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3 years ago
I picked up a Star Trip on a whim. I had never played it before, or any cocktail pin for that matter, and I bought it mainly for the novelty of owning a cocktail pin for awhile. It was cheap, I could use it as an end table; I figured why not.

I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn the game is actually really fun!

The layout is good. Star Trip has 6 direct shots (from left to right: spinner, hole, B, C, 3 drops), 8 if you want to include the 2 rollovers. So there is plenty to shoot for and there are 2 pop bumpers and 3 slingshots to keep the ball moving and add some randomness. There are a bunch of lanes at the top and the bottom which I'll explain.

The rules make the game play like a bonus heavy EM. Lit lanes and certain rollovers add to your bonus and once you have a specific combination of lanes lit (no lane switching) you can get bonus multipliers. Bonuses go up to 19K before multiplier and multipliers go up to 5X. There are is a collect bonus shot which gives you your multiplied bonus immediately and leaves the multiplier lit. There are a few shots worth 5K but the game really seems to be about chasing big bonuses.

Here is where we get what makes this game really fun and is also probably its biggest flaw: it is really hard to nudge a cocktail pin! Getting certain lanes lit is very important but without nudging you don't have much control over lanes. Combined with the fact that there is no lane switching means you are forced to give up a bit of control and let randomness do its thing. It makes the game more exciting.

I'm enjoying playing this game much more than I expected and I'd highly recommend you play it when given a chance or even own it.
3 years ago
MET has proven itself by now to be an all-time great pin. It really is one of the best pinball machines ever made, bar none.
3 years ago
Ripley's is a very good and underrated game.

Really fun gameplay!
The playfield is packed but doesn't feel claustrophobic
Lots of shots from all 3 flippers
Mode based gameplay with balanced scoring forces you to play different areas of the playfield
Good but not great theme integration, artwork, dots, and sound
Difficult skill shot

Tic-tac-toe board is essential to gameplay but a boring as the central artwork feature. In general the artwork fits the theme but could have been better.
The sound and dots could use more variety
Both sets of pop bumpers underutilized
Awkward left exit from upper pops
Vari-target doesn't do much. It resets immediately so it ends up functioning just like a standard mode hole
3 years ago
The artwork is hideous. The gameplay however is really good. There is a nice balance of risk vs reward in the layout. It is a simple game by today's standards but challenging and fun none the less. It would get a lot more love if the artwork wasn't so bad. (The cabinet looks good. They should have gone with the same aesthetic for the playfield and backglass).

Update 4/26/17: Upped the fun rating on this one. I'm not good at describing what makes a game fun but whatever it is this one has it. If this game looked half as good as the those early SS Bally's this would be a high dollar game.
3 years ago
(New owner: About 100 games in. I will update review once newness wears off)

WOZ is amazing and raises the bar for pinball machines. It is hard to argue that it looks great. The theme isn't for everyone and the gameplay can be divisive, but I love it. The code is top notch and I get the "just one more game" feeling more from this pin than any other pin I've owned.

The only bad thing I can say is that I generally prefer flow games and WOZ is stop and go. When I want flow, I play something else. When I want depth WOZ is my go-to game.

Update after 6 months: I still love it!
3 years ago
I could see for really good pinball players this game would get boring quick but for us average Joes it is a great balance of risk-vs-reward. The select a doctor adds an interesting dynamic to gameplay and people still debate 25 years after it was released what is the best strategy.
3 years ago
Great theme. Great artwork. Interesting layout. Great rules... and yet the sum felt less then the parts to me. I cannot put my finger on it but it just wasn't as fun to me as many other pins. I just couldn't get into it. I sold it after 2 months.
4 years ago
Update 4/26/17 (about a year after selling mine): This is my favorite early SS pin. I don't regret selling it when I did, but I miss it and definitely want to own it again in the future.
5 years ago
Gameplay is great and truly unique.
5 years ago
Best pin ever made IMHO. Many the top pins are very similar in layout, gameplay, and rules but in terms of theme and artwork I like MB more than AFM or MM.

As as others have said the only thing negative that can be said about MB is the rules aren't as deep as modern Stern's.
5 years ago
This is one of the all time great pins. It has some of the best gameplay and rules in all pinball.

The only thing I don't like about the pin is I think the figurines look cheap.
5 years ago
Great pin. I've probably put 30 games on it on route at various locations so far. I absolutely love the playfield artwork. The gameplay is lots of fun.

This is definitely a pin I hope to own it one day.

Update about a year later: I now own a premium. MET is a great game.
5 years ago
Jokerz is a solid game. You probably won't find anyone who would call it a great pin, but it is definitely fun. Good artwork, okay sound, lots of shot variety, fun gameplay.

I have mixed feelings on the rules. They do an excellent job of encouraging you to shoot the risky shots and shoot shots which don't score much themselves but instead build up the ramp bonus, table bonus, or jackpot. Where the rules fail is the shots don't move. So while there is a lot to shoot at, only a few of the shots are actually worth shooting. Scoring is also unbalanced but the adjustments give you some control over it.

All and all, I really enjoy playing Jokerz and it gives me that "just one more game" feeling.
5 years ago
Great layout, lots to shoot for. Great rules to keep things interesting. Great sound (I love the new take on the old spider-man theme song!). Pretty good playfield and cabinet art. Most important of all though, it is fun!

The only thing lacking on the pin is the DMD animations are poor. Scenes taken directly from a movie do not translate well to a DMD. I would prefer custom animations.
5 years ago
This is a fun pin despite its flaws. There aren't a lot of shots but between the 3 targets banks, 3 ramps, and lanes / pop bumpers there is enough. The gameplay is very fast and requires accurate shots to the 3 ramps. When you miss a shot you need to be prepared for lightning fast ricocheting in the lower playfield. Average ball time, for me at least, is very short.

The music is great. The playfield artwork is quirky. the rules are very shallow but still fun. The starwarp jackpot seems too high compared to the rest of the scoring but that can be adjusted in the adjustment menu. The ramps are pretty steep which means that weak shots will roll back down and strong shots will hit the glass rather than stay on the ramp. Between the ball hitting the glass often and the klacker, which goes off constantly in the 1950s, this is a very loud pin. If I could change one thing on the pin I would add a short ball saver on multiball.
5 years ago
I love the theme, the art, and the callouts. The layout is good, gameplay is fun, and, love it or hate it, Pinball 2000 is pretty unique. I think the screen adds to the experience.

The only thing keeping this pin from being truly great are the rules. The game is always in a mode, just one mode at a time, and you progress through the modes linearly. There are a good variety of modes but I just wish there was more strategy to the gameplay.