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30 days ago
Played it at TPF when it was released. Big old MEH! Rainbow puke lights on a mob themed machine? Come on. Lame Jersey Jack cameos on the video screen? Come on.

Do better, JJP.
4 months ago
Great pin! Suffers from earlier rule set, gets too repetitive for me. A good addition to a collection but probably won’t work as a single pin in a collection for long.
7 months ago
Love my LOTR. Best Stern made until the last 5-6 years came along with Godzilla, Deadpool and Foo Fighters. Theming is fantastic, you really feel like you are playing through the movies. Getting to Valinor is a huge challenge that many never accomplish (haven’t gotten there yet). Downsides to this one are the fairly generic cabinet art and the photoshop playfield art. Otherwise this one is a great pin that would be a keeper in any collection.
7 months ago
Great pin! I have a remake SE in my collection and it’s a go to pin for me. Excellent fan layout machine, shots are fun and flow well. Theming is great, love the campy callouts. This is a fast, classic Williams game. I’ve heard other complain about the CGC flipper feel, I do notice a difference but it’s not a problem for me personally.
7 months ago
I’ve had a pro in my house for over a year now. This pin keeps me coming back. Theming is good for what they had to work with. Catching the dinos is fun and thematically works. Art is good, not a bad start for Johnny Crap. My two issues with this pin are the callouts and the “O” shot. The callouts are functional but the bad impressions of the movie characters just doesn’t work well for me. The “O” shot is my nemesis. It’s just a bit too tight. I always sigh when I realize that’s the next shot I need for CHAOS multiball. I wish Elwin would have given us another couple millimeters on that one.

Great pin, keeper in my collection.
7 months ago
Probably the most fun Pro level pin I’ve played. The lack of the upper playfield does open up the left side more so you can see the ball track more easily. It’s a fast, flowing machine; you won’t trap up much on this one! Theming is great, love the Saturday morning cartoon vibe. I love the music, I know others may not. Excellent first cornerstone from Jack Danger!
7 months ago
This game is fantastic. I’ve played a pro on location and have a premium at home. The layout is fresh and has a good variety of easier and harder shots. No shot on the playfield feels impossible. The upper flipper shots are probably the best flowing shots I’ve seen in pinball. The animations are hands down the best so far in pinball. The art is excellent, it’s classic Zombie Yeti. Some people have said they think it’s too busy, I disagree. I’m a Foo Fighters fan so I love the music, that’s the only thing I can see others being negative about this pin; if you hate the Foo Fighters it’s going to be hard to love the Foo Fighters pinball machine. As a music pin I would put this up against Iron Maiden and AC/DC as the best music pin ever done.

I’m not sure whether it will knock Godzilla off the top spot but I think this is a top 5 pin for me.

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