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Our_Man_in_Oz's ratings

Pinsider Our_Man_in_Oz has rated 35 machines.

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Our_Man_in_Oz has written 6 rating comments:

7 months ago
I was super excited to finally play one. As a big Brian Eddy fan I was really keen to see what he'd done. However, I came away no longer wanting to order an LE sadly. I played 5 games on it and just found it didn't excite me the way I'd hoped. The Demogorgon shot wasn't too bad. The flow was decent as to be expected from a B.E. game, but a lot of annoying drains as well, more than his other games. It also felt like a lot less was going on compared to say AFM or his other games. I really wanted to love ST, but man it didn't click unfortunately.
1 year ago
DP was my first ever Stern LE purchase and I'm glad it was frankly. Thoroughly enjoying it since purchase in December and playing it equally as much as my POTC CE also bought in December. Every code update is making it better. I love the flow of the machine, it's definitely one of the better Sterns of the last couple of years all round. The Zombie Yeti artwork is brilliant on top. The sounds and call outs are also a heap of fun.
2 years ago
I had been waiting to play GOTG with current code and really wanted to like it/possibly buy it if I did. I found when playing the LE, which is a pretty good looking machine, it just didn't hold my interest they I thought it would. I got to 45m on my first game and really didn't feel I got drawn that far into the game. A couple of more games and I'd had enough.
2 years ago
I'm one of the tiny 'rogue' faction who just can't get into DI. I pre-ordered mine last year and took delivery in Feb this year. First off I really enjoyed Pat Lawlor's essential design and playfield work, there's no doubting it. However, I really quickly started to hate the sounds, dorky callouts, and struggled to deal with theme itself. There were times when I wanted to pound the glass with my fist, the callouts got on my nerves so bad. On sold the machine in May.
3 years ago
Had been looking forward to playing this machine for a while. Boy was I disappointed. I played probably 10 games on it across 2 occasions. The ball flow just felt horrible. Tons of SDTMs, clunky feel, and quite boring quickly. I so wanted to like this machine too. Enjoyed GB so much more.
3 years ago
Total amateur hour machine, comes across like DIY back yard job. I got bored after 3 games on it. Some might call it 'Boutique', I say no thanks I'll pass..Incidentally, saw same machine again a month later and it was not even working.