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3 years ago
I am blown away! This game is the absolute business. I thought I would like it, but this is amazing.
The lighting is phenomenal. The sound quality is outstanding. I though ACDC premium was good for quality of sound and this blows it out of the water. And this is all on the Standard Edition, the higher end ones must be amazing.
Love it.
3 years ago
A real modern classic. Excellent, deep rule set.
3 years ago
I am left cold by the theme in most regards, but the game is amazing. One of my favourites. I think it is the most beautiful pinball made to date (2020).
3 years ago
A real gem. The game is great, the animation is terrible.
3 years ago
Not a Deadpool fan really, but this game is great. I love the unique layout. My drop targets keep having issues though.
3 years ago
I had to buy an alternate translite for my premium as I hated the old one so much.
5 years ago
I have played this game so much on location and I eventually bought the game from the operator. What a game, truly one of the best.
9 years ago
Skull lock is the best physical ball lock in pinball.
The theme comes through so strongly, its one of the best integrations of theme and playfield.
The voice call outs are pretty cool.
The skull ramp is really tough, surprising when you look at it.
Lots of fun to play, but it does tire after a while.
9 years ago
A layout like many of the stripped down sterns. And by that i mean that it is basic and fast, that does not mean bad.
I really enjoy this game and it has a lot in common with Iron Man and Avatar, both excellent games if you ask me. Lots of incredible flow and fast shots. Lots of stacking strategy to get with and modes to get through. Mick is not as bad as everyone makes out. Sometimes i think he is pretty cool.
The announcer could have been so much better though. Quite a lot of the call outs are the same lines as in Avatar and they guy nails every one of them, hes brilliant. The Stones announcer is crap though.

Play it and enjoy it.
9 years ago
I really enjoy this one. A fast combat type game that really keeps you on your toes. Not the worlds best toys, but the sound package is brilliant and the cabinet looks fantastic.
10 years ago
A really solid machine that has a place in most collections. Excellent effects and multiball and cool rules make this one fun for all. Some bit of it are clunky though and i dont like the drop target skill shot that always leads to a drain.
10 years ago
An excellent table that I was really surprised is as good as it is. If you replace all the bulbs with LEDs the lightshow is blinding.
Excellent capturing of the theme.
The rules are really good. Not amazingly deep, but there is a lot there to play with.
Really impressed.
10 years ago
Having had the Star Trek pro machine for 2 weeks now, here is my brief review.
The machine looks brilliant. The cabinet art work and back glass look solid, nothing special, but nothing bad. The playfield looks great. The alternate playfield art work that someone posted on pinside would have been a real mistake. The bright colours make the deck pop and the ball visible at the incredible speeds it goes at. The lighting is SUPER bright. It is so shiny. I have had it set up next to my X men LE and my Avengers LE and it is FAR brighter than either of those machines. I know lighting is a personal taste thing, but for me, the brighter the better.

When I reviewed my Avengers LE I said it had the best lighting of any Stern game, that was true, at the time. I now find the Avengers deck pretty dark and uninspiring next to the Star Trek machine. I know that all of these things are based on excitement of a new product etc, but this new Trek really shines.

The game plays incredibly fast. I think it is the fastest game I have ever played. The ramps and all the shots really get the ball back to you in record time. The only exception to this is the lock shot under the Vengeance and the Away Team shot that takes it back to the shooter lane. It seems to me that the power of the slingshots has been increased; they really fire the ball back and forth fast. I haven't checked the coils on them, but they certainly seem powerful.

The layout is good, not unbelievably inspired, but very good. I have a Spiderman and a Tron and while they are similar I do not think one relegates the other to being a ‘copy'. I am perfectly happy to have all of these machines.

The Vengeance toy is cool and the fire button on the lock bar adds a surprising amount to play for just one stupid shot. When the button lights, you hit is to score a phaser shot on the Vengeance. Hit the Vengeance several times to start multiball.

The sounds are where this game really stands out for me. Each mission has effects, music and voice calls (all taken from the films) that really, really build the tension of play. It is by far the game that gets me most into the theme of the table. I am in a race against time to complete a mission every time I play it and it feels great. Crank up the volume and see what I mean.

The dots are good. Nice hand drawn stuff, not taken from the film. The rules are good but not astounding just now, but here's hoping that in the future they are fleshed out yet more. I heard in an interview with Steve Ritchie that there is a lot more to be done with them, so fingers crossed.

An excellent game that I wasn't too excited about when it was announced or when I saw pictures, but as per usual, it is the play that really matters and it excels. Go and play one.
10 years ago
I didn't like this design at all. I pride myself on liking all pinball machines, but i have no desire to play this one again.
10 years ago
A really beautiful machine and a nice surprise. I played a lot of Zac games lately and this one impressed me the most.
10 years ago
A very enjoyable game that after playing at a show for a couple of days i now really want to add to my collection.
Backglass is terribley dated, but that just adds to its charm.
10 years ago
A fine table, but i like the Shrek version more.
10 years ago
I like Shrek more than Family Guy as the voice work is better / funnier to me. The game is obviously identical.
The mini playfield is a winner and i love the cabinet and powder coat on the metal.
Very pretty and lots of fun.
10 years ago
A bit of a clunky machine that I find difficult to get traction with. There is a lot of ball on post action on this one for me.
I love the theme and the music. The backglass is pretty good for a photo job. I like it more for what it tries to be than what it is.
Nobody does it better is brilliant though.
10 years ago
A good, solid cheaper machine. I dont know how much it would hold my interest if it was my only pin, but its fun and cheerful.
The theme is odd, the alligator with leds up his nose is a strange one, but the shots are fun and the sound is bang on.
10 years ago
I own both the AC/DC and AC/DC premium machines. I was a little underwhelmed by the pro model. It was fine, but not amazing. The premium sorts this out, it is FANTASTIC.
The extra details really make the game. The drop targets add considerably. The lower playfield is a great addition. The bell rocks.
The lighting is really, really good. It adds a lot to the experience and makes it clearer as to what to shoot for.
The music is top notch.
If you have the choice definitely get the premium model. Stern has really knocked this one for 6. a brilliant machine.
10 years ago
I got the pro version of this table, as it didnt seem that the premium / LE added too much extra to the machine.
The pro is outstanding. I love it. Sparky is the best toy in a pinball since the ship in Pirates. The music is loud and the art is incredible. I have no regrets at all about sticking down the money for this machine.
10 years ago
I think this is another under rated Borg gem. I think the flow is one of his best. The shots are so satisfying to hit and the ramps are just in the sweet spots.
The snagger toy can be probematic / flow breaking, but still cool.
I really love the T-rex in the egg.
The art package is top class and the sound is solid.
I would be happy to drop a pound into this anywhere i see it.
11 years ago
A game that beats the Data East version in my opinion. Although it does have the benefit of advances in tech since the last one was made.
The 3d backglass is cool. The music is obviously great.
The best bit about the table though is the multiball start. The cannon grabbing the ball then the x wing firing it at the tie fighter. A great bit of engineering.
Lots of fun to play.
11 years ago
This is a decent machine, but not brilliant.
I love Star Wars, but i like the Sega table more than this one. Its cool, but not the best.
11 years ago
This game, more than any other i have played, really captures the theme. Tight turns and a 360 loop at the top really make this design stand out.
The sound and music are amazing, again really capturing the theme. And that siren! good lord.
The backglass is dated, but cool as well in an 80s way. The cabinet art is a plain stencil job, so not to exciting.
I love the flow of this game.
11 years ago
A great game with great sounds and music. The blinders are ace too.
11 years ago
A game that i loved a lot when i first played it, and i still like it, but its not as much fun as i first thought.
11 years ago
I have no real strong feelings for Elvis and his music one way or the other, but boy do I like this table. I had played a number of them on location and they were always filthy and half working. I bought my own and really have a blast playing it.
The only thing that annoys me about it is that the game always starts by playing 'See See Rider' which can get a little annoying by your tenth game in a row.
Fantastic flow and modes and lighting and a great upper playfield.
11 years ago
An excellent machine, as it would seem every one would agree on. Lots of cool shots and a really cool right hand out lane.
I want to play this one more.
11 years ago
I just can't enjoy this game. It's ugly to look at and every table i have ever seen has been in poor condition.
I have no desire to play it ever again, but it seems to be in every tournament and show, so im sure i will.
11 years ago
I had my Avengers LE Hulk arrive yesterday. It was very exciting as I didnt even know it was being delivered until about 4 hours before hand.
The table is beautiful, the lighting is the best Stern have ever done.
The gameplay is very addictive. Each of the shots are challenging to complete and it keeps dragging you back for more. I Found X Men to be a bit frustrating but Avengers has it just right for me.
The green powder coat is a fantastic candy apple green and is much richer than it is shown in any of the pictures. The green DMD is cool. The rumble motor is good, but not used as often as in other games (Tales from the Crypt).
My problems so far have been fairly minor but annoying none the less. I have moved the posts to the narrow outlane setting but that has now created a gap where the ball can get stuck. And in the last game I played the Hulk torso fell off. Both screws had come out. I will be looking into it tomorrow to get it re-attached. Both of these can be fairly easily fixed.
My biggest annoyance is the lack of sight line to the LOKI rollover lights on the inlanes and the fact that you can barely see the THOR drop targets.

Having said that, the game is brilliant. I am really, really enjoying it. I like Gomez designs a lot. I think he is my second favorite designer behind Denis Nordman. I know he said this may be his last game, I really hope it isnt.
11 years ago
A real classic solid state machine. I like it so much it has made me look for more machines of the same age to add to my collection.
11 years ago
I got this machine and my X Men LE on the same day, I ended up playing this more. I think its a lot of fun and really captures the theme of the video game.
The flippers on my game, and all the others i have seen are pretty weak though, the Chun-Li shot is near impossible.
11 years ago
WOW! What a game. I had a 'launch party' with the Magneto LE version last night and every one loved the game. The lighting is the best I have ever seen on a pinball.
The game is perfectly balanced between giving you good ball time, but punishing enough to keep you coming back for more.
I am so glad I got the LE, its amazing and packed with features.
11 years ago
Like most pinheads, I am really sad more of these pin 2000s were not produced. Fantastic ideas and very solid innovations make them a winner in my books.
I love playing it. If only it wasnt so hard to keep them running.
11 years ago
What a stormer of a pin. Really, really exciting table with tons to do and loads of challenge.
This has to be one of my top 5 fave pins of all time.
The voice-a-likes they have for the sound are crap though. The only real downside to an excellent game.
11 years ago
What a hidden gem this one is. I really like this game and like others have said, it has hidden depth.
My only real complaint is that the play field is a little dark.

It's a great game, people should stop being such snobs about it and go out and play it. (There is one on location in Edinburgh, Scotland).
11 years ago
I was surprised at how similar this model was to the Pro. I think AC/DC and X-Men seem to have a lot more differences between models. It is a better game that the pro model of Transformers, but not by a million miles, just a little bit.
11 years ago
One of the pinball worlds greatest toys. The ball eating t-rex is something that brings joy to the hearts of all pinheads, and its a great game to boot.
11 years ago
What a fantastic machine. I can't praise it highly enough. I would love to own one.
The home use only dead world mod is amazing and every home user should have one.
Go find one and play it now. It's fantastic. The best use of a widebody i have ever seen.
11 years ago
Arnie voice calls are excellent. The flow is fantastic. The art is not great. The rules are good, but not great. The RPG is neat, but I always feel as if i want to play more flippers than backglass.

That's it all wrapped up in a few sentences.
11 years ago
A very, very good location game, In the house though I think it is a bit too shallow.
I can see this machine taking a lot of money for an operator but getting boring in a home.
The multiball effects are brilliant though. Probably the best i have ever seen. Has to be played at least a few times.
Play it on location, dont buy it.
11 years ago
This is a game that is better than the sum of its parts. I like the challenge of the game, and it is a really good game for casual pinball players, but it is not the worlds best. Would I keep it as the only game in my collection? No. Am I pleased to have one? Yes.
The Kenny toy is great and a very obvious and fun shot. The toilet is a nice dual feature and is a lot of fun to go for. The ramp is great, it goes across the toilet and is a nice big loop, but one more ramp would have made it excellent.
Its a good, solid and fun table, but either deeper rules or another ramp would have made it ace.
11 years ago
A brutally difficult game. It really punishes you for any mistake.
It brings me back because it's so hard.
11 years ago
What a stormer of a table.
Dennis Nordman is my favorite designer, this table does not disappoint. The sinking ship is amazing and so satisfying. The chest is great and the spinning disk tops it all off.
A great table and a great design.
11 years ago
I was very pleasantly surprised by this table. I know Pat Lawler does excellent work, but this machine seems to be on a few black lists.
It needs a lot more sounds and music, but the rules are solid if unspectacular but the playfield layout and ideas are brilliant and add a lot of fun to the play.
I am very pleased to have this table and do not regret buying it all.
11 years ago
What an amazing machine. Real hard work has gone into this and it shows and is brilliant.
Play it, buy it if you can.
11 years ago
I was slightly disappointed with this game. Its not bad, but its not as amazing as i had hoped either.
It is not very obvious what it is you should be aiming for (despite all the flashing lights telling you what to do). A little voice over calling out what you are expected to do would help.

Once you do understand the game it is a lot more fun, the playfield is a little empty though and it would really have helped to have a moving bell on the standard edition.

Ultimately I just find this game too damn hard.
11 years ago
I was not expecting much from this table, I dont really like transformers and I had heard all the negative 'Stern is rubbish' chat that had been going around.
Well, the table looks amazing and plays great. Lots of fun with frantic modes and cool gadgets. Well worth a play and I'm glad i have one.
11 years ago
My first ever pinball that I got my hands on. I bought it when i was a student and have loved it ever since.
I bought it in near mint condition for £400 before all the prices went crazy. One of the best tables out there and I just got lucky with finding it.
A great game that everyone should, and probably has, played.
11 years ago
My first new in box pin and what led to my operating business.
I love Tron and I love this table. Great music and fun layout leads to an enjoyable experience for almost all players. Experts might find this one a little too easy but for everyone else it is a top class, great looking table.
11 years ago
Like others have said, this game gets an undeserved bad press.
The lack of multiball is a killer for casual players and it does feel a bit like a link game between old style games and new, but I like it and once you have the rules sorted in your head it can be a very enjoyable play with quite a lot of strategy.
11 years ago
I found the fan layout of this game too be to tight and thus all the shots too tight. The ideas were great but I had constant mechanical issues and could not get into a good rhythm when playing.

The 13 ball multi ball was a blast though.

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