T2 Playfield

By pa_cramer

July 25, 2020

16 days ago

Here are some photos of a few T2 playfield's I polished up for a friend. One had wear marks mainly on the lower area of the playfield and the other was out of a T2 that had been rescued from floodwater so the artwork had started to crack. 

The one with the floodwater damage I cleaned up as best I could and applied a clearcoat which was sanded back and re-cleared several times and a few paint touch ups on the artwork in between.

The other had some raised inserts and worn decals which were replaced and the lower playfield artwork airbrushed. I couldn't match the hyper pink so I painted the insert boarders black. Afterwards clearcoat was applied and again like the other playfield sanded back and re-cleared several times. 

Story photos

Resized_20200713_203313 (resized).jpeg
20200725_081813 (resized).jpg
20200725_081759 (resized).jpg
20200725_081749 (resized).jpg
20200725_081740 (resized).jpg
20200711_095125 (resized).jpg
20200711_095113 (resized).jpg
20200708_191412 (resized).jpg
20200415_183043 (resized).jpg
20200320_164845 (resized).jpg
20200225_155204 (resized).jpg
20191118_100919 (resized).jpg
20200224_082206 (resized).jpg
20190930_145119 (resized).jpg
20190831_093306 (resized).jpg
20190831_093446 (resized).jpg


4 days ago
Great work! Are you taking on new work from Pinsiders?
3 days ago
Thanks, as much as I'd like to there's just not enough money in it. Paint is expensive and the time involved doesn't really make it viable.
I'm not too good at the electrical side of things so it's more of a trade-off between me and a friend for when things go wrong.
I do enjoy doing it and I've learnt a few thing along the way which has helped me with my most recent project "GNR". I'll be uploading an album of it soon. I restored the cabinet artwork and did some paint touch up to the playfield while it was still installed. Turned out really well. I guess that's probably the best way to do it. If you can polish up the machine as a whole you're going to at least get your money back if you decide to sell. Doing the touch up to the playfield while it was still installed was a real confidence booster. Just knowing that it's possible without stripping the machine down will help me out when looking at my next purchase. It also helps if I get someone asking me if I can do the repair for them on-site.
2 days ago
I know that last part sound contradicting but if have an on-site repair to do most likely there'll be a lot less hours involved. Doing a really damaged playfield takes time and to keep both parties happy is too hard. I want to get paid for my time and materials and the customer wants a quality product at a good price when you can possibly pick up a spare playfield for a few hundred dollars im not sure if it's viable.
1 day ago
To make it Glass Flat, Use a DA with softback pad, start at 220 grit and sand the PF until it's flat, use only light pressure. It sounds like you have enough CC on it, you won't cut through. Then work your way through the grits until you get to 2000 grit, then switch to a Long (sanding) Block and block WET sand it until it's smooth. Finally using a high speed buffer set at about 2500 rpm with a lambs wool bonnet and "3m Perfect-It" buffing compound (Is the best but whatever is in the budget) work the PF in sections at first applying pressure then easing up pressure allowing the buffer to speed up, when it's shiny and you can see your face in it move on to the next section and don't go back over the section you just finished.
5 hours ago
Nice work! Its nice to pull a beat PF out from the trash bin and into the realm of one off custom... Its not a show stopper but 100% better than most T2 machines that still have their routed PF untouched installed and currently in use. Bravo!

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