Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

By PeoriaFalcon

November 19, 2017

11 months ago

So I just got back into playing pinball a couple months ago.  I hadn't seen a pinball machine in years and one day, I started to remember the days of old.  When I was growing up, I didn't play a lot of pinballs.  Mostly just video machines when I was in high school (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and such).  But when I was in my early 20's, I played a good bit of Adaams Family and Demolition Man.  Loved those games!

So here I am, 20 years later and looking for pinball.  At first, it seemed like Peoria hardly had any (which, I've still only seen 6 so far, but I now have caught wind of a few others in neighboring towns).  But, a friend told me of this site and I joined and found out that about an hour from my house were 2 pinball museums!  I went and got to play them both (still my favs) and the itch got even stronger!

So.....this week, I broke down and bought my first pinball.  It was working (kinda), so I've only had to put a little work in to it at this point.  Super Star from Williams!  Not impressed with the look of the game, but love the playability so far!  This might be the start of a beautiful collection (if I can convince the wife)!

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9 months ago
Watch out! Lol. This hobby will grab you. I got into it about a year ago, and I have 6 machines now. And I've went through another 6! I love it, though, and you will, too. One of the best bang-for-the-buck games out there is Jokerz, imho. Snag one if you can find one cheap. Happy holidays, and play some pinball!
9 months ago
Super star was my first game too.
The back-glass is a little rough, but the game plays great !

Now I have machines !

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