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4 months ago
I played it first at CES and liked it knowing it was early code. Now I have access to one close by and I’ve spent lots of time playing after the latest update and I’m a little underwhelmed. The art is of course beautiful, but it just doesn’t have any great wow moments during gameplay. I got annoyed with the canned laughter after an hour and the theme song becomes grating as well. I do like the lower playfield being packed with miniature pinball things though. The dragon is definitely to low on the ramp. Unfortunately according to the owner of this LE, it won’t be there long.
5 months ago
The remake LE is just unbelievable. Everything works great right out of the box and the detail of the topper sculptures is really impressive. The new revamped screen, sound, and light show make the game feel fresh. If you don’t like the new color matching light show, you can turn it off in the settings. The powdercoat is a perfect match and the engraved lockdown monster plaque is killer. CGC really needs to be commended for this one.
10 months ago
Well.... the premium wasn’t any better with the added features. When I finally achieved the mirror ball, it was underwhelming. I really tried to give this game a chance, but even when the code is completed, it will still be unbearable to play for more than 10 minutes. The geometry doesn’t work, the call outs are not funny, lil Deadpool is an abomination, and I don’t like mixing annoying video games with Pinball. I’m a stern Pinball fan, but this one is not for me.
11 months ago
I've been playing this everyday on location and I just cant stand the Lil' Deadpool or the retro video game fighting element. I also don't like the unfunny callouts. I do like the layout, but I'm not sure you'll be making that ramp shot if you're not on top of your flipper maintenance. The artwork is incredible on the playfield as well as the cabinet. The rules are good now and will get better of course. The center of the game is way to dark. I know the game is marketed for good clean family fun, but clean on Deadpool is just not my style. If you love corny humor and Street Fighter video games you'll be plenty pleased with this offering from Stern.
1 year ago
I just got my premium yesterday and it's everything I was hoping for. I did have to adjust both captive ball switches to register direct hits and a small switch adjust for the the ball lock. All has been well since, but it's only a day old. I think the music is perfect for pinball. I added a sub and it sounds killer. The flow, layout, and the rules are all great. The callouts from the beast are great. I love the countdown. The artwork is great. It could use more lighting in the center of the playfield. I ordered a shaker, yellow speaker light kit, and the premium orb mod from Lermods. I think it's just really great and a lot of fun. I understand that younger people might not feel the same about the theme as I do, but Eddie is just so iconic and nostalgic. It just makes me happy.
1 year ago
This game is really a masterpiece. I made a few small tweaks so the right ramp is now a consistent shot. Hopefully there will be a code release soon to complete wizard modes. I really can't understand a bad review on this game unless you haven't played it enough or you're a new player.
2 years ago
I really want a Pro Vault after playing one at a friends house. The small additions and lighting improvements are just what the pro needed. I own a couple of Stern's other music pins, but I have to admit that the AC/DC songs on this pin are just more appealing to me. This will be my next purchase. Great game!
2 years ago
After adding the home ROMS and some LED lighting, the game is a lot more entertaining. I love the handles and all the multi ball modes. I adjusted the pitch to speed it up and now it flows a lot faster. It's an underrated widebody that keeps you coming back.
2 years ago
I picked up an LED pro a few weeks ago and I can't get enough. I'm still learning all the modes. Just a great game. I'm still looking for something comparable to add to the collection. I know it's all been said before, but this is truly a great game.
2 years ago
I played this game for the first time at the Pinball Hall of Fame here in Vegas and fell in love with this pin. You just get so much for a pro version. I also love the option to gamble/trade up to a better multi-ball. I love the art, animations, sound, lighting, and the modes attached to the songs. It just has a fun factor that's missing from a lot of the new stern pin's. Then there's the fact that my wife loved it, so I bought one!
2 years ago
Just picked up my pro and it's really impressive. You can't really appreciate how fast this game is until you play it. It is really immersive and the code will only get better. If you're a Star Wars fan it's a must own. It is similar in game play to ac/dc, but the two lcd's really set this game apart. The call out's and music really bring me right back to 1977. We watched the movie over 30 times that summer!