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8 years ago
Fairly fun game. The center shot is definitely a sucker shot, but you need to hit it to collect extra balls. The add-a-ball feature is fairly unique on this machine. If you earn an extra ball and drain, the extra ball is not delivered to the shooter lane. Instead, the outhole kicker swivels and throws the ball back out onto the playfield between the flippers. Really fun to earn extra balls and watch this happen. Perhaps too fun, as sometimes that is the funnest part of the game. Great looking machine. A little complicated on the rules. Not hard but kind of confusing.
8 years ago
My first machine. This is actually a fast game when set up right. The center up-post can be tricky when you let yourself rely on it too heavily. The two advance targets in the front are generally sucker shots. This is more of a chance game as you don,t have direct shots at most of the objectives. You need to throw the ball up into the "scoring area" and bump and nudge to get it to hit the correct targets. When you have accomplished this though, the feeling is great. When you set up a 5000 bonus and three extra balls......and then drop the ball in the saucer to collect.......Awesome! Fun game and it always left me wanting to play more.
8 years ago
Love this game enough to completely restore it. The open elbow on the right and the occasional save as the ball bounces back to life from the outlane. The shots are challenging, especially the upper of the two multiplier targets on the right side. Backbox animation is cool too. This one is a long term keeper for me. It will take quite the deal to get it out of my hands.
8 years ago
You can't go wrong with Firepower. This is the first game to have a lane change feature. There are many other "firsts" in Firepower, but that is not necessarily the appeal for me. The rules are easy to understand for a beginner, but mastering the game is no easy feat. The shots are very satisfying. The right lock has a great slam to it when you hit it just right. The spinner on the way to the top lock is very rewarding to hit especially when it is lit. The sound that comes from a well hit spinner blends with the rest of the game yet it stands out enough to let you know that you just nailed that thing. Super fun game and very challenging no matter how good you get at it. There is a reason why this is one of the most produced pins in history!