten second clip of the most annoying radio jingle you can imagine. There are games that look outdated - but with a certain charm. Then there are games that look outdated and just horrible corny. Radical belong to the latter.

As a opposite and positive example of a pinball that has a skateboard theme and doesnt look like egg on the wall; Skateball, from Bally as well.

Summary: Radical! is a weird and daring playfield design that offers great gameplay. On the other hand its one of the ugliest games from the Sys 11 series with really irritating music and callouts.
1 year ago
A pinball machine that surely makes a powerful statement right from the off- with its horror-rock cosmetics and roaring hard rock music.

Gameplay is fast as lightning and takes you on a wild trip all over a densely populated playfield with all sorts of neat gadgets and gimmicks. I think this is the most actionpacked playfield I´ve seen from Stern pinball games. This is another good example of a game that, for a normal amateur player, demands full attention if youre planning on beating the machine. Last time I was this focused on the game action was with Spiderman, which IMHO is Sterns best effort so far. But Iron Maiden is absolutely a top game with a lot of different shots and really entertaining ramps.

Only critical points here that would be worth to mention; the game is for people who appreciate or at least tolerate the kind of
scary imagery and heavy metal music that Iron Maiden are known for. So in a family friendly dining room environment, this would probably be a bad choice. But in any other setting, a normal gameroom for the older boys and girls, this is a kickass machine that surely will draw attention and playtime.
1 year ago
Hard to decide on this game.

- Stunning cabinet art and a back glass that looks awesome. The only thing cooler would be to have it sitting next to Centaur/Medusa and Sword of Fury as a triple general Knight/Fight/Monster theme in old school style.
- Fast shots and well thought out design of the upper mini playfield and the ramp.
- Insanely beautiful light show, both on playfield and backglass. Certainly the best lighting so far from the Sys 11-generation that I've seen.
- Magna-Save feature is of course always an entertaining feature on a game. On BK it seems to work well with the overall
playfield formula.

- I've heard a lot about this game and found it a little....underwhelming considering how tough and cool is has been described by others. I hope to try some other classic multilevel game from Williams; Jungle Queen or Pharaoh, for a comparison. As a general statement: there are better Sys11 games than this one.
- The music is tough but doesnt have much variety to it.
- Cosmetically the colours on the playfield look like they were matched during a acid trip. Bright red and yellow combined with light blue/light purple ? Of course it does not affect gameplay. But still looks like shixt and isnt easy on the eyes.

Summary: A decent classic pinball with great cabinet and backglass. But not much more than a midcard title in a field of at least 20 other interesting Sys11 games from Williams.
1 year ago
Half-ugly, partly hideous, playfield art and a almost ridiculous theme on one hand. Some of the best game play ever I've seen in a 90's machine on the other. Fast and well thought out shots allover the playfield, entertaining ball locks and crazy multiball play.
This is in my opinion even one notch better than Medieval Madness.

Call-out and music are great and work particularly well with the DMD-animations and the, otherwise, corny and comic space attack theme.
Lastability is strong and I think that this would be one of the best choices for a small but expensive collection.
Not much more to say- a perfect pinball machine.
1 year ago
Exciting playfield layout and a center toy, the trunk, that is a real measuring stick for other games. The way it directs the game through movement and magnet is impressive.
Cabinet and overall art is beautiful and if there is something to say in summary of the game play that would be FLOW.
This is some fast and smooth loop and ramp action here that will keep average players on full alert.
The weak points would probably be that the original playfield lightning seem a little dark compared to newer games in general. Gameplay itself is fun and demaning, but it does not reach the same class of depth and variation as for instance MM or Attack from Mars. Nevertheless- a real solid game. Among the best from the 90's range by Bally/WMS.
1 year ago
A fast but not brutal game with a real entertaining horror theme och some very neat playfield toys. The mysterious MIST multiball, that slowly rolls along a magnetic trail under the playfield, is a invention just as cool as the trunk in ToM or Sanctum in the Shadow. Call-outs and music are very atmospheric and eerie. This is a good example of a horror game that delivers the show much better than the cheesier efforts by Data East ( Tales from the crypt) or Gottlieb (Elm Street). I particularly like the two parallell upper loops and those effectful bumpers that individually activate a different sound effect when hit.

Dracula is a really good game. Maybe not as stuffed with gimmicks as other WMS/Bally titles from that time period- but definitively a solid and challenging pin.
1 year ago
What a rush to play this game !
First title I've tried from Spooky Pinball - and I'm impressed.
There is a certain feel to how the flippers react and a general smoothness in how those moving parts sound and activate that I find way better than some modern Stern titles, who sometimes seem a bit clunky.

This feels like a crossmix of a really fast EM-design - combined with some futuristic elements/ideas from older classic SS-titles
( Xenon, TX Sector etc. ) but re-wrapped and topped off with modern sound and programming.

Simplistic playfield on one hand, but a really entertaining, fast and action-packed game design here.

Lots of nice details; the colour-fx when slings are activated, the inline drops as ball locks and an awesome light show during game. Great retro-space-techno-art style on the playfied plastics make this quite a looker, although not as fantastic as Pinbot or similar gorgeous playfields- but pretty damn good.

I understand people who say that there is not too much to do on the upper mini playfield. But then again, the sheer speed here still makes it pretty challenging and fun.

I dont know if the machine I played had been modded or was stock - but the sound was bombastic, as in some of the best ever in a pin. Really nice FX and call outs, but fortunately a rather smooth and easy background loop as main theme that probably wont drive you nuts even at the 1000th time.

It's beyond me how this colorful and entertaining pin is ranked lower than titles like TWD, AC/DC in the current Top100.
I think- viewing it as a complete package, not just gameplay, it should belong in the Top 25.

This pin would fit well in any 3-5 or bigger size home collection. Wow !
1 year ago
A super nice pin for parties and occasional plays among friends. Certainly kid- and familyfriendly.

As a longlasting pinball table for a small collection with enough variety for a player ? Unfortunately not.

This pinball is fast and has a real cool "randomizer" in the shape of a spinning half orbit of a football, which makes missed shots interesting. The main feature is a soccer goal target in the upper playfield which is guarded by a moving goalkeeper.
The rules are not bad or shallow at all. Favourite part is where you go to different cities and build up rewards.

The pin definitively LOOKS like a lot of fun and has some real interesting ramps and layout ideas. Unfortunately the whole
impression of the gameplay is rather.....underwhelming and plain.

One reason why the game felt boring was the fact that I, as a rather average player, could hit most shots with ease. A small part of a good pinball game should be that the game has the potential to beat your ass right from the start- more than one time.

The autoplunger /"Coin Toss"-arrangement, where you shoot the ball into a short loop which like a bagatelle game drops the ball in one of three close "locations" just seemed more weird than fun or innovative.

I cant describe it any better than this. If WCS is standing next to a midcard EM-game, a onedimensional oldie like Silverball Mania or any of the B-list DMD:s like Cue Ball Wizard; sure I will play it.
If its sitting next to Highspeed 2 Getaway or Whitewater, I would not waste my time on it.

It's a shame because the game looks and sounds good. It has some real fast game action to it, but there is no pinball magic with this table.
1 year ago
I entered my first encounter with this table slightly irritated about the extreme hype around it and the fact that some idiots actually said "You haven't played pinball until you´ve played MM".

I will make this short; the game is every bit as awesome as described by people in general. This is the way a modern style pinball machine should look (seduction capacity), sound and of course; play.

Insanely engaging and with a perfect playfield layout, beautiful in style, that includes one of the best bash toys ever and two hidden trolls that emerge from under the playfield with a bit of attitude…

Another positive factor is that many of the playfield gadgets seem to be well-made regarding design and material, unlike some more "cheap"-looking efforts from later Stern games for example

There really isnt many - if any - square inches on this playfield that feel like "fillers". Every little spot appears to have a clear purpose and ties in well with the general theme.

The only possible negative vote from me, and this is highly subjective, is that I would have preferred more aggressive and intimidating call-outs - rather than the comedy style lines her. Maybe with exception for the trolls and their comments….
The music itself is perfect and matches the dramatic and promising art on the backglass.

Straight up one of the best 90's games.
1 year ago
A really entertaining theme and playfield - combined with great sounds and one of the most spectacular toppers ever.

There is a nice flow to the shots here. The whole play field is really well thought out, even if I find that the falls-ramp and circle loop takes up a little too much territory here. Lighting is spectacular and the playfield really creates a colorful impression which connects very well with the theme of rafting and adventure.
I´d imagine the lastability to be pretty good with this game in a home enviroment, especially when in company with 2-3 other DMD games.
1 year ago
To give this short review a little extra depth: I’m not a fan of Metallicas style of heavy metal and I also find that the extreme cartoonlike pop-art that covers the cabinet art and backglass rather ugly.

With these things in mind I’m still very much impressed with this game. This playfield design is challenging, fast and offers lots of different rewarding shots. From the bash toy to those awesome inline-drops and some really neat ramps to name the best spots on this playfield. Real entertaining video modes here as well.

Talking strictly gameplay, leaving annoying music and cosmetics aside, this table in my opinion is more interesting and engaging than many other Stern titles close to that production period; Tron, Iron Man, Star Trek, Kiss and Avatar.

I would not consider it a homepin contender for me because of the music and style of this game (also leaving the high price tag outside the equation). But for someone who doesnt mind heavy metal in general as a pinball theme- this would be a great choice for a small home collection.

To be honest- already if youre able to overlook the music/art to some degree, this would be a top title .

A real fun and demanding game !
1 year ago
A stunning piece of pinball art regarding the backglass and playfield. This kind of flashy imagery from fantasy land is about as good as it gets, specially considering the age of this deck.

Unfortunately the game play is rather stale and uninspiring. The spinner and upper stand up targets just don´t seem to be in good sync with the overall playfield layout here. On top of that those vari-targets -a bad type of playfield target to start with - feel completely weird and placed way too close to the flipper fingers.
This in combination with a rather irritating game sound (pong ! ) makes for a pinball game that just feels simple and without seductive qualities - apart from the above mentioned colorful backbox art.

I will try to test another Dragon game if possible, because there is a sort of slow:ish and rattle-like feel to the flipper fingers that really bug me here. I will have to investigate if this is that infamous bad Gottlieb flipper feel, or if that particular game I was playing had some bad coils or adjustments.
1 year ago
Fun and challenging pinball.

The play is fast and there are a lot of exciting shots and missions waiting for the player.

There is however something about this fine pin from Williams that just feels a little underwhelming. It might be totally unfair - but I don´t feel the same attraction towards this game as with Congo or No Fear from that same manufacturer and year. Nevertheless it feels like a really fast game and that bad ass cop theme is always a plus.

Only cosmetical flaw: that gun shaped plunger/catapult on the playfield sure looks like some happy meal plastic mold.....
1 year ago
One of the best looking classic card themed pinball machines.
A real beauty with a entertaining playfield and pretty good variation to the different shots possible.
Fun upper flipper finger to help knocking down the right upper drop target bank. A nice touch is that lone left 10 of hearts drop target that clearly raises the risk of your shot.
I'd imagine lastability pretty good on this one as a homepin - if you´re into classic games.

A rather non-relevant side note: its a little strange that such a stunning looker of a pinball game has so ugly and plain looking slingshot art.
1 year ago
I am trying to judge this game fairly according to age and general standard around 1980 - but this table really doesnt feel any good or fun. Somewhat weird playfield design and slow shots that fail to trigger your "one-more-game"-reflexes....

The general impression here was that the game play is uninspiring and one-dimensional. The captive ball was fun - but thats about it on this playfield.

People normally make fun of Williams Big Guns (1987) for the strange stylistic mix of medieval Knights and Space War, but in this area Buck Rogers is even worse - and definitively looks way goofier. The ugly space animal skull between the flippers and the obscene-looking space helmet (head ? phun intended) on the yellow robot below the bumper are good examples of this. Outright ugly and cheesy.

Although I have to admit there are some interesting and cool looking areas on the playfield, The upper left playfield plastic- with a martial art style snake and a face painted bad guy- is awesome and would have looked great on Sword of Fury or the ugly Street Fighter II. But this and a few other good ideas cannot save the overall weird and outdated-looking playfield and backglass on this machine.

While speaking estetics; even the drop targets looked like sh x t on this table. But OK- you could easily modify this.

I would not recommed this game unless you have a 5 plus size collection and want to add a cheap beater game with a corny space adventure theme. Lasting power is the critical point, aside from the terrible looks.
1 year ago
A game that really makes a statement with it's crazy looks and tempting playfield design - but falls short due to linear game play and some really annoying music and call outs.

The playfield design is spectacular and I think that the whole idea with that swinging wrecking ball obstructing the upper targets, which btw blend in perfectly with the whole junk yard theme, is one of the coolest playfield toys ever.

Unfortunately this game really don't offer much depth and feels a little underwhelming once you look past the playfield toys.
This table was actually on my home collection wish list at first. After playing it - well: next please........
1 year ago
A real entertaining game. Unlike many other people I do have a problem with the general design and looks of many modern Stern games. Ugly cheap-looking plastic figures on the playfield and a general comic-book apperance to many of the playfields that just don't spell beauty the same way that many Bally´s did in the nineties. Yep, I know this is comic hero Spider Man - but I would for instance prefer some real "art" to the sling shot plastics instead of a printed picture of the movie actors. Same thing with the apron art. This is where the shine of the game with easy improvements could have been so much better. On the other hand, this leaves great alternatives for those modding their machines.

So I started playing with some slight disliking already based on its looks. Well - this table is so damn good that those cosmetic flaws are ignored immediately because of the speed and variety that this game offers. This is one good example where I fully understand why this pinball is ranked so high and popular in tournaments. This table really commands your attention during play and keeps the excitement on top !

Highly recommended and definitively a splendid choice for a premium action-style pinball in a small home collection.
1 year ago
Average design but a fun playing experience altogether. I don't know if it, in all it's simplicity, is a wise choice for a home collection. But in any larger line-up I think it's a decent title if you want some early solid state game to balance the traditional EM and younger DMD era games. Sound here is very simplistic - and it seems weird that this game is only 1-2 years older than for example Xenon or Centaur. It sure feels like a whole generation of ideas between those two "modern" tables and Dolly Parton. In all it's simplicity it still is fun though, and those 4 in-line drops together with the spinner sure are tempting. Hitting the upper stand up targets by aim is quite hard and often it will be a matter of luck if the pop bumpers help you in hitting them.
1 year ago
Plus: Interesting playfield layout. Cool and original theme. Nice backglass animation and the seafood wheel toy is always fun.

Drawback: A little shallow in the rules and scoring department. Asides from the left ramp there is not much more to aim for if you want to stack points. The call outs and music has very little variation to them, so this machine sounds pretty boring or annoying after a while.

Ugly cabinet color that will stand out like a dirt stain if you put this next to f.i. a Theatre of Magic, T2 or TAF. On the other hand; this theme would probably look great as a companion piece to "Mousin Around"...
1 year ago
Great title from Stern. Sound and playfield layout are integrated well with the theme here and bring a atmosphere that would fit a modern Gotham City game version. Fast play with varied shots and a very entertaining use of a swinging crane arm with a wrecking ball on a chain. Multiball here is a blast and the call-outs from Batman/Joker frame the playing experience perfectly.

I think this table is comparable to many of Bally/WMS best pinball games from the late 90's. My main issue here - the only real one- is the fact that the playfield contains the faces from quite a few actors from the 2008 Batman movie, which I did not like at all. But this cosmetical flaw does not change the overall quality and playing experience. This table would fit well in any 3-6 machine lineup where you want at least one pin with an action theme.
1 year ago
A very familyfriendly pinball with real nice playfield lightning. The first rounds you play with this table are absolutely fun and intense. Part of this I attribute to the country style background music with Eastwood-esque call outs and the unexpected movement of a fullsize cue ball that moves along a curved steel pin in the middle of the playfield.

Unfortunately this impression does not last very long. Rather fast the table becomes onedimensional and kind of predictable – even with that awesome cue ball randomizer taken into account. Shooting the horse shoe over and over will not be as tempting after a while, especially if this pinball is standing next to some half decent machine from Bally or Williams from that same era. Far from being bad- but there are so many other good pinball machines around that are better than this one, even in the B-list or low price category.

In a home environment I would try to imagine how that loony comic western style music will sound after hearing it a million times…..but that of course goes for many pinball machines. So soundwise it does not really have to be an issue, unless you passionately dislike that western/country-style sound.
1 year ago
This game sure looks great and is an eyecatcher in any lineup due to the cool pirate theme. Not many DMD games show this great combination of cabinet sideart, backbox and backglass that ties in with the general theme. Both music and call outs are also well integrated with this motive. As far as game play and playfield design goes- this is unfortunately a one (or maybe three-) trick pony.
There isnt really too much variety to the shots here and even the center attraction gimmick, the firing cannon, cannot change this impression. On top of that, the look of the playfield is totally dominated, I say destroyed, by a weird-looking habitrail that goes center from top to bottom, right over the flippers. This could have been done so much better.

For me personally the video modes on Black Rose dont benefit the playability at all, instead they create strange stops in what I want to be fast and furious action on the playfield- which is the reason I steered to a "pirate" pinball in the first place.

So even if this is not a total dud, it certainly comes across as a little underwhelming once you look past the awesome exterior of this admittingly beautiful game.
1 year ago
Fun game to play - rather hard to review... It is definitely a well designed game with great rules and rewarding shots. It looks good and for a casual player it can be rather brutal with short ball times. The feeling you get here is that you never really are able to predict your next match against the machine, unless youre a really good player of course.

The tricky part for me is the sound/music. The music, classic TV-theme from the series, is very repetitive. Sometimes it is fun to listen to, other times you just want to unplug the speakers to save your ears. That goes even more so for the awful "monster sounds".

To me, Dr Who definitely belongs to the top 15 games from the early and mid-90´s. Although I cannot decide wether the real challenge is the playfield design or the ability to ignore the annoying call outs from this table......

Bonus points here for having a really cool topper on the backbox.

Edit: for those buying one, make sure the time expander area is in level with the main pf when in submerged position. Otherwise the ball might get trapped in the edge between these spots and force you to tilt the pin (loose your ball that is) to get it back into play. If working on the expander toy in general: check that the safety switch is activated since this mechanism could chop your fingers off.
1 year ago
Fast and entertaining game. I really enjoyed the multiball and over all playability on this title. I'm not sure about how long it would last in a small collection, but at least it seems like a pinball that would appeal to a wide variety of people. This game certainly has that factor of fun and rewarding shots that is necessary to make it interesting.
1 year ago
Quite a looker, no doubt. The backglass is both magic and seductive. Interesting playfield layout und overall cosmetics. Problem is that the gameplay itself isn't that spectacular compared to other good early 80's games.

I think a lot of the hype around this has to do with its looks, rather than how good it plays. A decent table, but not something I would have to own. Especially considering the price tag for this cult item.

Update; oct -19 after some more mileage on this game. It looks cool but the play itself just isnt that interesting. Previous scores are justified.
1 year ago
Great early DMD-game from WMS.

I never liked the theme or cabinet/backglass cosmetics of this game, as it looks like some cheap cartoonish style from early 80's arcade games. The art ist not outright ugly - but just something I viewed as boring and dated. When I first played it I almost wanted it to be a bad game- to justify that previous impression.

Boy -was I wrong ! It's a speedy and very intense game that sucks you right into it and commands your full attention. Funny shots and entertaining music/call outs. I like the turbo charger loop even more than the playfield toys on similiar themed games like I500 or Corvette.

It may not have the depth that other WMS games from the late 90's have, but this is a very decent and all around solid game that would be a great addition to any 3-or-more pin home collection.
1 year ago
Fast game with a fair amount of flow and variation for a sys 11-game. The playfield toys and ramps are really good.
Biggest drawback is the art - which looks terrible.

If not a keeper- then at least a good Sys11 that deserves attention if youre into late eighties-machines from Bally/WMS.
1 year ago
The game is outright ugly- although there are worse out there. Luckily the playability is somewhat better. Flipperpositions seem a little odd at first, but they work pretty fine and offer a lot of varied shots. Very cool spinner and nice looking bumper caps.
The game I played had weak flipper mechs, which really limited some shots. Maybe I would have ranked a fully serviced machine higher.
A solid but ugly midcard game. Absolutely no A-list - but not a complete dud either.