GNR Paint and Polish

By pa_cramer

August 08, 2020

42 days ago

Like most of us, I've had some spare time so I got stuck into a pinball project. 

I was looking for another machine to go along with my T2 and when GNR was on offer it was hard to say no.

Cosmetically, the cabinet had the same issues as one would expect from something that old. The artwork was scratched up a bit but the colour wasn't going to be hard to match and getting everything to stand out with the clearcoat, I thought repainting it would be worthwhile.

The playfield had issues through the centre from the flippers up to the Axel scoop. Maybe water or oil had got on there at some stage. Also, some wear marks from the ball along with a few missing letters and the old mylar protection. "This was going to be a challenge!" Having painted some playfields outside of a machine before I was now looking at doing a repair with one still installed. A make or break decision that I don't think anyone else would have allowed me to do. I was fairly confident.

Both the cabinet and playfield came out really well. I purchased a decal for the playfield logo on eBay which made things easier and I was able to do a paint blend with the clearcoat through the centre area ending it at the lanes. 

The snake was fun to do. After having a look online of what other people had done I reshaped the head and removed most of the old repair. Then completely removed all of the colour back to the original prepainted see-through moulding and finished it off with a new paint scheme.

A few imperfections here and there but overall the machine looks good. I'm the type to never be fully satisfied with my work and doing the project in the living room made for some obstacles too but I got there in the end. 

The machine works well and the ball's smooth around the playfield. The DMD has a few lines in it which I'll replace eventually and the gun needs re-chroming. The coin door cabinet panel needs a coat of clear also. I'll wait until I take the gun off for re-chrome and spray it then.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the story while I have the time. The photos are in order for once and I've added a YouTube link to the speaker lights video in the comments section. 

Hope you enjoy the show.

Story photos

81 (resized).jpg
80 (resized).jpg
79 (resized).jpg
78 (resized).jpg
77 (resized).jpg
76 (resized).jpg
75 (resized).jpg
74 (resized).jpg
73 (resized).jpg
72 (resized).jpg
71 (resized).jpg
70 (resized).jpg
69 (resized).jpg
68 (resized).jpg
67 (resized).jpg
66 (resized).jpg
65 (resized).jpg
64 (resized).jpg
63 (resized).jpg
62 (resized).jpg
61 (resized).jpg
60 (resized).jpg
59 (resized).jpg
58 (resized).jpg
57 (resized).jpg
56 (resized).jpg
55 (resized).jpg
53 (resized).jpg
54 (resized).jpg
52 (resized).jpg
51 (resized).jpg
50 (resized).jpg
49 (resized).jpg
48 (resized).jpg
47 (resized).jpg
46 (resized).jpg
45 (resized).jpg
44 (resized).jpg
43 (resized).jpg
41 (resized).jpg
42 (resized).jpg
40 (resized).jpg
39 (resized).jpg
38 (resized).jpg
37 (resized).jpg
36 (resized).jpg
35 (resized).jpg
34 (resized).jpg
33 (resized).jpg
32 (resized).jpg
31 (resized).jpg
30 (resized).jpg
25 (resized).jpg
26 (resized).jpg
29 (resized).jpg
24 (resized).jpg
23 (resized).jpg
22 (resized).jpg
21 (resized).jpg
20 (resized).jpg
19 (resized).jpg
18 (resized).jpg
17 (resized).jpg
16 (resized).jpg
14 (resized).jpg
15 (resized).jpg
13 (resized).jpg
11 (resized).jpg
12 (resized).jpg
10 (resized).jpg
09 (resized).jpg
08 (resized).jpg
07 (resized).jpg
06 (resized).jpg
05 (resized).jpg
04 (resized).jpg
02 (resized).jpg


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