And The Virus Started With a FUNHOUSE

By Pachill

November 06, 2019

16 days ago

I always enjoyed playing pinball as a kid but we never had the chance to own one , we always had to go to locations to play, now fast forward to 28+yrs, Married with two kids .

We go out to play pinball at a location most weekends on a certain saturday wife says she saw a local looking to sell his "FUNHOUSE", i try to talk her and the kids out of it, but of course that's a lost battle, so Monday we go get the cash and head down to get our first pin, i see in her eyes the love she has for it, so all ecuses i'm building not to buy it vanishes.

I actually didn't get the chance to inspect the game properly we paid and got our first pin. so yesterday i go over and say babe I got an "ELVIRA HOUSE OF HORROS" then the scream no no no... we have enough already stop with the buying of pins you have got two still NIB. now i take a time to reflect how did i amass 11pins in just 3years.

Then i come to a conclusion pinball is definitely a VIRUS. the moment you get the first pin there's no stopping. Still getting my Elvira. :).

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