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3 years ago
A very very good package, no weakness.
3 years ago
I apreciate the theme, it has been greatly transposed graphically by Christopher Franchi on this table. The layout is a little generic and I don't like the two large targets (Dragula and Lilly).
3 years ago
I don't like the theme, the layout and the sound. On the pinball that I have tested, the ball dropped often from the wireforms. Disappointed
3 years ago
Good relooking of a timeless classic. The little letdown is the music.
3 years ago
DP has a fresh layout with a ton of fun and rewarding shots.

The team at Stern has put a lot of passion in it and the software has largelly evolved since the release of the pinball (new modes, mode stacking, lot of new animations...)
3 years ago
Excellent theme, smooth layout, excellent full RGB light show and a very singular feeling when playing this pinball.
3 years ago
For me, something is missing without the hyper loop...
3 years ago
Full loaded playfield, excellent sound. Theme acts as a magnet for me.
3 years ago
A blast...and it's Keith first commercial game!
3 years ago
Dan Forden at his best for music, excellent rules, very efficient layout and a great toy. CGC has respected this masterpiece.
4 years ago
A timeless classic. The topper designed by Doug Watson himself is a real blast.