The first pinball machine I played

By PaulG7

December 18, 2020

38 days ago

I grew up in Indianapolis, and one of my older brothers worked at a dance club in Indy called "Shazam". He collected money from the pinball machines and pool tables, not sure what else, but he had keys to the club. I remember going with him during the day and he asked he if I wanted to play pinball. I looked around, and a machine that caught my eye was Evil Knievel. Some of the other machines were electromechanical, but I remember this had digital displays. Since he collected the money, he had keys to all the machines. He put several credits on it for me. I don't remember what year that happened, but it was between 1978 and 1981. That was the beginning of the disease, I just didn't know it.

In 1984, another brother bought two Williams machines, a Disco Fever and Flash. I stayed the night there several times, and played those machines a lot.

In 1996 I moved to Wichita, Ks and started my career. I bought my first machine from another brother that was thinning the hurd before moving to Seattle. That machine was a Bally Supersonic, and I played it a lot in my apartment. I still have that machine, but it has friends.

Does anyone remember Shazam in Indy?

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