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1 year ago
Fabulous pin, great playfield, great rules, some shoots are difficults but it gives more interest to the game... really really love it !!! For me the best Stern ever ! Bravo Mister Elwin !!!
2 years ago
I wasn't interested at the begining, but i've tried it this weekend, i changed my mind. Very good pin, the artwork is really amesome, lot of fun. A good surprise for me.
I'm not found of the mini playfield.
2 years ago
Really a great game, very beautiful artwork, the game lighting is just awesome ! It's really fun to play, many things to do... thanks JJP for this pin ! for a long time at home !!
2 years ago
Since 13 months, with the first pictures, i decided to own one !
Great pin, it’s awesome, beautiful layout and artwork.
Playing on this pin is just a real pleasure, you have many and many colours of lights. The game is fun and various, the rules are à little bit difficult to understand, but i have it since five days. I need to play more to understand everything, but now it is in my game room, it won’t move for a long time...
I have played many pins, i think i can compare, and i can say it’s the best pin i have played, far from the others !
I really don’t understand how people can give a rating under 5 to this machine ! Is it the worst pin ?? Noooooooooooo !!!
3 years ago
I really love this game !!! Great artwork, and lot of fun !!! One of my favourites games
3 years ago
Really a great game ! Best stern ever !!
3 years ago
Really fun game, this pin is just a must in my game room ! It’s a difficult pin but i have a great pleasure to play on it ! Love the theme too !