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My Pinball Story

By paulywalnuts23

April 23, 2015

5 years ago

So my first recollections of pinball where as a kid when I would go down to the local pizzeria. There my Dad would make us a pie to take home and I would go back to the game room where they always had at least 1 pinball machine. The main guy at the pizzeria would always come back and add credits to it for me to play or sometimes just put it on free play, although there were times I would ask dad for a couple bucks and I would get a change to go back and play. I distinctly remember playing a Gorgar that they had and because of that made sure to pick up a Gorgar when I got the chance. Also, when I was in middle school an arcade opened in my home town and it had several pins in it as well, it lasted a couple of years and then closed. Anyway, once I got into high school trips to the pizzeria with dad didn't happen as much and my love for pinball took a side seat to things most kids did in the 90's.

Fast forward 25 years and a group of my friends started playing and buying some pins for their enjoyment. I was reintroduced to something I loved but hadn't done it a long time, the silverball. I started playing some with them and once again my love for pinball started to grow. This time it was different however. I had gone to college and gotten my EE degree and thus everything that made these games work I understood and also understood how to fix them. So I took the plunge and bought my first pin and the rest is history. I have sense went together with a friend and together we are putting together a pretty good collection of pins. We just recently were able to buy some of the pins that were in the arcade I played in as a kid. Anyway, I am the one that gets to work on them, which I really enjoy, and we both look out for good buys and places we can go to play pinball. Actually almost all of our close friends love to play pinball, like I said earlier, and they have a pin here and there as well, which I service as well.

I am now on my way to getting married and lucky for me my bride to be loves pinball as well. Probably not quite as much as the guys but hey she puts up with my addiction and loves to play with all of us as well. She has a little 6 year old that also loves to play. We got her a little step stool so she could stand on it and be able to see the playfield with no issues. She reminds me of myself when I use to play at the pizzeria.

As far as the future goes, we will have to see. For now I am just enjoying building a collection of good fun pinball machines for all my friends and family to play. For now that is enough but who knows what the future may hold.


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