Operating Pinball as a source of income?

By PantoffelStoffel

October 30, 2018

5 months ago

Im from South Africa, and the area I live in never had any pinballs I know off. But as many old things makes a comeback I believe pinball machines will be making a comeback very soon. As history always repeats itself. Im on a quest of getting my first pinball machine to be placed at a bar, or pub to see how I can generate a good income and in the same way bring something old school to life.

I also want to teach myself on how to fix them and learn as much as I can about pinball machines. Arcades may be a thing of the past but I surely believe any person would put down their smartphone game and give a try on a old school pinball machine. Maybe a youngster like me can one day teach newer generations and pass the knowledge and experience to them.

Wish me luck guys - gonna get me a pinball machine soon. 

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5 months ago
Best of Luck.
Few tips. Buy with Investment in mind. Never let your personal likes or dislikes dictate the equipment you operate. Be smart and make sure you are protected from other operators with a similar agenda. Make your location sign an agreement. The longer your agreement the more money your business is worth. Make sure you can transfer your agreements to a third party. That will allow you to cash out at some point and sell your business. Have fun it's a great business if done properly. We all started small in the beginning. It's up to you to see how big you can grow this fun idea. Trust me it can be extremely profitable.
Amusement Services of America
4 months ago
What machine or machines are you wanting to get?

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