Triple strike eject pocket issue

By Pin_Bob93

September 25, 2022

62 days ago

The eject pocket for my "5 start bonus at the top" doesn't eject the ball when it's landed into it.  I have to clock the start game button and then it will eject it causing me to end the game and then click start game again to load out the ball to play again, no lights on it come on as well for each of the 1 out of 5 bonus lights above it. Confused to what the issue may be or caused by as it works when the game is "starting new game" 

photo below for reference to show the ejector bonus which is circled

Thanks in advanced for any tips or help! 

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53 days ago

I don’t have Triple Strike, so this is just a guess… if the hole won’t eject during a game with a ball in the saucer but the coil fires properly for the reset cycle, it isn’t the coil.

Check the switch. Loose wire? The switch might just be dirty. I clean with 91% alcohol on a strip of stiff paper, like a business card. Others use fine sandpaper. Clean the switch. Manually close it & see if it works. It might just need to be adjusted.

53 days ago

You'll get more answers if you post your question in the forums, rather than this part of the website.

31 days ago

I have triple strike and had the same problem. If you remove the glass and tilt up the playfield so it leans against the back glass you will be able to access the switch for the saucer underneath the playfield. First, get a bright light and aim it at the bottom of the playfield and find the switch. The saucer switch will be close to the bottom of the playfield when it is standing upright. Next, clean the contacts in between the blades of the switch with a tiny piece of 120 grit sandpaper or a nail file. Next I would check the space between the leafs of the switch - if the gap is larger than 1/16th of an inch then you'll have to bend one of switch leafs(With your hands or needle nose pliers) so it is almost touching the the other leaf with a 1/16" of an inch between them. This will be a bit of trial and error to get it adjusted correctly. Then tilt the playfied back down, turn on the machine and try placing the ball right in the saucer to test it.

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