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89 days ago
For so long they were beaten up as a MM donor machine. A classic by trudeau.

The ramp shot is easy, but makes for massive fun in MB. Obviously not a mode based, to a degree its all about MBs. A great shooter with Tron style left upper flipper shots, although there are two potential shots from here. Theme I dont care for. Mini "wizard" modes are fun. All in all one of the best from the 90s from BW and far more fun to me than other new titles. A keeper.
6 months ago
Loved this game but will never stand up against a new stern. Gets old easily at home but a fun game none the less. Theme integration is where it shines, the drac is a great feature and the colour scheme is near the best. Another great 90s game that is old now. Worth owning once
7 months ago
Another great old classic, but talk about over hyped. Have owned 3 over the last decade and have the same feeling. Nice to tour the mansion, perhaps a mb (the best start to a multi ball in pinball history) shoot some jackpots...dull after a while. Would rather a classic stern or an em gottlieb tbh.

Over rated compared to many late sterns and of course you can’t ignore the elephant in the room....gunners.
Quaint game from yesteryear
7 months ago
This is a great old classic, with magnificent theme integration. It's not really fair to compare a 25 year old game to newer games but it holds it's own to some recent sterns. Compared to Elvira or Gunners, its a historic nice old game. Enough comparisons.

The upper flipper shot into the piano is satisfying to say the least and the ability to make the jackpot shot from here in MB is essential for solid scores. The power ball is a great spin on the traditional ball and makes hard to handle. Theme integration is top notch. Not a great flow game, like demo man for instance, and a little start stop for me.
A great game from the 90s BW and there's some rippers there.

Update. I forgot how good this game was and deserves praise. It’s got to be the best 90’s bw game
8 months ago
Like MM, for years one of the best, but against the likes of GnR its just an ok game.
Even comparing to the some of the latest sterns, it doesnt stack up for lastabilty. I prefer the theme than MM, and has a great set of similar shots the spaceship is a great toy. Great ramps and modes but lacks the depth of the latest games.
This is now an old game up against the new pinacle of pinball
I love it, but more so beacuase of nostalgia. Easier than MM, I've completed RTU quite a few times but still a great wizard mode
8 months ago
For years one of the best, but against the likes of GnR its just an ok game. Even comparing to the some of the latest sterns, it doesnt stack up for lastabilty. Great shots of course, the castle is magnificent and nothing compared to it for years. Great ramps and modes but lacks the depth of the latest games. This an AFM, great games, but they're old now.
I love it, but more so on nostalgia. Did never get to BFTK ... perhaps ill own again one day.
8 months ago
I love sterns from the 80's. This is got to be one of the best if not the hardest, at least to get the roving star for the (on mine) 50k bonus shot.
Some games last a few minutes others more, however this is my go to game for a quick spin. The new games are great, but some woundn't stack up against this.
Cracker of a game.
8 months ago
My rating is based on the updated code that includes movie scenes, images and sound from the plain stern release.
This is such a great game.
I love an upper flipper and the two shots that are accessible are hittable consistently. The ability to play the game differently each time along with risk/reward in saving all the people makes it a killer game. Simply unequal to other stern games Ive played.
I’ve finished the game several times but it’s a keeper.
One of the best
9 months ago
I owned this from new. Straight out of the box.
I found it clunky with the ball lock feature. I love an upper flipper and that works, however generally I didn't find it comparable to the king of PF layouts JP. The first mini wizard mode is a chore and should be optional. Code can fix that. Theme to me is lame but that's my demographic...Callouts were meh. The rules are not intuitive, they are not easily understood. I'm a nerd, have owned 55 games and this game is the only one I've played where I couldn't immediately pickup "most" of the rules. If I struggle, the average punter is in trouble.
I wanted to like this and was impressed with the first stream. After a few hundred games, it needed the boot.
Prefer the PRO on this one.
9 months ago
This is a surprise.
I owned the PRO and couldn't get rid of it quick enough. The LE is a different game, the ball magnet lock once dialed in is a great feature. The projector works surprisingly well and the animations blend nicely with the theme. The shots are AFM, however the LE left orbit is easier on the LE and consequently more satisfying. Once dialed in the "VG" shot is easily achievable and satisfying...
This is a great game and compared to AIQLE is, really....superior, and I love KEs work.
The flow is fast and fun and a wizard mode that looks to be difficult to reach.
One of the best from Stern, and I've owned them all...
2 years ago
Probably the hardest game I’ve owned in my 10 years of owning pins. Hard doesn’t make good, however this has the one more game factor. Sounds and music is ho hum but that’s the 80’s. Rebuilt flippers are required as are new sleeves in other coils for a fast game. Spinner rip is to die for
Is more fun to own than some of my newer, LE titles.
3 years ago
I’ve been lucky enough to own some great machines and I’m not a Metallica fan but this pin is up there with the best if not the best. The rules need some understanding but once you’ve done that you’ll get it.
Satisfying, tough and rewards taking risk so it’s got it all and has great flow.
A killer pin