The Sarah Conor 100 List


February 21, 2020

45 days ago


I'm Conor, the second half of the Sarah Conor pinball duo! We started playing pinball late 2019, and our goal is to play 100 different machines by the end of 2020. We set this goal as a decision point on buying our own Pin, but we've loved every minute searching out and playing pinball so far! 

Using Pinball map is our method for finding new pins and exploring our local area. As of Feb 2020, we've played over 30 different pins. My personal favorites to date are Whirlwind, Medieval Madness, Creature, Iron Maiden, and Tales. I most look forward to playing DE Jurassic Park, Judge Dredd, Big Lebowski, Alien, and Haunted House. 

Story photos

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