Terminator 2

By pa_cramer

June 25, 2019

25 days ago

I always loved the look of this machine when I was a teenager and when I got my hands on one I wanted to get that same wow feeling I had back in the day. I never really got into pinball when I was younger. Back in the 90s video gaming was on a rapid rise and my loyalty was with the likes of MK, SF2, Tekken, NBA and Madden, Ect.

I'm a spray painter by trade so some of my skill set along with my OCD attention to detail has been applied here. From the moment I plugged it in I knew it had potential and that I could keep myself busy with a project that I would enjoy and learn new things from. Since then I have gained a great appreciation for all things pinball and its community. I have a few things to do to it but I was encouraged to share what I've done so far with the rest of the pinball enthusiasts out there. Sorry about the order of the images, I've uploaded them off my phone so they're all over the place. I have also installed cointaker post lights to the slings and the undercabinet LED strip. Check out the youtube link in the comment section for an awesome light show. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to all the suppliers for the quality products, The YouTubers for the uploads and my local pinball guru for all your help.

Special Thanks to Dan at Pinwoofer for his support and encouragement.

Story photos

20190715_142940 (resized).jpg
20190715_120931 (resized).jpg
20190715_142933 (resized).jpg
20190717_133655 (resized).jpg
20190717_133547 (resized).jpg
20190717_134417 (resized).jpg
20190717_134701 (resized).jpg
20190717_134323 (resized).jpg
20190717_134615 (resized).jpg
20190717_134130 (resized).jpg
20190717_135718 (resized).jpg
20190717_134530 (resized).jpg
20190717_134217 (resized).jpg
20190717_134539 (resized).jpg
20190717_135733 (resized).jpg
20190717_134104 (resized).jpg
20190717_135707 (resized).jpg
20190717_134523 (resized).jpg
20190717_133915 (resized).jpg
20190717_130622 (resized).jpg
20190717_135743 (resized).jpg
20190407_100417 (resized).jpg
20180604_055158 (resized).jpg
20180327_063254 (resized).jpg
20180630_163604 (resized).jpg
20180306_205805 (resized).jpg
20190605_163924 (resized).jpg
20190605_164119 (resized).jpg
20180323_191819 (resized).jpg
20181105_193244 (resized).jpg
20190407_100534 (resized).jpg
20190601_110757 (resized).jpg
$_20 (resized).jpg
20180716_145936 (resized).jpg
20180221_113840 (resized).jpg
20180523_075204 (resized).jpg
20180523_075211 (resized).jpg
20180227_194020 (resized).jpg
$_20-7 (resized).jpg
20180323_191940 (resized).jpg
20180702_132354 (resized).jpg
20180517_062042 (resized).jpg
20180327_215104 (resized).jpg
20190605_122938 (resized).jpg
20190529_183651 (resized).jpg
20180209_173027 (resized).jpg
$_20-5 (resized).jpg


25 days ago
Here's a link to a short video. Watch "Terminator 2 Pinball" on YouTube
21 days ago
Amazing restore @pa_cramer ! Truly impressive. That shooter lane mod is the coolest thing I've ever seen on a T2! Keep up the quest for perfect pinball!
20 days ago
Cheers Dan! Thanks again for all your support and great salesmanship, you've done an amazing job. After the install I was so happy I went down this path. Wicked bass which really complements the speakers I picked up locally and the price comparison to other systems is on point.
I would defiantly recommend Pinwoofer to others looking to upgrade.
20 days ago
Fantastic work Paul.
18 days ago
Man that T2 looks epic!

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