Back to Canada after living 7 years in Finland.

By pageau

November 11, 2021

15 days ago

I own my first pinball machine since 2013, the Star Wars 1992 from Data East. When I found it in a pawnshop in my city, it was really really dirty but overall in a good shape. It defenitly needed some love and being a big fan of the original triology Star Wars franchise, it's the perfect fit for me. I'm far from an being an expert in the domain so more like an enthousiast and amateur but enjoying learning about it.

Not long after I bought it, I got an opportunity to work in Finland which changed my life. I couldn't bring the machine with me so I left it to a good friend of mine. After 7 years of adventures in Europe, I moved back with my family in Canada again and reunite with my machine. Oh boy I dreamed about it after all this time, it feels really great to enjoy it after all this time.

I have disasembled it almost completly to clean it to make it shine again. She's not in a perfect condition now but she's looking ok good. I have been slowly learning how to take good care of it and enjoying upgrading it over the years. What I have added so far, Chads code update v1.07, Pinsound v1, new flippers, vram, replaced broken plastics, leds, custom backglass, ColorDMD, Sideblades art.

What is left on my list would be more light since I find this game quite dark. I like the Pinstadium light mod so I'm in the process of trying an homemade DIY. Next a new set of speakers to fully enjoy the epic music of John Williams with the Pinsound and maybe a Motion Control Shaker?

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