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10 months ago
The ruleset is what makes this pin great. We all are familiar with a fan layout. Races require specific shots across the pf. Modes are like modes in any pin with varied shots/targets required. Red Line Mania is a lot of fun. I have played many games just going to repeated Red Line Mania. I have yet to complete 4th gear. Stacking multiballs, and knowledge of turbo-boost is A MUST for those high scores.
This is not the most complicated game, but it is a lot of fun. This pin is well suited for location play, although it could use better direction on how to play it for casual players.
This pin sits next to my other favorite from API: Houdini.
1 year ago
The good:

Excellent theming.
Four flippers and sooooo many shots and unique layout.
Play either Alien or Aliens. Clear mode start.
Fast flow for a widebody game.
Immersive experience. This shines in a home environment
A/V better than most.
Physical ball lock.
Inductions switches. Awesome!
Jonesy Mode. Pinball is ALWAYS better with cats.
Machines has that "just one more game" replay vibe.
Tech support is OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING. Fast, helpful, and thorough.

The Bad:

Code is not quite done yet at v3.0. Has some bugs.
Xenomorph magnet doesn't catch ball if it is traveling reasonably fast.
Really need to be able to get ball to upper flipper to make shots. This takes some skill.

The Ugly:

RGB light tubes used for GI lighting makes the game EXTREMELY dark. Had this game had additional "white" GI along with some RGB GI for effects, it would have been PERFECT. However, since I am an avid modder, I was able to light the game where needed without interfacing with any of the system boards and thus voiding the warranty. Since Stern SPIKE games, I have switched my mod designs to be portable on pin-independent. It's a bit of extra work, but it keeps the warranty and the pin safe.

There is a risk with buying a pin from new company. Hopefully, they will be around for a long time.
5 years ago
The shots are tight on this game....It's NOT a Stern where every shot is easily made after the first or second play. Game is suitable for home use (on free play), but I would get frustrated dropping $1 each time for this tough of a game.
Rules are great, deep and easy to follow. MB is doable and frequent (if you are trying for it).
Has some great elements like the "reverse-reverse flippers" option on straight jacket escape mode.
Animates are good...sort of a steampunk style.
Call-outs are useful, and the Houdini voice actor nails it, since there is only one recording of Houdini's actual voice.
Takeaway: If you want to break up the Stern monotony and play something unique and difficult, this is the one. Best on free-play because it isn't easy, but it is FUN.
7 years ago
I have enough "fan layout" pins, and I wanted something different. This is! With the code 99.9% complete, this game delivers brutal play, fun modes, and lots of them. Vulgar animations, bewbs, and the best taunts in pinball. "Put your name up and go f*ck yourself".
I absolutely LOVE IT. Great sound, reliability is on par with everyone else, and in some ways, better (pf clearcoat). Thanks Spooky for REALLY shaking up pinball.
8 years ago
repetative callouts during the multi-balls are the only thing annoying with this game.. Other than that, it is just awesome.
8 years ago
With version 1.04 of the code, this game is great fun. It's only going to get better as the team progresses on code updates. There are still some things that are not yet implemented.
Great flow, good shots. Modes are decent and will probably get better. I look forward to see how they implement the city selection in the rules.
Great lighting, excellent sound. I like to describe this game as "the love-child of ACDC & Metallica".

Cons of the game: On location, you could get a bunch of SDTM drains from the demon head. 1.04 defaults the ball save from this to 1 sec, so it should be ok.
10 years ago
The Good:
100% color changing LEDS!!! Last starfield is nice eye candy. Spinner flasher/reflector is eye catching (blinding)
Rules/Modes/Flow are top notch
Audio is above average for a Stern pin. It sounds pretty good with stock speakers, but after upgrading, the sound is amazing.
NO MOVIE CLIPS. Dots are custom and look good.

The Bad:
No custom callouts from actors (but it's supposed to be coming)

The Ugly:
Air balls from the drop target is going to cause problems if not corrected. Transformers LE has a similar problem. Let's hop Stern corrects this issue before more playfield parts get busted.

Overall: TOP NOTCH PIN!!!
10 years ago
Way to campy. I personally don't like the theme. However, the fan layout makes for some great shots. Decent rules, and the playfield looks good for the theme. Although the theme makes me vomit, this is still a good pin and for those that like the theme, a great pin.
10 years ago
It's unique! I recommend a few games of this. It's weird, but not in a bad way.
I see why this would not have taken off, but the concept is great. It's just a bit slow and it gets kinda boring after a while.
10 years ago
The music in this pin is not my favorite and the only reason why I would never own one.
That does NOT make it a bad pin. Overall, a good pin. Good shots, great rules and easy to follow. I won't mention the movie.
10 years ago
This should have been made in a "full size" cabinet. Great game, lots of fun to play and easy to follow. pf looks crowded in the small can and it sometimes feels like "toy pinball". Token dispenser is one of the best features in pinball. (IMHO)
10 years ago
Annoying sounds. Shrunken head taken from Harry Potter movie (lol). Not a fan of the upper playfield with ramps (ramps are good, but it looks out of place). Slingshots are creepy. Did not like this one.
However, this one is family friendly. Lots to do in this pin and the playfield is PACKED with all sorts of nifty shots.
10 years ago
Wow, this pin exceeded my expectations (which were none). It's fast, fun and addicting.
Playfield looks a bit strange at first sight, but after the first game, I was hooked.
10 years ago
Good looking playfield with some fun shots. Custom lighting on this is a must in a home collection. Easy to follow rules and fun to play. Ignore the movie tie-in and you will end up liking this pin much more.
10 years ago
Not my favorite colors, but this pin is great to play. Ringmaster looks like a creepy Jay Leno. Multiball is fun ans the "boom popper" is my fav. Good ruleset and a unqiue look with the DMD in the cabinet (more should have done this).
Would love one of these in my collection, but I think it is still overpriced.
10 years ago
Elvira in a pin is pretty good. This pin is a bit "too campy" for me. RFM was my limit of pinball camp. However, it plays well. It's fun to play. Some of the shots are more difficult than others, but hey, that's pinball.
Would not want one in my collection, but would certainly play it in anothers collection.
10 years ago
The Good:

Rules are somewhat easy to follow. Shots are fun. The playfield layout doesn't seem cookie-cutter. One of the better pins of this era.

The Bad:

The dummy head is CREEPY, especially with the eyes. Just my opinion. The Creep factor would steer me away from getting one of these, despite the fun gameplay.
The head looks odd in the playfield and takes up quite a bit of space making the rest of the playfield cramped.
There isn't anything distictively 'funhouse' about this pin. The name seems out of place for the theme. The actual gameplay is confusing because it does not really pertain to a funhouse.

The Ugly:

The HEAD! Ughhh.
10 years ago
The Good:
Reminds me of AFM. Fast, fun shots. Call outs are great. Really like the looping ball ejects.

The Bad:
Themed from the movies. I get why they did this, and it makes sense. I think they could have made an even better pin if themed from the comic book (like XM)

The Ugly:
I only wish Stern made more of these so that I could get one at a reasonable price.
10 years ago
The good:
Good music, simple, fast gameplay. Easy to follow.

The bad:
Not the most attractive pro out there. It sort of looks like Transformers Pro's unattractive cousin.

The ugly:
Easily the most unappealing playfield. I don't fancy playing pinball while looking at a constepated Angus. Yuk. If you play a premium, this one just feels/looks aweful. I read that you can add some of the premuim mods to it, but in the end, you still have to look at constipated Angus.
10 years ago
The Good:
Easy to learn to play. Call outs help out quite a bit. Shots are good, playfield is open.
This is a modders heaven (next to Tron). Lots of mods avaiable and they look great.

The Bad:
Scoring is wayyy to high. Playfield art is meh (similar to the others in the Superpin seies).
Unmodded playfield is plain.

The Ugly:
Overpriced because of popularity ONLY. Other than the theme, this machine is good, even great, but certainly not worth the amount it commands. I only wish Stern or JJP picked up the licesnse and did a rerun so that the other can see that this game is FUN, but not $8-10K fun. Just my opinion...
10 years ago
The Good:
Fun, Easy to follow rules. Huge variation as the rules change whether playing as autoot or decepticon. Fast, good shots and lots of em. Optimus ramp is different, and kinda fun. IH mini playfield is strange, but fun. IH ramp slows down the ball which is sooooo welcomed in an otherwise very fast game. This is especially helpful during a multiball. Modes are consistent and very clear (hit the lights to start the mode, then hit the 'x' flashing lights to complete a mode). Modes are NOT as easy to complete as you might think. Several different skill shots. Change up the LED bulbs to enhance the purple & orange sides of the playfield. This makes the opposing sides VERY distinct and it only requires a small # of bulbs. Starscream shot varying and looks very cool. It is not as 'smooth' as the pro, but the pro is nothing more than a ramp.
Lots of little details that Gen1 fans will pick up on. Nice touch.

The Bad:
Not a playfield for modders. It's already packed so there isn't much room to add much. The pro looks naked in comparison.
Comes with orange plasma dmd. Yuck!
Playfield art is not original and resemebles typical photoshop job.
Would have been nice to have had mroe Wheelie & Brains in it. However, I was happy to at least hear "aw, Shockwave's coming" during the SW mode. :)

The Ugly:
The voice for Optimus Prime (other than the actual movie clips) is NOT anything close to sounding like OP. Not even close. StarScream is ok, not not OP. WTF, they could have been better off getting clips from the old TV shoe/86 movie instead.
10 years ago
The Good:
OMG, It's Tron! Simple classic pinball. Ruleset depth is just right. Playfield is sparse making it HIGHLY susecptible for modding. Easily the pin with the most # of mods avaiable. Shots aren't too hard or easy, so you keep coming back for more. Decent movie tie in. Backglass (ALL 3 VERSIONS) are done very well. Cabinet is gorgeous. Playfield is mostly photoshop, but not offensive in the least. This game will stay in a collection for quite some time. Stern could probably do another run of these games and they would sell. Guests will play this game because it is simple, fast and fun.

The Bad:
Sparse playfield. If you are not a modder, the playfield tends to look a bit empty. Spinning recognizer disk rubs off on the ball and spreads it all over the playfield. The orbit loop is yellow and white making the trail of black rubber residue VERY visible. Out of the box, the lighting on the pro is pretty sad. It does not reflect the vibrant colors found in the movie.

The Ugly:
You REALLY SHOULD put a Cliffy on the arcade trough. A Mantis on this trough will not work. It only took a couple of months with a Mantis on it and I was seeing wear in the playfield around the trough.
The stock Arcade toy is not attractive enough to put toward the front of the playfield. It looks very cheap and flimsy. It is the ugly wart on an otherwise beautiful playfield. As compared to other recent Stern games, the shaker motor is poorly implemented in the game. It reminds me of the shaker motor in JP. At times, it is too much of a good thing.
11 years ago
The Good: GREAT HUMOR! Easy to follow the game play. A good design, very similar to AFM.

The Bad: Hit the castle, hit the castle, hit the castle. A bit repatative. Seems like a AFM ripoff.

The Ugly: Wayyyyyyyyyy overpriced. This is a GOOD PIN, but I fail to see how it rates so high. I don't think I would seek out this pin if it were more reasonably priced. AFM would win out for sure.
11 years ago
The Good: This was my 1st pin that I owned. This is a fast & fun game to play. Lots of modes, some are easy, some are difficult. TRex is one of the better mechanical devices in a pin.

The Bad: Scoops & TRex kickout are known to get worn, especially on a routed machine. Cliffys fix this (Thanks Cliffy!)

The Ugly: Playfield art looks like someone drew a very nice playfield and then left it out in the sun and it melted. JUST MY OPINION, I AM NOT AN ARTIST. Other pins around this time have a similar look, andI assume it is the same artist.
11 years ago
The Good: One of the BEST early DMD games. This pin will keep you coming back for more. Not too complicated, but NOT easy for a beginner. Great ramps and game flow. I have one in my collections and it is staying there for a while.

The Bad: DJ kick out gets worn and is VERY visible.

The Ugly: Cabinets FADES so easily. Fortunately, there are decals available to restore it to it's original beauty. Plastic ramps are hard to find and cannot be easily flame polsihed.
11 years ago
The Good: Some of the best custom callouts I ever heard in a pin done by Stephen Lang. With LEDS, this pin looks amazing.

The Bad: Only 1 ramp. Pins of this era usually have more than 1. Makes the pin look too simple, though it really is not.

The Ugly: The spring that diverts the ball from rolling down the middle of the playfield doesn't always work. It is clearly a bit of a hack to correct a serious flaw in the ball flow.
11 years ago
The Good: Fun, Fast, easy to follow game play. Dots are amazing. Sounds GREAT!

The Bad: Playfield is unusually flat for a recent game (I still like it). Too much PF art makes the PF look a bit "messy".

The Ugly: Although smacking Optimus Prime in the nethers seems entertaining. I wonder how long the figure will hold up??? Not enough Wheelie & Brains!!! :)
11 years ago
Can't compare this to AFM. Not the same game at all.

The Good: Martians! Unique gameplay (P2K). Great Visuals and outstanding sound. Entire playfield comes out easily and sits level on table with built in rails.

The Bad: They aren't making P2K machines anymore. :(

The Ugly: Parts are hard to come by and expensive. The Nucore system was brilliant but that isn't produced anymore. P2K has a limited lifetime.
11 years ago
This pin is intimidating at first, but once you get to know the game play, it is addicting. Fast,
Fun, Lasting, Difficult and an all around great pin.

The Good: Lots to do, so many great shots. Complex gameplay.
The Bad: Lots of parts & toys. I hear it requires more than average maintenance as compared to other pins
The Ugly: I would not want to have to shop this pin. There is soooooo much to it. Although, I would willinginly do it if I could have one in my collection
11 years ago
Xmen has a couple of software bugs that will probably get fixed in the next release. The bugs are minor and rarely occur. Other than that, this is an awesome pin.

The Good: Nice shots, spinning magnet. Engaging music and gameplay. Not a movie theme.

The Bad: The paint is going to chip off the womvlie target over time. Cheesey ice ramp decals
but easily corrected with icicle mod and/or powder coating.

The Ugly: The game rules are NOT documented anywhere. Lame!
11 years ago
The good: Simple, family friendly game with catchy country-western music. Inexpensive game with DMD. Helpful callouts.

The not so good: Single ramp, bland lighting.

The bad: Video modes that are poorly done and make no sense in the game theme. Callouts are so frequent and repetative, they get very annoying.

Overall: A good 1st pin for newbies (like me). Not bad, but not a keeper.
11 years ago
Not a deep ruleset, but deep enough to keep you coming back for more. All three video modes are some of the best I have seen on a pin. I'm a fan of original themes and this is one of the better ones out there. The only flaw in this machine is the cannon. It is a pain to level, and if it is not level, the gameplay is seriously affected. It can be leveled, but it takes time and patience.
11 years ago
This game is incredibly addicting. It's fast, fun and easy to pick up. Playfield art is good. Satellite feature is unique. Two magnet features including one below the flippers with throws the ball back into play. This game gets a lot of play in my game room, and I have not heard one complaint about it yet.
11 years ago
With LEDs, this machine shines! The music/speech is better than most. Not a complicated game, but I keep going back to it because it is a fun game. If you "return to the 50s", brace yourself because those chimes are LOUD! It is sure to get the attention of everyone nearby.
11 years ago
Lots of ramp shots. Easy to follow gameplay. Game ties in with the movie very well. I wish there were some reference to Taco Bell or better yet, the 3 seashells, lol.
Widebody is nice, and the guns handles are awesome. Original backglass is boring, but it can be easily replaced with a much better one.
11 years ago
I rate this pin for its time (1987). Simple, fun, eye catching, great sound. The king and the trolls taunt you throughout the game. I like it because it is like retro video games. You can pick it up and learn to play without much effort. Spend some time with it, you can become very good at it. This games POPS with leds but is kinda bland without.

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