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7 years ago
TBH I've always felt this game was overrated with its rankings inflated due to its low production numbers. I played this game in the arcade when it was new and while the pop up trolls were a feature I hadn't seen before and had a coolness factor to them, I wasn't really all that impressed with the machine putting less than $5 into it.

I did purchase a MMR to add to my collection since it had become an iconic pin and gave it a second chance to wow me, but it sits unplayed.

Looking at other games from the same era, if you walked up to a MM, TOM, TZ, and AFM...which would you put your quarters in?

Edited: for 2021: CGC and good fortune has allowed me to own all of the games I listed from the same era EXCEPT for ToM ... WTH CGC where is my TOM!!!!????

I have to upgrade this post since CGC released some major feature upgrades to include enhanced sound and graphics, a super cool topper, and RGB GI lighting. I have installed all of these upgrades and am going to increase the rating for speech, sound and lighting due to these upgrades. Unfortunately, none of these increased the Lastability score as I played it for long enough to make sure everything is working, but it sits unplayed again despite the $1500 in upgraded hardware. I usually gravitate to the TZ, STTNG, or AFM when I'm in my game room.
7 years ago
Taking a full look at this machine and comparing it to newer releases from Stern, and JJP I have to say that this machine absolutely capitalizes on the available space (even for a wide body). While the 1993 DMD graphics may not be in he same ballpark as a new JJP screen on a high resolution monitor, they are on par, if not superior to Stern Pinballs SAM Star Trek produced 20 years later. Add in the outstanding speech provided by the actual actors from the show and the sound is a solid 10! I initially rated this game a little lower on toys, but in comparison with games release today, the two active cannons, Borg ball Lock, Neautral zone modes, Delta Ramp diverter, orbit gate, and complex subway with ball staging were over the top at the time and far exceed what is offered in modern machines.

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