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21 days ago
Great game for the time era but not cup of tea. The theme however is second to none.
21 days ago
Good game for it's age, but not in my top 10.
21 days ago
Definitely a fun game, not in my top 10 ten but still fun. Center ramp can be a drain monster, along with the right ramp being on the steep side.
21 days ago
After playing my Wonka Le for awhile, the quality of the sound is my only complaint. I wish that I was able to hook up an external sub woofer to at least improve the sound somewhat. Pirates sounds like a full hd surround sound compared to my Wonka. Besides the sound quality the game has flow for days! Love the shots, layout, and artwork! Looking forward to seeing the code develop over the coming years.
48 days ago
This machine is IMO hands down the best Stern machine that has been produced in a long time. Keith Elwin did an amazing job on the design of this machine! This machine has shots and flow for days, and the T-Rex on the LE / Premium model really makes this machine come to life. Excited to see how the code evolves over time, this machine will not be leaving my collection for a very long time if ever.
80 days ago
I freaking love this machine! It's bolted to the floor, never to leave. The code, the call outs, the video clips, all top notch IMO.
6 months ago
Winner winner chicken dinner!! This IMO is the current holy grail of pinball! This machine has it all, amazing shots, call outs, toys, artwork! Eric knocked it out of the park on this machine!!
6 months ago
Have owned this one for some time now. The multiple shot options on this machine makes it have lastability in a smaller collection.
7 months ago
Owned one for awhile, sold it due to being WAY to repetitive. Best part of this game is Bill Clinton yelling out "Save the interns!!" Could see this machine lasing in a large collection, but to repetitive for a smaller collection IMO.
7 months ago
I owned a pro model and I have yet to seem someone go up and completely around the far right ramp, total design flaw. If you're thinking about buying Ghostbusters, spend the extra $$ for the premium model. I sold mine after 5 months as I couldn't stand the design flaw.
8 months ago
This machine is a true masterpiece! Picked one up after reading mixed reviews on durability and I am glad that I did! WOZ is an entire world under a sheet of glass. After owning it for awhile now, I don't see this machine ever leaving my collection.