Adams family was the red wire

By Pauldb

April 12, 2020

47 days ago

I was about 10 years old when i insert my first guilder in an Adams family on a camping. I got 25 guilders pocket money from my parents that vacation and all those 25 guilders where swollowed by the Adams. It was magic. That hand and magnets...i never saw something like that! I would never let go the pinball sinds then. Years later when i was about 14 i bought my fist pinball machine. Adams family was too expensive. I only had 100 guilders and the pinball close by i could find was a mechanical one, named galahad. I did not really like the game because i was always had that TAF game in my head. But at least i had my own pinball now.
Years later again when i was about 19 i collected money with my job from the weekends. I finally buyd my first DMD game for 400 guilders, the terminator. Ow this was great! After i got a stargate and the getaway as well in the same year. Of cource i was addicted but still never let go the TAF. But somehow i never found one. 2 years later, when i was 21, i moved out my parents house to a small 1 bedroom apartment so i had to sell my pinballs. This was guite frustrating bit i must. When i was 25 I moved with my girlfriend to a real house in my old village so i thought: yessss! But nooooo, my (now my wife) girlfriend had other plans and really did not like it if i put a pinball in the house. And for me it was not worth it to fight about it or even put my relation on risk. Again years later (2015) my biggest friend who work in the construction help me. He knows that i really miss it all and he offers me to help me build my own mancave in my backyard. I only have to pay for the materials.
I discuss this with my wife because she also knows i really need this, and she did not mind it at all to my surprise. So we building the mancave. So now (2020) finally i have 4 pinballs after saving money for years. This is what in wanted, 4 pinballs totally. But the funny thing is....i stil does not have a TAF till now hahaha. Still want one in the future but the become so expensive that i have to wait few more years and that's ok. More important now for me is that i keep 4 pinballs.

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