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3 years ago
Decent fun for a while. Bash toy coming out of the playfield resulted in very satisfying shots. Still after a few plays, it stopped engaging me.
3 years ago
I played this a lot at a bar back in the day. I really liked the music and biker sayings. I don't think I would want to own it as I'm not sure how long it will be before it became one dimensional and boring.
3 years ago
This is a really fun game. I played it in a crowded arcade and so couldn't enjoy the music as much as I would have liked. The layout and rules are similar to the top machines of all time. No doubt it is a winning combination.
3 years ago
I owned this game for many years and then stupidly sold it. It is actually a fantastic machine. It includes so many way cool thematic elements that it stays entertaining for a long time. It is not a dark war-like theme which is refreshing and very family friendly. It has scooters, airplanes, captive balls, and a retracting mirror that makes a cool metallic "ting" when hit. There are even blinders that cover the flippers during Tommy mode. The broadway translite is way better than the stock one. I changed mine out early on. Then it was perfect. On the downside, the electronics had an overheating problem and frequently burned out chips and transistors. Still, I wouldn't be deterred to own it again.
3 years ago
The Hobbit is an epic journey. It is different from other machines and really spices up our gameroom. It drew me into the story, emotionally, in a way that no other pinball machine has. The integration of the three movies is dazzling in a way that flashy lights alone can't do. It does this with movie clips on the big screen, sound clips, use of multiballs, and shaker motor. It is absolutely amazing and surely is one of the nicest under-rated games of all time. I can understand the polarizing reviews of The Hobbit. It is difficult to understand the rules and what is going on at first play or even after a dozen plays. But then everything comes together and the thing just takes you an amazing adventure. I think that this is an unavoidable necessity to allow such a deep story line. There is no way to put enough lights on the table to explain where you are in the game and what every goal is. Fortunately, there is a huge screen and a smaller book-screen to help you along.

UPDATE for Code 2.95:
Before the update, I couldn't believe that they could make the game significantly better. I was totally wrong. The update brought The Hobbit to a new level entirely. There are lots more and more varied call-outs. Much better use of the colored LED's to show what shots to hit and avoid. Better use of light shows as objectives are hit or missed. Reading the book and backbox screen are easier to do as the action ramps up. Everything is much more polished now and refreshed. Absolutely fantastic game!
3 years ago
This machine is absolutely fantastic. The Limited Edition adds to the original in ways that are extremely complementary to the design. The topper is literally a work of art. It is the best I have ever seen - it was love at first sight when I opened the plywood box it is shipped in. The game is definitely a keeper with good humor that never gets old. A true cult classic!