Pinball fun

By peanutjar

January 13, 2020

44 days ago

Just added my 7th machine into my collection. Just took ownership of Mysterian by Bally.

Story photos

20200110_144102 (resized).jpg


15 days ago
Something is odd here.....there is no record of that game ever being produced (eg., ipdb or pinside) and not a single person here has asked anything about this?

One article I found had one of the Bally designers stating "Mysterian is one of the biggest Bally pinball mysteries".

Can you tell us how you obtained this game? How about some more pics?

If that machine is what it appears to be, it is a one-of-a-kind.

Is this an early April fools joke?
12 days ago
Owner also apparently owns a Voltan so it could be real. The photo looks legit to me, unless that's homebrew recreation.
9 days ago
WOW !! That's a REALLY COOL looking pinball ! What is the story on it ??

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