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2 years ago
Amazing game on all levels. I really want to own this pin someday. I usually don't like widebody pins, this one is great.
2 years ago
Just put over 15 games or so on this between me and my wife. We both agreed we didn't care for it all that much. We played it at Geeks Mania in Madison. It wasn't a terrible game, but didn't get my adrenaline going like MET does. If I get more time on it maybe I'll revisit my review. Don't like the band or music so it was hard to warm up to the pin. This is one pin where I can understand why others like it but it just isn't for me.
3 years ago
Really fun pin. All the shots are really great, smooth orbit and ramps, diverter on the left ramp, fun center shot to score. Not much bad to say about this one except the cabinet artwork is pretty plain. I have mine lit up nicely with Comet LEDs. Very solid pin, great for kids, they love to try and get the high scores for all the different teams. There is a real basketball hoop in this one and multiple ways to score with it. 4 spots kick up the ball while also having to pass it to avoid the defender. Of course the shot up the middle is the easiest way to score, but also the left ramp diverter goes up and that ramp wraps around to score a shot also.
3 years ago
I owned the pro for 6 months then I sold it, that was about 2 years ago. After buying and selling several machines since (including woz) I now regret selling my star trek pro.

I've realized I don't enjoy games with long ball times and code that puts you puts you on a journey like hobbit or woz. I like to just fire up the machine and have fun, shorter ball times and most importantly - speed and flow.

I'm now on the hunt for a star trek premium. The pro is great too, the playfield layout is about the same.
4 years ago
We've had a lot of fun with this pin, my whole family enjoys it. Tons of shots, lots of variety. Probably Gottlieb's best pin.
4 years ago
Owned it for about 6 months. The left and right drains are so frustrating, even with the lane extenders. Didn't enjoy playing it but I am such a star trek fan that I still would like to buy it again someday.
4 years ago
This game is a blast to play. Gets your adrenaline going.
4 years ago
I like it better than the pro. The subway is cool and right ramp much better than the pro. Not enough depth for me though to buy at these high price points. Music gets a little repetitive. Overall I think its a really fun pin.
4 years ago
I like the theme, playfield art and cab art. I've played the pro and premium now. Both play very similar. I don't like how they removed the ramp on the right on the Pro model. I like how slimer moves up and down on the Pro, I don't like the additional left to right movement on the Premium/LE. After 3 or 4 games though, I always feel like I am done and don't really want to play anymore, not sure what it is but for me it doesn't have that "one more game" feel to it. This pin is beautiful though in all its forms. I love the slimer cab.
4 years ago
I understand why this pin is so popular. It has a decent layout overall and there is a lot to do. The code is very deep. I've played this several times now and it has just never clicked for me, I don't play to add this to my collection any time soon.
4 years ago
I grew up with this pin as a kid. I've been trying to buy one for 4 years with no luck. This pin has a lot of meaning to me because I played it so much as a young kid. The playfield layout is simple, but effective. What makes this pin stand out are the inline drop targets. I always liked trying to spell PARAGON. Brings back memories.
4 years ago
This is a great pinball machine! It's got everything I like. Fun ramps to hit, metal ramps not plastic. It has inline drop targets, I wish more games had them. I don't really care for the sparky bash toy all that much, but I don't hate it. The music pumps you up, gets the adrenaline going. I strongly urge Stern to quit stripping out the spinners out of the Pro models, how much can those really cost?
4 years ago
Ball times are way too long. After owning a WOZ and playing a lot of games on other JJP pins I have grown to not really like how Keith codes games. It takes too long to get into the code and I hate playing for 30 minutes straight on one game. We took the glass off of our WOZ and couldn't even figure out how to get to somewhere over the rainbow. Code is too confusing. Overall, the Hobbit is a beautiful pin, probably the most beautiful pin ever made. The ramp layout is not fun to shoot. I do like all the drop targets. I probably wouldn't own it, but my wife says she likes it so who knows. Not worth buying at $7,000 or higher on any edition of it.
4 years ago
One of the most fun pins I've ever played. It's beautiful to look at. 5 flippers, 2 mini playfields, magnets that throw the ball around. If you are a ramp kind of person, it is a little weak in that area.