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2 years ago
I like cheesy system 11 games and this is one of them. The art leaves a bit to be desired but the layout fits the theme well. The gameplay is not super deep but fun enough to keep you coming back. I like the fact that locked balls carry over to your next game, makes it easier for my five year old to get multiball by himself.

Kick butt!
4 years ago
I think this game is the perfect balance of fun and challenge. I have spent quite a bit of time on this machine and still think "I can do this better, I have to play again". The lock shot and right ramp are a challenge, but rewarding when you get them. Picking your song gives you options but not enough to confuse you. I wasn't a huge aerosmith fan but the music is great.
4 years ago
It is a fun game, but it seems like you can just shoot randomly and still get great points. I shoot the safe shots that return to the flipper easily over and over. My only real worry was the right outlane. The small screen is neat but I didn't even see the bumpers behind it until I heard them. I was also very surprised with how many fish eyes were in the clear coat on the playfield on the machine I played.