My crazy Bride of Pinbot find

By Pharaoh_Alpha

September 16, 2020

1 year ago

We went to a seller's house to buy a japanese slot machine . Conversation came around to our game room and the seller said he just happened to have a pinball he was willing to sell .

Needless to say we were interested . So up a set of old stairs "yikes" to a gameroom where sitting in the corner was a Bride of Pinbot . 

Lookinging over it didn't start work and no key and we were going to have to carry it downstairs I low balled the seller hard and he took it on the first offer of $500.00 ! 

So we came back the next morning ( it's was late when we were there) and proceeded to spend the next 3 HOURS trying to get this down a flight of stairs where there was a angled step at a turn to 45 degrees and a 12" drop to the next step from there ...

We finally came up with the idea of building up the two steps needed to get the dolly off and to rotate the machine to go down the rest of the way . Now during the whole time the owner and my friend vwho was with me was shimming up with bricks etc to the right highth I was having to hold the dolly and pinball when it wouldn't roll. 

Finally we got it turned and then we had an issue of now it was a least 20" higher than the next step down . So we figured out a board on the banaster held in place with posts and tipped the machine over where one side was in the board and the other on the edge of the brick mound . Slowly we held it in place and let is drop to a carpet covered ladder and it slid slowly to the ground . After that it was easy to get into the truck and gone , but damn never again ... 

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11 months ago

Nice find and great story. What did it take to get it up and running?

10 months ago

I had a Bride of Pinbot and loved it. Great voice from the Bride during the game play. It is a good playing game that will let you explore some of the skills required to make some shots and move the game into more difficult playing modes. Have fun!

10 months ago

Sooooooooooooooooooo What happened?? I need this machine as my next one and we're in the same state :) Lemmie buy it off you if you don't want to spend the time fixing it up!

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