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1 year ago
Iron Maiden is NOT my kind of band. Never liked them and never will. played the game just because and LOVED it. what a great layout. nice to see something new. played it a few times in a pub in Boston then was just in CHI at level 257. I went with a friend and told him to play it. He said, Na, not a fan. I talked him into it and that was all he played for 2 hrs. Great game great fun.
1 year ago
Great game. I wish I could afford one. It would be a keeper for me. I have played it so much on my I-pad but never get sick of it. I will always jump on it every time I see one on location.
1 year ago
I ran into this machine in NY. I had never seen it but, system 11? what the heck, I'm in. I liked it, different but that's no bad. Strange layout, rather open and seems to have been missing something in the middle. It was a VERY well cared for game. I would get one for 1K if I ever ran into one.
2 years ago
I know this game is hated, so when I ran into in while I was staying in NJ for a few days, I played it.
I liked it. more of my money went into this game than Ghostbusters by a LONG shot. I can see how it may get old after a while but I would rather have this than a Ghostbusters. personal preference.
2 years ago
Just not my game. I know many many people love this game. Maybe I am just not a good enough player or need to own one to get it. The music although very well done is nothing I would ever listen to.
2 years ago
This is another game I was very much looking forward to playing. When I found it in a lineup in Houston I was excited. I went directly to it first. I will say the game had some issues and the room was very dark. I played 5 games thinking, no, it just me. I need to get use to it. I no longer have any desire to play this game again.
3 years ago
I am NOT a Harley guy (Honda/Yamaha) but this game is not as bad I see reviews for in my opinion. I have played it a few times and understand the rules without having to read up on it. It is a good layout and the "toys" fit quote well for this.
3 years ago
I wanted this game so bad when I first saw it. Found it on location after looking for a while and played it for a long time. Did not turn me on at all. I have played a few, its OK but I would personally not own one.
3 years ago
I hope this clip art era of pinball is dying. Good game, first time I played I was able to start a multiball, 2 games I was able to win a game. I will always play one when I see one.
3 years ago
I really like this game. keeps me coming back every time I see it on location. I see why it costs what it does.
3 years ago
LOVED IT! When this came out I thought, na, not for me. I liked Aerosmith, my first concert was Aerosmith in around 1979, so I liked them. As a pinball I did not think so. I ran into one at a location while I was traveling and thought, what the heck...
I had no idea about the flying balls and thought, wow, I think I may like this game. Easy to understand rules, shots were predictable and I had an idea of what i was to do to proceed through the game without a book to read. I am thinking about making this my first Stern and my first NIB.
4 years ago
no thank you. I played several games and as always really tried to like it. just came off as a cheep knockoff of a real pinball game. the little plastic Elvis cutout, wow, no thanks. Dancing Elvis was OK.
4 years ago
First off, I love the artwork. nice work getting away from clipart again.
for my taste, I hate the LEDs the keep blinding me. Not fun. The gameplay is OK I was expecting more for some reason. Hope the can fix this with the code. it was early code but no clear direction on what to do or what to hit. I was really thinking of making this my first NIB but I will keep looking...
4 years ago
I have seen a few of these when traveling and always go straight for them and played them. I wish I would have ordered one new when they were only 5K. who knew. I will say they do feel a little cheep but a fun game for sure I would like to own one day...
4 years ago
I have tried to play this game a few different times and different locations. I just don't like it, it does nothing for me.
4 years ago
sorry but what a waste of wood. They would have been better off letting that tree grow instead of it dying to make this turd. When I first saw it I thought, Wow, this is going to be GREAT!. nope. SUCKED.
4 years ago
Just too many guys with too little clothes for me for the look. Gameplay was bad for my taste. I played it about 5-6 times and have no desire to play it ever again.
4 years ago
I played this game several times and will keep playing it because I want to like it. It just for me falls well short of what I expected. May be the games I played. Like I said, I will keep trying to like it...
5 years ago
I did not think I would like this game. I found it on location and ended up playing it for hours. Found another one on location the next day and played it for hours. now I want one! Love the back glass. Rules are good and rather easy to follow even playing for a few hours.
5 years ago
Sorry i really wanted to like this. When I found it on location I was so excited to play it. I tried several games but was not for me. It was just too dark on top, no sure what I was hitting or why. Maybe better for home use so you can play over and over. For me 4 times was enough.
5 years ago
sorry this is one pin i would not walk across the room to play let alone buy or put .25 into. Seemed like it was made to be sold to 12 year old kids who have never played a pin. Strange layout no good shots in my opinion anyway.
5 years ago
I could not help feeling this was a cheep version of a pinball machine. Just too light, no drop-down targets, photos on the play filed and not art. I hope to find a AC/DC premium or LE to play and experience the difference.
5 years ago
I honestly think this game is underrated. I had no expectations of it the first time I played it and left wanting to play it more. I recently added on to my collection and really like playing it. I feel it is one troll (less) away from being a much more popular game. I sure wish someone would have put more time/thought into the modes. They need to be, in my opinion, completed not just timed out before moving on.
5 years ago
I am lucky enough to have this as my first game. It hooked me into pinball. I never get sick of playing this game no matter how many time I play it.

Years later and I still LOVE it!