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4 years ago
Great game.
4 years ago
Very fun and entertaining game. Pro doesn't have some of the features that the LE and Pre but still a great game.
4 years ago
Can't beat a Scared Stiff. Fun filled action packed game.
4 years ago
Fun game although it is a bit weird on the scoring and such.
4 years ago
Can't go wrong with Adams Family, one of the best of all time...
4 years ago
Although Dr. Dude isn't the deepest game it is still a great game for it's time with great artwork and a fun theme.
4 years ago
Love this game. Been one of my favorites since a first played it years ago.
4 years ago
Very disappointed in the game play on this machine. Was excited when it was announced but was very let down when I played it.
4 years ago
Great Game... Really enjoy playing this game, especially when it is dialed in and playing well..