By papperboy

February 24, 2023

28 days ago

 well hello there back in about 1973 i had a papper route and on this papper route is where i learned how to play pinnball well we did have an old michine in the basement but you would allways have to pull the glass back to move the ball being stuck fix a bumper cover and all that stuff but back to the papper route i would ask to to get 30 extra pappers and they said thats many extra pappers your asking for but they sent them any ways my route was a fun route seeing it ended up at GMI once known as General Motors Institute now the home of Kettering Univerity i would allways end up there putting pappers in the papper boxes though out the building but the extra 30 pappers i would rome thu the dorm selling them all after awhile it got to be so easy and made a few girl friends too well in my mind lol then after that i worked my way down to the rec room wow what a site bowling allys pool tables foosball but most of all pinnball wow i was in heaven so i would put my bag down and start playing with those extra quarters i made from selling extra papprs wow what did i just find my favorite game of all time i would spend hours playing day after day but one day came a student and told me this is for students only and scared me off but the very next day i told my self i wont see that guy and will be able to play and i did it went on for weeks and weeks untill once again some one scared me off i sure did not want the journal to find out about this after all i was making money and having fun so i would just strool on by for awhile getting that look then i said ill try it again i played for weeks once again untill guess who nope not the students but GMI security gard oh man i tryed my luck too far he said i would have to leave once again so once again in my eyes im not worried hes not the only gard be lucky if i see him again soon so i gave it a couple days and was back at it lol i did meet some nice students who would give me pointers how to beat the machines like put match books under the legs to slow things down i really was never intoo that  i liked the fast game so things kept on about the same till i meet a new gard i would come in the door he was at  he seemed like an nice old guy al bailey was his name the more i came the more i seen of him he would allways buy a papper but then one day i got to thinking hey way not give him a free papper just like the cops at the coffee shop they got free coffee hey he was happy and so was i he would walk by see me playing pinnball and just walk and smile unless some one complained about me come to find out after we got to know each other i was going to school with his son what a small world i did get help from one other after i was telling my big brother about all this he said mention a janitors name he knew hey after a while i was all in like i went to school there it was so much fun and i was seen JJ Walker in the bowling ally there one time you know the guy from good times he was doing a show there wow those were the days well any way the machine i loved and played the most was the sheriff lawman i loved that game if any body like my old school story and could find that machine for me i would love to go back in time and have one for my own so if any one can be of help i sure would love that 

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