Pinball living....

By oropuro

October 24, 2013

8 years ago

I first played Whirlwind at my favorite hangout as a preteen, 30 arcade games and one pinball, loved it, the wind the interaction. That was it for 9 years then it was the new RFM and SouthPark at My new hangout the local bar. I bought my first pins at an estate sale, had 3 EMs non working, they wanted $400 each, I paid$400 for all, Wizard, Ships Ahoy, and Grand Slam, never could figure them out.... Sold 2 for$500 and actually threw the other away. What a waste... Loved the games and now as an adult with a decent income and an excuse to own pins(own a local bar) bought Lights, Camera, Action love it and will keep forever... Now have a collection of 8-10games and loving my downtime playing pins my home arcade, I feel 12 year old again, now I own RFM and South Park... So I feel 21 again sometimes...

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6 years ago

I'm interested in your pin. I don't have any yet and looking for my first game. I've been researching looking for something for my home. Like you I grew up playing as a kid when my grandpa would take me to various restaurants, etc. Always had an interest. You mentioned cash/trade for something on your wish list. Where can I find this list or can you write back here? I own a small audio/video business dealing in home audio/video (TV's, Speakers, Receivers, etc for the Home, basically anything like that for the home) Do you have anything on your list in this space? I live in Maple Valley and willing to drive over and pick up for the right deal. Mobile: 206 719 7471

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