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10 months ago
Upper playfield and ramp diverters are fantastic gimmicks. This game has a bunch of shots and with no popbumpers to slow things down, it is really fast! Beautiful playfield and cabinet, with an Aurich translight it is a beautiful machine. The original translight is a stinker. It has become a family and friend favorite. Plenty of modes and a deep ruleset make this one a keeper.
1 year ago
Game layout it simple but challenging. Right and Left ramps with a center target for the pop up center ramp, top of the playfield has lots of rollover switches, 3 pop bumpers, two shots one for table bonus advancement and one for the draw poker wheel in the backglass and 3 banks of drop targets. The ramp shots are more difficult than they look!
The music is repetitive but not as annoying as I thought it would be. Call outs and Jokerz giggling are perfect to the theme. The art work is great. The mechanical center ramp and draw poker wheel are fun. The flow is surprisingly good.
The kids and beginning players tend to gravitate to this game in my small collection and the old guys keep coming back to hit the "Double Your Score" feature on the last ball.
My expectations for Jokerz was low and it has surpassed my expectations. It's a fun system 11 title that would fit well in any size collection.
1 year ago
This is a cool looking game with lots of drop targets and an interesting ball lock feature. It's not fast, the art work is ok, the back glass is excellent. It's a middle of the road pin for me.
1 year ago
I love this game. Great theme, inserting objectives to complete, fun video mode, all add up to a fun game that keeps me coming back.
1 year ago
Played Tomcat at the Cleveland Pinball Expo and was well pleased. This game is fast and fun. Theme, lights and sound enhance the experience. Solid player.
1 year ago
This was the only "pinball machine" at the kids party/arcade I attended and I was sorely disappointed. It would have been fantastic if I were looking for a pitch and bat game, or some other novelty game, and not looking to play pinball. I'm not sure how this is considered a pinball machine, other than the fact it does have pinballs in it, or why it is ranked on the pin 100. I would have rather played the worst ranked pin on the list than this. Some people obviously love it but it is not my cup of tea.
1 year ago
Though the center shot becomes repetitive, the different game modes, graphics and callouts are hilarious. My kids and friends that are new to pinball just love this machine. The theme, art work and sound are awesome. It is a real eye catcher. The Pinball 2000 system is great to have for a little diversity in your collection