I am a fantatic...

Written by OzGirl1985 on February 16th, 2012.


I am a fantatic...

Written by OzGirl1985, published February 16th, 2012. 5 comment(s).

I was born in a time when Pinball was a well respected, highly popular game. It seems that over the years the fad has faded (as things tend to do with time) but I wanted my children to be able to explore the same kinds of simple, fun activities that I enjoyed as a child. I think all too often, this day and age, children are presented with toys and games that have extensive, overly stimulating graphics and less than wholesome themes. I find myself longing for the simplicity of what was to come back into style so I guess you could say that's my goal in introducing pinball to my children (they're only 1 and 3 now) at some point down the road. My husband and I recently relocated to the Midwest and purchased a home with a fairly large basement (I guess most places have basements here because of the unpredictable nature of the weather). We decided to renovate half of the space (it's pretty large) to use as a guest suite and the other half to use as a game room area for the family. We're planning to stay in our home until our children are grown and out of the house so it was important to us to pick the right style, space, etc. I began researching things that I should incorporate into the space and located a used pinball machine for sale from a popular online vendor. We also decided to buy an arcade game machine to add to the space (in order to make it more "game room like"). I have to say that we couldn't be more thrilled with how everything turned out. My husband and I have been able to relive our childhood memories of playing in pizzareia game rooms and our chidlren will benefit from having something at the house to play with when the weather is less than ideal. So that's a little bit about my background as it relates to pinball and why I am here. :)


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    The_Gorilla commented on February 16, 2012 22:37:37

    I wish I would have considered owning my machines when my kids were around. All 3 have moved out now. Enjoy then while you can! (sounds like you are...)

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    RWH commented on February 16, 2012 23:18:09

    Rubix cubes, pet rocks, were fads...pinball is forever! Serious tho, glad to hear you're passing on the tradition, like TG said savour every moment and think about all the memories they'll pass on to thier kids too.

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    NimblePin commented on February 17, 2012 09:03:29

    Nice! Thanks for the story OzGirl, hopefully you can forgive us for the boobs thread.
    We really mean well! (Most of the time... ; P )
    Thanks for keeping the pinball torch lit.

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    ssathre commented on February 18, 2012 07:38:33

    Its great that you are getting into the hobby and including the kids! Just dont get too deep and start spending their college funds on the collection. Just Kidding!

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    HELLODEADCITY commented on February 21, 2012 23:22:41

    Glad you found us here on Pinside
    you will find others that share the same love of pinball

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