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10 months ago
Once you get through the technical issues with owning the machine, it is one of the most addicting and eye-catching machines! I love the theme integration, and the lighting is perfect for it. The hyperlock shot can be frustrating at first, but once you get the shot down, let the multiballs begin!

This one is definitely a keeper, but it took time getting there. Pinball Brothers support has been fantastic, but the machine had quite a bit of downtime while problems were addressed. I was an early adopter, and know that they've fixed quite a few of the initial issues.
1 year ago
This is one of my favorites to play on location. I have almost purchased it on more than one occasion. Many will argue that the movie sucked, but I thought it was perfect for the times, and the machine really does capture the kitsch of the movie. In spite of having a few shots that truly seem useless, this machine really does feel packed to the gills with options. And using the upper handles for flippers adds a whole new level of skill. I could see this one ending up in the collection, purely for the goofy 90's theme.
1 year ago
This one didn't last long in my collection, but it was a blast to play! I love the unique shots, ability to select "mystery" awards, and the drop for multiball is just plain fun! It was a tough sell for Williams to market such a dud theme, but this game is a sleeper title. Similar to Congo and The Shadow, the movie must be ignored to truly appreciate the machine! I'm probably in the minority here, but I loved the John Carpenter-style music. Fit the game perfectly. It may not be a "keeper" machine, but it really is fun to own for a while.
1 year ago
I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I bought the premium, hoping that my meh feelings about the pro would be proved wrong by going up a notch. Sadly, this game did not do it for me. The lighting, sounds, and toys were great. The flow, artwork, and overall enjoyment were left wanting. Side drains, awkward shots, and bouncing balls did nothing for the flow. I think this one would do well on location, or in a large collection, but I found that I constantly passed by it for my other machines. Ended up selling this one to another pinsider who really liked the game.
1 year ago
As many of the recent ratings indicate, this one suffered from early code issues, and it cost the machine. I purchased this one after much debate, and have no regrets. I had parted with my AFM, and this machine filled that void. Obvious similarities, but there is something about the way this machine looks and feels that just appeals to me. The ball lock was a fantastic gimmick, and I also added the UV kit to my Premium, which enhanced the gameplay significantly. I agree with other posters that the Premium or LE is definitely the way to go, as I feel the projector adds a ton to the ambiance of this game. This machine, EHOH, and Xmen seem to be my "one more game" machines at the moment. I don't tire of hitting that start button over and over!
1 year ago
I was not in on the earlier code, so I'm rating based on 1.51. I avoided this game, based on ratings, and finally played a Magneto LE at Pinball Showdown a couple years ago. I've finally gotten my hands on the Wolverine LE, and I am blown away by the replay factor! I love the shots, the callouts, and the rules! This is definitely one of those games that seems to have been plagued with bad early reviews. With the newton ball mod (removing oversized Wolverine), it opens up the playfield a ton, and improves that shot. This is a game that greatly benefits from modding (colorDMD a must, alternate sound packages). I plan to find something to replace the oversized Magneto, as well.

What an absolute steal for an LE. I see this one sticking around for a long time!
1 year ago
I really wanted to like this game, but couldn't get into it. Too many outlane drains, and the flow felt a bit off. I love extra flippers in games, but this one feels too integrated into the usual gameplay. This machine had the shortest tenure in my gameroom, to date. I imagine it will be a routing dream, post-pandemic, but it just didn't have enough to stay in the home collection.
1 year ago
I think most reviewers have covered the cabinet art and translite deficiencies. Alternate translite is an instant improvement to the machine. ColorDMD is an absolute must, as others have commented. Where it really doesn't have a lot of toys on the playfield, the game itself (latest code is a must!!!) more than makes up for it. The light shows are amazing, even if Blackwater Multiball can be a bit much from the strobes. The game has a ton of replayability. Every time I play, I'm finding a nuance that I missed before.

I played the LE (without colorDMD) and was not impressed with the animations, and felt like I couldn't see the playfield, as the upper playfield takes up a ton of space. It is unfortunate that you lose out on a multiball, but the pro just seems like the better purchase, in my opinion.
1 year ago
When I bought this one, I was worried about the sound becoming annoying. Not the case. I think the show was a campy riot, and they captured that perfectly with this title. It was nice to hear the extra call-outs from Adam West and Burt Ward, which really tied the machine together.

My biggest issue with this machine was the clunky loop shots. Given the ball lock is on a loop shot, that was frustrating. A little tweaking on the machine helped that problem, but it was unfortunate that it wasn't tested a little more.

All in all, the music, theme, and replayability were all there, and kept me coming back. I'm sure I will regret getting rid of this one!
1 year ago
I had no intention of purchasing this one, as I'm more of an Addams Family guy, but the family seemed to keep going back to it. After having it for a while, I can say that this is a feel-good machine, if you're wanting longer ball times and easier multiballs. I agree with other posters that the code needs some work, and trying to play both upper and lower playfields at the same time lacks any skill whatsoever.

Overall, I really like this machine, and the B&W version of the premium absolutely nailed it from an aesthetic perspective. Blasting a machine for simplicity seems counter intuitive to wanting to grow the hobby, and machines like Munsters may not make someone's list, based on the scores on the ratings board. It may not be everyone's favorite, but it definitely deserves more love than it has received here.
2 years ago
I was wanting a comedic horror game, and this one hit the mark! The multiple ball-locks are fantastic, the shots are smooth, and the sound and call-outs are awesome! My only complaint with this game is vertical upkick release. That thing is touchy!

I wasn't convinced I wanted an Elvira machine, but this game is well-worth the money! I'll be keeping this one around for a while!
2 years ago
I don't think anyone argues the deep ruleset of this machine. Kudos to the programming team! This is a fun theme, with the creators paying attention to the source material. That said, this one left me less-than-satisfied.

I love the concept of the garage shot, and the unique way for locking multiballs. But the lighting on the upper playfield, mixed with the glare from the fluorescent bulb in the backglass, made this part of the machine painful to play. Even after installing LEDs, and covering the backglass bulb, I was disappointed in the experience.

Some of the shots in this game are absolutely fantastic, but the layout seemed very busy. They packed a lot into the machine. Loved the sounds of the nuclear bumpers! I think this one could've done with a few less items on the board.

Lastly, the cabinet art seemed faded, even with the new machines. Definitely suffered significant wear around the flipper buttons as they aged.

If you like a deep ruleset, this is the pin for you. If you lean more to the casual player, this one seems frustrating.
2 years ago
This is one of the machines that got me hooked on pinball. It seemed like everywhere you went in the '90s, this machine was there.

I love the attention to detail, from a programming perspective. The sneaky way you can lock ball 2, with a callout that commends you for taking the easy lock is fantastic! I'd compare the programming detail to that of IJ, or TZ. The creators seemed to think of all the possible shots, and come up with code to acknowledge it!

I think my only gripe would be plastic ramps. Time is not kind to these things, and some wireframe would have been a better choice.

All in all, this machine belongs in the top ten of pins in the DMD era.
2 years ago
Loved that this one didn't have movie call-outs! Nolan North does a great job voicing the merc with a mouth!

- Extra ramp skill shot was a treat.
- Lil Deadpool shot wasn't the best.
- Love the disco ball Dazzler loop. That mode cracks me up!
- Hidden Colossus shot was a nice surprise.

- I enjoy the villain battles, and being able to add allies makes it more fun
- The T-Rex and Megaladon modes crack me up, but the shot rules seem odd.

- Loved the theme, the gameplay, and the aesthetics of the machine. My only gripe is the clunky Lil Deadpool shots. This is a fun pin, with a high replay factor. This one will stay in my collection for a long while!
4 years ago
Read some of the ratings on this one, and it surprised me how low they were! This isn't the most complex game, and it has its irritations, but I thought Spooky knocked it out of the park on their first foray into pinball. The theme is funny, campy, and obnoxious, but in a good way. The backglass artwork and cabinet are the worst part of the game, in my humble opinion. Where the machine may be a drainer, and definitely not a route-worthy title, I can't seem to keep from pressing the start button and playing again. This machine was designed to be campy, and they nailed that theme. Well worth the money for our collection!
4 years ago
This may be the highest I've rated a game. I have to confess to being a Maiden fan, but I believe I'd love this one either way! The shots are fun, modes are well done, and it feels quite varied. My only complaint is the left ramp shot. It can get quite frustrating if you're off by a hair. But, that adds to the difficulty, which is not a bad thing. I would've liked a few more songs added to this one, but the ones that were chosen were excellent. Frankly, the Premium was a no-brainer for me, with the Egyptian theme. This is a family favorite, and gets a ton of play at the house! A must-have for Maiden fans, and a great pick up for pinball heads! Up the Irons!!!
4 years ago
Beautiful machine, with lots to shoot at. Airballs are the killer in this one. Even hitting the subway shot dead on, I'm blasting buildings behind the ramp. I love the way it looks, and I'm determined to come up with a ramp cover mod, so this stays in the collection. This is one of the machines that could benefit from a colorDMD, too, but it doesn't look promising. Fun callouts, and the music and sound effects are well executed.
4 years ago
This is a bright game, with an ability to draw you in. I'm not a huge AC/DC fan, but this game is themed well, and the music does not get annoying. My biggest complaint with this machine is that it is quite drain-heavy. I've tweaked the leveling of the game, and still struggle with draining shots. The lower playfield is an interesting addition, but the novelty wears off. The biggest plus is the lighting and sound. Added a few mods, which improved the look of the game, but it really didn't need it. I'd definitely recommend the alternate translites, unless you're a big fan of the band, in which case the stock one would work.
4 years ago
The remake plays like the original, including places the ball catches. As with AFM, this one has replayability beyond, with so many shots, and combinations of modes. The variety of soundbytes find me hearing something new about every third play. My only gripe on this machine is the straight drain possibility when hitting the castle. This doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it can be frustrating. All in all, one of my favorites in my game room!
4 years ago
Love the theme, but there could be more song choices. I like the gimmicks and toys, but was disappointed in the coffin on the pro. It seems a bit thin. Picked up the Lermods coffin mod, and it improved drastically. We've definitely played this one a ton, and it is going to stick around a while. If you like the band, this is a good machine. I'd have a hard time believing non-fans would enjoy it.
4 years ago
Everyone should have a guilty pleasure, even in the pinball world. This one is mine. Love the artwork, and the adult-themed commentary in this machine. It is definitely a machine that will frustrate, if you hate a hard-draining game. The advantage of owning it would be that you just push the button, and go again. But I wouldn't imagine this would be a big earner, on location.

Issues: Needs more song variety. I am a Zombie fan, so I wanted more music!!! The biggest fail on this machine, for me, was the screen. No matter which setting I use, it feels fuzzy, and illegible.

Positives: The toys are well done, and the dark theme holds up. Only toy exception is the LDG front panel. Saw a nice mod here on Pinside, and may have to pick it up.

Love having a dark pin just for me! Spooky really seems to have their own path, and I do like it.
4 years ago
If the object of your collection is to have a visually stunning pinball machine, then this is the one for you. Almost over-stimulating, visually. That said, I had a few issues with this one. First, the ramps are too far up the playfield. Not a fan. Also, the right-side ramp doesn't factor in to the play nearly as much as the one running down the left. In fairness, I just picked this one up about a month ago, and haven't fully comprehended all of the nuances of the game, so I may adjust the review at some point.

The sound on the game is phenomenal, and the pop-up beasts are great, but this one has a penchant for being a hard-drainer. Even with a center bumper between the flippers, it seems to fall away quite frequently.

I think Jersey Jack has a great future in machines, as they do bring quite a different feel to their brand of pinball, but this one feels a touch primitive, from a playfield perspective. Curious to see how their next release, Pirates, will play.

For reference, I own the LE, and definitely like the look of the machine.
4 years ago
I think this game is underrated. I would imagine that is due to the simplicity of the game. The theme on this one completely sells it. The classic 50s drive-in movie theme hooked me. Frustrations with this one include the lack of use of the Creature ramp, except when you start the movie. It is a large part of the playfield, and doesn't get the use. I would also say that the other ramp shots have very little value, which surprised me. On the positive side, the programmers paid attention to smaller details, such as the Snack Bar shot. If you aren't familiar, and have a chance to play it, click the flipper buttons if you get stuck with something useless like popcorn. The animated effect is priceless. The game is a must-own if you like one that has replay value, and the sounds don't ever seem to get old.
4 years ago
If you grew up in the Star Wars/Indiana Jones era, who wouldn't want to own this one? Great use of movie quotes, mixed with John Rhys-Davies adding some extra dialog. The programmers of this game went the extra mile, adding specific quotes for unexpected shots, like a ball-lock when the targets are still up. "You cheat, Dr. Jones!" My biggest two complaints on this machine would be the unreliability of the Path of Adventure, and the side panel coloring. Many folks fall victim to fade on the cabinet, and that is quite frustrating. Overall, in my top 5 of all time, and there is no way it is leaving my collection!
4 years ago
CGC did a great job with this remake! I never realized that there were alternate soundbytes on the ramp shots. Fun, simple, and doesn't get old. Currently the house favorite!
4 years ago
First played it when it came out in the 90s, and loved it so much that I bought it in 2017. What a fantastic, timeless machine. The piano, the clock, the gumball machine, and battling the Power! The added bonus of the ceramic ball completes a game that doesn't lack for mode after mode of replay-ability! Always has been in my top 5, and continues to be! Don't touch the door!