Pinball Nooblet

By PanzerKraken

March 19, 2023

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76 days ago

Loved pinball since I was little, earliest memories going down the pinball row at the big arcade in the mall upstairs at Plaza Las Americas in Puerto Rico.  It was early/mid 90s when I was old enough to go alone and would spend hours at the arcade while the parents shopped.

The large wall of pins during the height of it's popularity, with stuff like Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Theater of Magic, and so on all catching the eye.  Clearly, arcades died out, pinball kind of dwindled in the public eye, and it all just became a relic of the past. 

Then in early 2000's, a trip to Vegas, while looking for stuff to do as tourists do, the Pinball Museum caught our eye.  What a neat idea, lets go.  Hours later of non stop play and nostalgia, the fever was reborn.  This created the drive to play more, finding spots that still catered to the pin crowd, and eventually I pulled the trigger on my first home pin with Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Freddy was just a favorite of mine, I fell in love with the game as a huge horror fan, and that got rekindled upon finding it at the Pinball HOF in Vegas, and spending so much time on it once again reliving memories.  I had to have it.  So it was my first home purchase, a little beat up but fully functional Freddy pin in my house just blew me away.  And slowly, more playing, trying out tournaments, and moving to a bigger house where I could own more pins finally, I started down my current path.

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